Earth Day

earth day festivals Apr 22, 2021

Happy Earth Day!!

Earth Day provides us a wonderful opportunity to celebrate and reflect on ways we can honor the earth. Waldorf education acknowledges the value of toys, fabrics, activities, and art supplies that are made of sustainable and/or biodegradable materials. (ie. wood, wool, silks, natural dyes, and beeswax) But, does that mean when we enter Waldorf we should throw away all the plastic, paraffin wax, and acrylic/synthetic materials? No, not at all. Not only is replacing all those items very pricey, but it is not necessarily the most sustainable practice. After all, reduce is only part of the solution...we can also reuse and recycle.  Below you'll find a video Melisa put together to open a dialogue around using items that may not be traditionally Waldorf (but would be a great opportunity to reuse what you may already have at home). 

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00:02     good morning most Neal self all their

00:05     potentials I hope you had a wonderful

00:07     weekend I hope that you are ready to

00:10     greet your weak in fact fact I want you

00:15     all to just doesn't matter where you are

00:18     right now I want you to affirm that

00:23     you're gonna show up as your best self

00:24     today and so I want you to say that if

00:27     you're listening and you're watching

00:29     life go ahead and type it into the

00:31     comments I want you to say I will show

00:34     up as my best self today it's so so so

00:37     easy to not show up as their best self

00:39     we've got we're exhausted I get it we

00:41     were we had Eric calls from boomerang

00:43     kid when she does is she's like up and

00:45     down up and down all night long and so

00:49     we get it we understand what it's like

00:51     when you have kids that are up all night

00:53     and you're exhausted and you just want

00:56     to crawl back under the covers and

00:57     that's not possible

00:58     and so there's that there's you know

01:01     stresses that come from teaching kids

01:04     that might not be doing exactly what you

01:07     need them to do or showing up exactly

01:09     how you're hoping that they would show

01:10     up and so my prayer for you today is

01:14     that you will just realize I will show

01:16     up as my best self today and and if you

01:19     can just say that out loud right now

01:21     even if your kids are standing around no

01:24     matter where you are just say I will

01:26     show up as my best self today and and

01:28     just really work to to embody that I

01:31     will show up as my best self today and

01:33     just say that say that over and over

01:34     because when we say it it starts to

01:38     change those grooves in our brain and so

01:39     we can start to say that rather than man

01:42     today sucks or I wish I had to do over

01:45     or all of those other things so start

01:47     with I will show up with my best self

01:49     today so that's just my little

01:52     affirmation piece as we get started here

01:54     the topic today is but it's not Waldorf

01:58     which i think is a funny topic it's

02:01     actually something that comes up a lot

02:02     we have a lot of families that come to

02:05     us and say I want to do this and I want

02:07     to do

02:07     but I know that's not Walter and I want

02:11     to stop you first and I want to affirm

02:14     what is Walter so what is Waldorf it's

02:18     actually pretty simple and so so many

02:22     things can fold into this so I want you

02:24     to remember this when you start to say

02:27     bad things to yourself about oh it's not

02:29     Waldorf or I can't do this because it's

02:31     just not Waldorf so I want you to

02:33     remember these things Waldorf is

02:36     age-appropriate material at the right

02:39     time and lively lessons that's it I mean

02:45     yeah there's a lot of other

02:46     underpinnings that go into it

02:48     but when you start to judge everything

02:50     that the that maybe your child is

02:53     interested in or you want to bring to

02:55     your child or your family does for fun

02:56     all of those things when you have all of

02:59     those things coming up and you start to

03:01     judge them and go oh but it's not

03:02     Waldorf then you want to be really

03:05     really careful about you know what

03:09     you're saying to yourself because here's

03:11     the thing Walter if is an amazing

03:13     amazing method of Education and it's one

03:16     that doesn't have to be in this box so

03:19     let's let's talk about examples so um it

03:23     was on a group the other day and a mom

03:25     had said she had said I somebody was

03:30     asking a question about you know like

03:32     violence in sporting events and while

03:37     most I would actually most is probably

03:40     too much many well their families do not

03:43     enjoy sporting events away maybe a more

03:46     mainstream family does that doesn't mean

03:48     it's not Walter the part that isn't

03:50     Waller is when you have a five-year-old

03:52     and you're pushing them into competition

03:55     that's the part that's not older but if

03:58     you're enjoying a game as a family and

04:00     that's part of your family culture then

04:03     it's absolutely Walter in fact Steiner

04:05     said something about and I'm going to

04:07     mess it up so I'm not going to even try

04:08     to quote it but he said that if it's

04:10     part of your family culture and he said

04:12     he was talking about religion at the

04:13     time like if you if this is part of your

04:16     religious practice of course you

04:18     wouldn't stop doing it

04:19     it just

04:20     it's not Waldorf or not the not the

04:24     right time for whatever it was that you

04:26     know you were bringing to your child but

04:29     you you would do it because it's your

04:30     family culture so if it's part of your

04:32     family culture to watch football on

04:34     Sundays or hockey on Tuesdays great

04:37     that's part of your family culture and

04:39     you should continue to do that even if

04:41     you don't think that that's Walter

04:42     in fact I should say one of our thinking

04:45     feeling willing that hurts

04:46     it's a wife of a pro football player so

04:50     there's nothing about it not being

04:52     Waldorf what again what the parts that

04:56     aren't is when we're pushing pushing

04:57     pushing young children so another thing

04:59     that somebody might say is and we

05:02     actually have this our old our middle

05:05     son was way into BMX he loved riding his

05:08     bike he loved competing and he was about

05:11     9 or 10 wasn't he yeah he was - he was

05:14     he was over 9 he was overnight and it

05:17     was good for him he was very melancholy

05:20     that's how he was showing up at the time

05:21     very melancholy with a hint of sanguine

05:24     and I sort of flipped more sanguine and

05:26     melancholy but you know that that was

05:29     what he loved to do so as a family that

05:32     was our culture we showed up for him we

05:34     did those things for him so beyond like

05:36     extracurricular activities that people

05:38     might say oh that startled or what about

05:41     if your child is like way into something

05:44     and you're and they're really excited

05:46     about it and they want to dive deep but

05:48     it's it's there they're too young or by

05:51     well they're sinners they'd be too young

05:52     so I would say first explore what it is

05:55     are we talking in quantum physics are we

05:58     talking you know heart surgery

06:01     are we talking just a child that really

06:03     loves Egypt so I think that you have to

06:06     sort of weigh out what it is that they

06:08     are really loving and and look at where

06:11     they are

06:12     age-wise and and are they do they have

06:16     enough skills to go deep I think the

06:18     thing that that's most important is to

06:20     realize that as they grow their

06:23     intellect grows so the intellect of an

06:25     eight-year-old that's a really really

06:27     really into studying the space program

06:30     is not going to be the same

06:32     as a 14 year old or 15 year old that's

06:36     really interested in the city's program

06:37     so I think it's it's very important that

06:40     well you might give them a variety of

06:44     things to read about say the space

06:46     program they're going to take it much

06:48     differently when they're younger than

06:50     they want when they're older and so you

06:52     want to also keep in mind okay well

06:55     we've covered this now they're really

06:57     excited about it now

06:58     I probably still need to cover it when

07:00     they're when it's the right time I

07:02     remember when my oldest he was all about

07:06     Egypt and there were those books that

07:08     they have you can see a Barnes and Noble

07:10     sometimes it's like Egyptology or

07:13     something like that and then there's

07:14     ones that they have on dragons and

07:16     there's what so it's like it's more like

07:17     a folklore than it would be anything

07:20     else I mean yeah there's some great

07:23     tidbits in there and and bits of

07:26     information but it looks like it's a

07:28     dive deep kind of book but it's more of

07:30     a commercial kind of book about the it

07:34     was about the pyramids and it was about

07:36     mummies but it wasn't actually about the

07:40     different time periods in Egypt it

07:43     wasn't actually about like the depth and

07:45     he was all over it and I could have said

07:48     oh wait you're not ready yet but I just

07:51     sort of let him do it because he had a

07:53     love for it at the time he was in fourth

07:56     grade and I knew we were going to study

07:57     it in fifth grade and what ended up

07:59     happening is he had a great time with it

08:01     in fourth grade but I made it not a

08:04     lesson so I think that that's really

08:06     important we have a child that's really

08:08     into something don't dive in and go oh

08:10     we're gonna learn everything about it I

08:12     make it a lesson let them have their own

08:14     pace ender because sometimes what

08:15     happens I've been this overzealous mom

08:18     sometimes what happens as we go

08:20     others are excited about it let's get

08:23     everything about Egypt at the library

08:25     I've totally been that mom excuse me but

08:29     it wasn't about Egypt it was something

08:31     else

08:31     so so he really wanted it and where it

08:33     really was into it so I sort of let him

08:36     do his thing I let him have fun with it

08:38     he was a budding reader he had struggled

08:41     um

08:41     you know a bit and so he was really

08:43     excited about

08:44     wanting to read so I was like sure of

08:46     course you can devour this book have a

08:48     good time and then what happened when we

08:51     actually did Egypt in school was he was

08:54     like whoa there's so much more here than

08:56     I understood because that book that

08:59     thing that he was devouring was not the

09:02     totality of it and so then we were able

09:03     to really go deep when it was time and

09:06     so I want you to feel like when you're

09:09     looking at you know planning for next

09:12     year bring in the things that your kids

09:15     love but don't go all crazy and and make

09:19     it a lesson you can't make it may be a

09:21     short lesson but don't go all crazy

09:23     because what tends to happen when we

09:25     become that moments like overzealous

09:27     about something like oh my gosh they're

09:28     friendly excited about something I have

09:30     to like do it to death

09:31     what it tends to happen is that then

09:34     they get sick of it so don't do that to

09:38     yourself instead let them be open about

09:41     it let them pick resources about it that

09:43     they want let them have fun and be in

09:46     that space of being excited about

09:48     something and you don't have to have a

09:50     lot to do with it you can't say hey do

09:52     you want to do some lessons on this most

09:55     kids will probably say no mom that says

09:58     don't go oh we're gonna get a lesson but

10:01     we're gonna don't do that because you

10:03     you don't want to unless they prompt you

10:05     because you don't want to you know like

10:08     I said get overzealous about it and then

10:10     have that it will kill their their

10:12     desire so so just let it unfold and you

10:17     know if it's not in the timeline of

10:19     where they are with with lessons what I

10:21     generally tend to do is they look at

10:24     when are we going to actually cover this

10:26     topic and if it's something that we're

10:28     like never gonna cover well not never

10:30     but you know it's not part of the

10:32     curriculum so it would be something that

10:34     I was excited about and pulled in if

10:36     it's something like that then we're will

10:40     absolutely dive dive into it if it's

10:42     something that maybe they're going to

10:43     cover in the next lesson block or

10:45     something that is definitely

10:47     age-appropriate material I will

10:48     absolutely oops sorry okay to the tripod

10:51     oh absolutely

10:53     jump in and and

10:57     we'll do some lessons about it but only

10:59     if it's from a like they're excited

11:02     space I want to be really careful and I

11:05     think that that this is definitely in

11:07     line with what Steiner would have said

11:09     because he said we're not we're not

11:10     teaching college-level course we're not

11:12     we're not giving them all of the

11:13     information about botany and fifth grade

11:15     we're just giving them those those

11:17     foundations to grow and and that goes

11:21     for all of the lesson blocks because

11:23     what we want is when they're done with

11:25     school we want them to be we want them

11:28     to have their appetite sweated for

11:30     several things so they can then go deep

11:33     about things that they're really excited

11:34     about and that's what they tend to study

11:36     in college or study more of afterwards

11:38     you know whether it be college or trade

11:40     school or even just a career that they

11:42     go towards so so helping them to sort of

11:46     develop that space is really what we're

11:49     looking for it's really what our aim is

11:50     here so we're not like looking to go in

11:53     in crazy amounts like you know college

11:56     level class I always try to remind

11:58     myself especially when we're in high

11:59     school doing high school stuff I want to

12:02     give them the information that is you

12:06     know definitely yes you this is this

12:09     covers it but I always keep in the back

12:11     of my head am i offering you know is

12:14     this a 101 college class because it's

12:16     not that's what you want to keep in mind

12:18     and then if you have a child that that

12:21     you you figure might not go to college

12:23     because maybe their interests are sort

12:25     of outside that and and what they want

12:28     to do there is no college for they just

12:30     more experiential then you might go a

12:32     little bit deeper with that child but if

12:33     you know that child that child's like

12:35     yes I've been wanting to go to Stanford

12:36     since I was six years old then then I

12:39     would leave some space for those college

12:42     level teachers even to go deeper so just

12:44     sort of keep those things in mind when

12:46     you are planning this lesson blocks do

12:48     we have any questions or comments or

12:50     anything over there oh don't I go too

12:52     fast so I was trying to think other

12:55     things that we get the it's not Waldorf

12:58     about you know there's definitely the

13:00     iconic things of Waldorf the wooden toys

13:04     and that the fluff stuff but I also want

13:08     to encourage

13:09     those of you who have dads and maybe at

13:12     you too you know I was thinking dad's

13:13     with he-man collections or Star Wars

13:15     collections but maybe you got a

13:17     Strawberry Shortcake collection that you

13:18     really like or there's something from

13:21     your childhood that you really want to

13:22     bring to your child you know I think

13:24     what's really important is that

13:26     especially in this time that we live pop

13:28     culture is just it's as part of life you

13:31     know most of many of us grew up in the

13:33     70s and some of you the 80s and I'm

13:36     really old so some of you in the 90s too

13:37     and so I know that there are things that

13:41     maybe have been iconic to your childhood

13:43     that you are really excited to share

13:45     with your kids because it was something

13:47     that makes you excited and happy as a

13:48     child and so you want to bring that to

13:51     your child too and I think that that's

13:54     okay we did a video a few weeks ago on

13:57     on Star Wars because they know that's a

14:00     huge topic and so we did this video a

14:02     few weeks ago on that and sort of when

14:04     to bring things in movie wise and story

14:06     wise but when it comes to say you know

14:10     your husband's collection or your

14:11     collection of toys that you've been

14:13     hanging on to just let your kids play

14:15     with them do you know you don't actually

14:17     have to explain everything that's going

14:19     on or what each of the figures mean you

14:22     can just give them to your children to

14:23     play with excuse me

14:26     and if it's something that's really

14:27     important like if you've got vintage

14:28     Star Wars of course you want to sit

14:29     there with it or old he-man figures or

14:33     anything like that that was something

14:35     that excited you you want to not let's

14:37     just go hey just go take them off you

14:38     want to be careful with them and you

14:41     want to help them show respect because

14:42     you know what we appreciate appreciate

14:44     so we want to make sure that we sort of

14:46     show them respect but I think that when

14:50     we are in this box of then we we rob

14:56     ourselves joy and our children possible

14:59     joy too so we want to be really careful

15:02     with that we want to be careful with the

15:03     this idea that we have to be on this

15:06     little Waldorf box because I tell you

15:08     what if you're in that box it's really

15:10     small box and you're gonna rub your

15:12     shoulders and bump up against it and

15:14     that's not what Steiner intended

15:16     sign or antenna that you live life and

15:18     that you bring life into what you're

15:20     doing and and sort of welder has a state

15:22     of mind and when you start getting to

15:25     the place that it's a state of mind

15:26     rather than it's boxes that you have to

15:29     check off or or things have to look a

15:32     certain way then it you could relax and

15:35     it becomes a way of living and way of

15:38     life rather than something that is just

15:40     for school and you're constantly

15:42     worrying about you know is this

15:44     appropriate or or can we be doing this

15:46     rather than just sort of asking yourself

15:50     you know where does this fit in right

15:52     now and and you can do that in a way

15:55     that is not stressful for yourself just

15:58     asking yourself where does this fit

16:00     right now or hey this is okay dad wants

16:03     to enjoy this time with my child and I

16:06     want to see them have fun together and

16:08     and it's okay that it's he mad or it's

16:11     okay that it's Star Wars it's it's okay

16:13     because that doesn't take away from this

16:16     other piece over here I think we really

16:18     spend a lot of time at least I see a lot

16:20     of I'm spending a lot of time and I was

16:22     there a long time ago

16:23     of being in this place of really judging

16:27     everything with the wrong lenses you

16:32     know if we're if we're judging

16:33     everything with this Waldorf lens then

16:37     we're we're going to be stuck in the

16:39     space and and I would definitely say I'm

16:42     a welder purist when it but it I'm a

16:44     purist when it comes to what Steiner

16:46     actually said and the curriculum I'm

16:48     definitely not a welder cultural

16:51     theorist because when it comes to that

16:53     Waldorf culture oftentimes families do

16:56     not realize that what actually goes on

16:59     in a Waldorf teachers home is much

17:01     different than what you think and I

17:04     remember the we were doing some filming

17:06     years ago for a teacher and it never

17:08     ended up going anywhere but it was

17:10     really funny because when Eric was

17:13     filming her she was really stressed out

17:15     because her TV was in the background and

17:17     I was like you know it's alright that

17:19     you have a television actually that

17:22     might help people see that you have a

17:24     television maybe then they won't be so

17:26     stressed out all the time

17:28     you know definitely we're in the space

17:29     of wanting media to be controlled and

17:32     and not have it take over our lives but

17:34     just the fact that you have a TV is not

17:37     a horrible thing you can you can just

17:39     breathe deep it's okay and we'll make

17:41     sure you make people actually think

17:42     you're more real than what you they

17:45     think you are and I think that it's

17:47     really important that we realize that

17:50     those teachers are human beings too they

17:52     have the same exact same struggles that

17:55     you have and maybe not all the same but

17:58     they definitely struggle we have a lot

18:00     of a lot of teachers in our and I think

18:03     you feeling willing program and and

18:05     that's okay because I love them all and

18:08     they all come to learn something

18:09     different and so I I want you to realize

18:11     that you know it it doesn't have to be

18:15     this crazy thing where you have to have

18:18     perfect pictures all the time for

18:19     Instagram or you have to have this

18:21     perfect space just live your live your

18:23     best life and and enjoy yourself and

18:26     have a good time with this curriculum

18:28     and stop stressing about whether or not

18:31     it's Waldorf it's just just dive in

18:34     there and and and ask yourself is this

18:38     meaning my child away need that need it

18:40     too or the way they need it too is more

18:41     important and so yes you want to make

18:43     sure you're doing prayer and meditation

18:45     for your children that that's probably

18:47     the most important thing when you're

18:49     homeschooling not just with water foot

18:52     with anything that you are doing regular

18:54     prayer and meditation about the children

18:56     you're teaching because guess what God

18:58     knows that better than you do whatever

19:00     now and you put on that source knows

19:03     them better than you do and so you want

19:06     to make sure that you're in that space

19:07     of meditating on them on a regular basis

19:10     so that you are giving them bringing to

19:12     them presenting them feeding them

19:15     exactly what they need and the beautiful

19:18     thing about that is it's sort of this

19:19     relationship of you sort of ignite

19:21     something and then because they have

19:23     everything in them I truly believe this

19:25     that we have everything in us when we're

19:27     born it's just about unlocking and in

19:29     drawing that forth at the right time and

19:31     that's really what Waldorf does we've

19:33     draw it forth at the right time and so

19:35     you want to really be attuned to that

19:38     you want to you want to be

19:40     a place where you are you know

19:42     continually seeking guidance about your

19:44     child and not guidance from the internet

19:48     spiritual guidance

19:50     so before you hop on on Facebook and ask

19:53     that question before you pose that

19:55     question to your friends ask source

19:58     first and and sort of be in that space

20:00     of really looking for guidance for your

20:03     child so and that's pretty much it I

20:07     can't think of anything else if you come

20:10     up with something that that falls into

20:12     this category of but it's not Waldorf

20:14     please please please drop me a note drop

20:16     me a DM if you're on Instagram if you've

20:17     got questions if you're on Facebook drop

20:20     me a PM I'm totally happy to answer

20:22     questions or to even have some

20:24     suggestions for future videos

20:28     we're actually going to as the month the

20:32     next month comes because this is the

20:33     last Monday in March I don't know how I

20:36     got here holy cow we're going to

20:39     actually dive deep into some temperament

20:41     stuff in the coming weeks

20:43     so there was that and we're we're really

20:47     excited Eric and I are working on some

20:50     really fun classes that a video series

20:54     and and then we'll have the launch of

20:58     thinking feeling willing again will be

21:00     open and we have some fun awesome

21:04     amazing things that we're bringing to

21:06     that that nobody else has I was super

21:09     excited super super excited about that

21:11     and I'm working on the 2019 planning for

21:14     peace journal so there's that that's

21:17     coming up so there's a lot of things

21:18     that we have coming up that we're super

21:19     excited about and so with that I'm just

21:23     going to leave you all and hope that you

21:24     have a beautiful week that's my prayer

21:27     for you they have a beautiful awesome

21:28     week and that you again if you were not

21:30     with us in the beginning and I want you

21:32     to do this now I want you to say out

21:34     loud and type it in the comments if you

21:36     want it I would love to see you type it

21:38     in the comments but you know I know most

21:40     of you won't so I'm just gonna say it

21:41     say it out loud I will be my best self

21:44     today say it like it doesn't matter if

21:47     you're in the quiet room and you have to

21:49     do whisper it or if you're with you

21:51     to say I will miss my best self today I

21:54     will show up as my best self I will do

21:57     the best that I can and that you know

22:00     sort of holding yourself accountable for

22:02     it even if you're sleep-deprived

22:04     even if you you know aren't feeling good

22:06     show up as best as you can and and be

22:09     the best mom the best partner best human

22:13     that you give me so I think that's all

22:16     you guys have a wonderful week bye


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