Ep. 120 - Spring Festivals

festivals homeschool spring Mar 17, 2021
Art by: Amber Hellewell 

Spring is a beautiful time of year and offers equally beautiful festivals to celebrate with your children. In the video and podcast below, Melisa shares a bit of anthroposophical background on some of these festivals as well as tips for celebrating. Below you will also find links to items mentioned in the video/podcast and tips for creating natural egg-dying colors. As always, enjoy this time celebrating with your family!


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Naturally Dying Eggs:

  • Blue - purple cabbage
  • Orange - yellow onion skins
  • Pink - beets
  • Yellow - turmeric 

To create the dying liquid: add color source (cabbage, onion skins, beets, or turmeric) and water to a small pot. Bring to a boil and simmer for 15-30 minutes. Strain the dye and add vinegar to the strained liquid. 


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00:03     good morning come on everybody mo sono

00:07     Southall type essentials and welcome to

00:10     our Monday video I hope everybody had a

00:13     great weekend

00:14     spring has finally decided to ascend

00:17     upon us descend upon us

00:18     ascend decent it's finally decided to

00:21     come to San Diego so our little slice of

00:24     San Diego is very close to the beach so

00:26     all weekend long there were a lot more

00:29     people here than there know they are but

00:30     is very beautiful super super happy for

00:34     spring to finally be here

00:36     Eric's trying to rain on my parade and

00:39     tell me it's gonna get cold again this

00:40     week and I am choosing not to listen so

00:43     today's topic is spring festivals and I

00:48     thought before I before I dive into that

00:51     I wanna just mentioned really quick our

00:53     mastermind all of registration will

00:56     close this week on Wednesday so if it's

00:59     something you're really wanting to do

01:01     and you're trying to move had in order

01:03     to do it you need to at least let us

01:05     know that you're trying to do that so

01:07     that we can sort of put your name on the

01:09     list so yeah if you're not familiar with

01:13     the mastermind and what we're actually

01:16     doing it's going to be a meaning of the

01:18     minds

01:19     ours and yours we only have six openings

01:23     and it will be in April on the 17th 18th

01:27     and 19th the week before Halloween and

01:30     it will be a Halloween did I just say I

01:35     meant Easter y'all I don't know why my

01:39     brain does that sometimes since my

01:41     stroke there are things that come out

01:42     and I'm like where did that come from

01:43     how it is like one of my least favorite

01:46     holidays I'm a mature when it came out

01:48     but so our um our mastermind is is going

01:55     to be it's going to be that week and we

01:59     are going to fill you up with things you

02:02     didn't know you already had in you so

02:04     we'll be doing a lot of inner work a lot

02:07     of

02:09     work with our master our teachers sig

02:12     Lindsey Francesca master our teacher and

02:14     amazing storyteller and so we'll be

02:19     doing that and we'll be doing all of

02:21     your planning for the year with me and

02:25     so we'll get all of that done in a day

02:26     and and then you can go home and like

02:29     enjoy your summer just finish a few

02:32     things that so we're doing that and then

02:34     my assistant Kelly

02:36     many of you don't know this but she is

02:38     this amazing drama coach and a lot of us

02:42     don't think we have drama and we do if

02:45     there are things that you have like that

02:47     our blocks that are holding you back

02:49     that's often comes from trauma and and

02:52     things in our past and you know if we're

02:55     struggling with our own parenting often

02:57     there are things that have come up since

02:59     that you know that event in our

03:03     childhood or in our past so she's going

03:05     to be doing a full three-hour portion of

03:09     the workshop it's just dedicated to that

03:11     and her sort of working on that and and

03:14     then should we do need some consult so I

03:15     should say to you so so that is our

03:19     mastermind so if you're interested you

03:20     can hop over to waldorf essentials comm

03:22     for sasha mastermind and and check that

03:26     out you have questions you are welcome

03:28     to drop me a note job Kelly a note and

03:30     just let us know okay

03:33     now let's dive into our topic today

03:35     today we are talking about soaring

03:38     festivals and I want to just say that

03:40     even though we're in the northern

03:43     hemisphere so it's our spring I also

03:45     pulled out this is a great book um

03:47     festivals in the southern hemisphere I

03:49     pulled this book out too because they

03:51     wanted to sort of see because really

03:53     it's really these spring festivals when

03:58     we're talking about them for the

03:59     northern hemisphere they're anchor to

04:01     the equinox and to Easter and so we're

04:04     going to be doing a lot of chatting

04:05     today about the anthroposophical spaces

04:08     around those and then you know also like

04:12     how to celebrate or at least how we've

04:13     celebrated and just some suggestions and

04:16     tying in the themes of the season

04:19     with you know with with the actual

04:22     festival itself so they'll be that but I

04:25     wanted the reason why I drove into the

04:26     southern hemisphere wine is because they

04:29     got oyster to y'all so a you know

04:32     there's often this like okay well how do

04:34     they do things there because so many

04:36     things are anchored by the season here

04:37     and they are still anchored Breanna the

04:40     season there but so what they are

04:42     experiencing in the southern hemisphere

04:44     is Mickel miss and so they have a lot of

04:49     what we have going in the fall they've

04:51     got that going now are in our fault

04:55     is is their fall now so I think that if

04:58     you live in the southern hemisphere and

05:00     you're always trying to sort out the

05:01     festival thing this is a really heady

05:03     book that's a really good book it goes

05:05     deeply into the at to Steiners work and

05:08     to the things that he said about the

05:10     hemispheres and just sort of like what's

05:12     going on with the earth and what's going

05:14     on with the earth in both places what's

05:16     going on with the cosmos so this is very

05:19     deep anthroposophy but a very good read

05:21     I think if you're trying to sort out the

05:23     festivals for the southern hemisphere my

05:27     suggestions for northern hemisphere

05:30     there's this one celebrating festivals

05:33     with children great little book but it's

05:35     it's geared towards the kindergarten and

05:38     and so she just sort of talks about what

05:41     they're doing in the kindergarten and so

05:44     it's great in that respect this sort of

05:47     gives you like a nice foundational piece

05:51     steeped with some anthroposophy in here

05:53     so it will give you a good primer on

05:57     some of whether some other things that

06:00     Steiner felt were important with regards

06:03     to the festival and then this one I just

06:06     I love Charles Kovacs the spiritual

06:08     ground to Christian festivals now listen

06:10     here or not Christian you're like I

06:12     don't need that but you do especially if

06:15     you're studying anthropology and you're

06:17     sort of studying Sanders work this would

06:19     be a very good book to have as well plus

06:22     it's written by Kovac so it's a I find

06:24     him to be very accessible when it comes

06:27     to reading and

06:28     and I think that that you will enjoy it

06:32     if you are into sort of the why behind

06:35     things and there's also this picture of

06:37     him on the back end to tell you he looks

06:38     a little bit like Albert Einstein which

06:40     is kind of funny so so those are the

06:43     three resources that I would grab if you

06:45     are really really wanting to dive deeply

06:48     into the anthroposophical you know

06:52     leanings behind the festivals so we will

06:55     do a bit of both today not going too

06:58     deep unless you have questions um that I

07:00     will absolutely attempt to give you a

07:03     really good answer to I have been

07:05     studying anthropology for probably 18

07:11     years and that doesn't mean that I agree

07:15     with everything that everything

07:16     resonates well with me but the great

07:18     thing about Steiner is that he even said

07:21     you should you should study that for

07:24     yourself and then you should do what

07:27     feels right for you so he said that in

07:29     um oh my gosh

07:32     no I keep wanting to say there's a

07:34     spiritual solution every problem but

07:35     that's wine dire there is um it's gonna

07:40     come to me maybe nope it's not there is

07:45     a really great lecture series so I'm

07:47     happy if you're interested I'm happy to

07:48     give you the the name after when my

07:51     brain is a little less cluttered and

07:53     just sort of let you know what it was

07:56     that that really got me reading and and

07:59     really got me sort of going deeper and I

08:03     think that it's often when you're on

08:06     this well direct path you're like oh I'm

08:08     just happy with the curriculum I'm just

08:09     happy to you know I do this but really

08:11     and truly you've got to read Steiner I'm

08:13     reading Steiner will give you a lot of

08:14     aha especially when it comes to the

08:17     developmental end of things and

08:18     especially when you start to understand

08:20     then the spiritual end of things and

08:23     sort of why he did what he did and sort

08:25     of his his thoughts on on all of those

08:29     pieces so I think that in and keep in

08:33     mind when we were down this path I was

08:36     in a Christian and so I I was very much

08:39     like a

08:40     don't think so don't need that

08:42     information but that information was so

08:44     he in me really understanding the

08:48     curriculum me really understanding the

08:50     developmental process and everything

08:52     that's going on with our children so I

08:54     think if you really want to dive in even

08:57     if it's not something you 100% agree

09:00     with I think that it is a very good idea

09:03     if you're on this path to really sort of

09:06     dig into what he said about things it's

09:10     it's like going directly to the horse's

09:12     mouth or you know getting that direct

09:15     connection with with the person who said

09:17     the material versus you know somebody

09:21     like me it gives you like if you sort of

09:23     sign or according to Melissa and and

09:27     it's the same but I you know because

09:30     there are pieces of anthroposophy that

09:32     he they don't jive with I'm going to

09:35     give you exactly what I feel about that

09:37     so if you want to go and truly learn and

09:41     truly understand the master on why he

09:42     said what he didn't know I say master

09:44     Nonna's in this master so I don't want

09:47     anybody a messaging out he is not my

09:50     master I can't call him that he is a

09:52     master what he was doing for sure it was

09:55     a master at understanding development

09:57     and I believe that he was he was

10:00     probably the most connected person for

10:05     his time period when it came to

10:07     understanding a lot of things now

10:09     there's a lot of stuff that he also

10:10     cover up I'll give you that and there's

10:12     some controversy about some things that

10:13     he said I'll give you that too but when

10:15     it comes to like development to itself

10:17     it's very very interesting so definitely

10:19     have a read don't be afraid of Steiner

10:21     you should absolutely dive into that so

10:25     with that with that let's go do if you

10:27     have any thoughts over there anything

10:29     okay all right we're good okay so let's

10:32     just talk about spring festivals in

10:34     general now it's going to sound very

10:37     religious at first but I want you to let

10:39     sort of peel back these layers

10:40     especially if you're not pagan or

10:43     Christian I think that every faith every

10:46     faith has some sort of seeds of this

10:49     going on it's just about finding those

10:51     seeds and then applying

10:52     so you know those spring festivals

10:55     especially the spring equinox and and an

10:59     Easter and what Christians consider

11:01     Easter and of course spring equinox is

11:03     called Ostara and that's where the

11:05     Easter name came from and it's all tied

11:09     up in death and resurrection or death

11:10     and sort of this rebirth idea so I'd be

11:13     on the religious perspectives so it's

11:16     it's interesting to me excuse me

11:21     Steiners take on what's going on with

11:24     the earth so the soil it appears to have

11:26     been sort of sleeping but he really

11:30     believed that in the winter is when I

11:32     was doing its its best work and sort of

11:35     it's sleeping in the summer and that's a

11:36     good really huge topic so I would

11:40     definitely dive into some Kovaks didn't

11:42     understand that one or dive into some of

11:45     Steiner himself but I I really once you

11:48     studied it for a while you can kind of

11:50     sort of seen that this is fruiting is

11:52     this happening with all the flowers and

11:54     so I was sort of happening in the

11:55     sleeping state of the earth versus all

11:57     of the cultivation and protection stuff

12:00     that goes on during the winter time so

12:04     now you've kind of got this this place

12:06     where things look more alive on the

12:09     outside so we've got the equinox that's

12:11     celebrated on the 21st and then this

12:14     year we have Easter is celebrated on on

12:18     April 21st so the the dating for Easter

12:22     changes every year of course most people

12:23     understand that and the the date for

12:27     Easter is always dependent on the season

12:31     and in what's going on in the cosmos

12:33     so Easter is the first Sunday after the

12:38     equinox after the first full moon so

12:41     it's the first spring moon this happens

12:43     after Easter and then that first that

12:47     first woman and then that's when Easter

12:49     usually is is that first Sunday not

12:51     usually like always so it is a very

12:55     planetary based date and and so I think

12:59     with that knowledge then it sort of

13:01     helps you open up a little bit - okay so

13:03     so why is it that way

13:04     how do we celebrate so like from an

13:08     ethical perspective this is I'm going to

13:10     read here on my notes Christ's death and

13:12     resurrection is a time for us to be

13:14     conscious of our connection with God

13:16     regardless of what your faith is it's s

13:21     time to dial more into this relationship

13:24     with source and and really and truly you

13:28     know sort of sort of dig in now I have

13:30     to say that as somebody who studies all

13:32     the time I'm always feeling very

13:34     connected to a source and so but this is

13:36     another opportunity for me to be even

13:39     more connected even more open even more

13:44     like anxious to hear what the heavens

13:47     might have to say to me and so you know

13:50     I utilize it as that as that that time

13:54     period as this this greater piece of

13:56     connection so as you're connecting to

13:59     festivals which I always suggest that

14:00     you do work to connect to the festivals

14:02     because it allows you then to really

14:05     bring them to your family to really sort

14:07     of live in them if you don't connect

14:09     with them on a spiritual level it's just

14:11     gonna kind of be like you're just doing

14:13     and and we don't want to just do we want

14:16     to like do with purpose we want to show

14:18     up on purpose and so when it comes to

14:21     connecting with the equinox and and then

14:23     Easter you know see it is this time

14:25     especially you know there's this one

14:27     month this year between the one date and

14:30     the second date utilize this as a time

14:33     to really dive in and and and feel that

14:39     that that spiritual end you know if

14:43     you're of the Catholic faith and you're

14:45     celebrating Lent

14:46     right now it's this time this forty days

14:49     I've been telling you stir so this is

14:51     kind of a perfect way with the two being

14:55     so far apart to sort of have your own

14:57     Lenten season if you're not of the

14:58     Catholic faith and really I'm not

15:00     suggesting that you give something up

15:02     although I I was raised Catholic so I

15:04     often do think about what things can I

15:06     give up or change and and and actually

15:08     that mirrors what I do in the Northern

15:12     Hemisphere's fall for like a run the

15:15     Mikkel miss time so it definitely tie

15:17     in two together it's sort of a time of

15:20     taking like stock of yourself and and I

15:23     know this people do things is silliest

15:26     you know giving up chocolate for Lent or

15:27     whatever they're wanting to give up I

15:29     tend to not go to the superficial things

15:32     to give up for myself I tend to go to

15:34     the what is it that I want to change

15:37     within myself that maybe if I look at

15:40     what I what I worked on in the fall have

15:43     I done a good job of sort of taming that

15:46     piece or does that piece still need some

15:49     work so that's where I personally will

15:51     go with that you know those things that

15:54     that are coming up between the equinox

15:57     and Easter itself so that's just again

16:00     life according to Melissa take it or

16:02     leave it is that not something you have

16:04     to do but when it comes to sort of

16:07     understanding the festivals and

16:08     understanding those pieces behind them I

16:10     think it's really helpful for us to dive

16:12     into the you know the spiritual aspect

16:16     of them so that we know how we are going

16:18     to connect so then based on that after

16:22     you after you've sort of done this sort

16:23     of internal piece then we start talking

16:25     about the external pieces like how do we

16:27     celebrate with with our kids so this is

16:31     a side note when Mike big kids were

16:33     little and they were still going to see

16:35     my ex-husband every year and I had to

16:37     sort of do this like trading off dance

16:39     of who's that year was it for Easter his

16:42     ear wasn't for Christmas that kind of

16:44     thing we I just always took I always

16:49     took the spring equinox and that was

16:50     always our Easter and so we always did

16:54     Easter activities on spring equinox then

16:58     when I remarried and you know we have

17:02     these other two amazing children

17:03     we still sort of tend to do something

17:06     that's family specific on that day now

17:10     if you are a different faith if you're

17:13     especially if you are pagan you're

17:15     definitely celebrating more about the

17:17     spring equinox then you are probably for

17:20     Easter they do like I said want to see

17:22     more people go oh there's so much

17:25     connection and understanding the

17:26     connection between the two and

17:27     celebrating they can actually

17:30     so you know of course we have like

17:31     planting Easter grass so if you are

17:33     somebody who is wanting to celebrate the

17:36     equinox this week we're a little bit

17:38     late in planning the Easter grass but if

17:39     you start it today you'll probably see

17:42     something by Wednesday something poke up

17:45     if you are planting for Easter which we

17:49     will be doing in a little bit you want

17:51     to give it a little bit of time I would

17:52     say about two weeks or so before Easter

17:55     start planting your grass it grows

17:57     really fast and so what you will see if

17:59     you start it now and you're intending

18:01     for it to be for Easter yeah a lot of

18:03     gardening to do on your kitchen table

18:04     for your little Easter grass between now

18:06     and then because it will you'll have to

18:08     cut it and you know you'll have to

18:10     really keep keep at it so people say

18:13     well what do you use I just use wheat

18:15     berries you you know a lot of us have

18:16     wheat berries on hand I will have to go

18:18     and buy some because we're gluten free

18:19     right now so I don't have have wheat

18:22     berries in my cabinet like I normally do

18:24     but that's just a trip to Whole Foods

18:27     it's just get some wheat berries and it

18:30     doesn't take that much decide what what

18:32     kind of plants are you want to do it in

18:34     I've done a couple of different things

18:36     I've done like just a kitchen like a

18:37     Pyrex Bowl that work or Pyrex plate that

18:40     works it doesn't give it a lot to

18:42     breathe underneath so a better option

18:44     might be a basket maybe that has a

18:47     tighter weave something that you may

18:49     want to keep or may not want to keep

18:51     because it will get kind of messy and

18:54     then go get yourself just some potting

18:55     soil or some soil from outside I love in

18:58     this festivals with children but it

19:00     talks about just go get some soil from

19:02     outside and then paint through it and

19:04     get out all the earthworms and all the

19:05     bugs and and experience them so if you

19:08     have that opportunity you should totally

19:10     do that

19:11     I have concrete outside I'll sand at the

19:14     beach so you know pick what you've got

19:17     there near you and have fun with it have

19:21     a good time planting that Easter grass

19:24     what do you plant I I we always plant

19:29     wheat grass I just go and get you know

19:32     wheat berries and and that's what we

19:34     usually end up planting okay don't go

19:37     into Lowe's and ask them for wheat grass

19:38     they won't give you the weirdest looks

19:40     just go and buy wheats

19:42     berries at the health food store you

19:44     know ones before you they're not ground

19:46     so they're they'll be whole and and they

19:49     go from there and the people at Lowe's

19:52     will think you're nuts

19:52     trust me I've been down that road before

19:55     so so you'll want to do like Easter

19:57     grass I think that's a lot of fun that's

19:59     a cup set of iconic Waldorf you'll see a

20:01     lot of pictures on Instagram over the

20:03     next few weeks about just that people

20:05     planning their Easter grass so that's

20:07     something that that we have to do and

20:09     there's some little tiny bug in here

20:11     sorry

20:13     and then of course there's the Easter

20:16     hair and so and and of course I think in

20:19     America has become the Easter Bunny I

20:21     don't know if you see Easter Bunny

20:22     anywhere else it's definitely a time for

20:26     you know we have some iconic movies that

20:28     we watch in our house we watch elf a

20:30     Christmas time even though we don't do

20:32     Santa and we watch hop in Easter time

20:37     even though yeah this is because it's

20:40     really silly any listen you know I guess

20:44     it's the opportunity to go no he's

20:47     really just not actually won his trial

20:49     and and we talked about what Easter

20:50     Island is that but no it's kind of funny

20:53     that's just where nails and stuff um

20:56     they start asking like when the Sun

20:59     starts shining a lot is it almost time

21:01     to atop my children so the Easter hair

21:06     there is a beautiful story it's not

21:09     really a story is sort of a description

21:11     in this book about the Easter hair and

21:13     sort of where that came from

21:15     and in in how it sort of then morphed

21:18     into it being a being for this time of

21:22     resurrection and rebirth so apparently I

21:26     did not know this apparently when

21:29     rabbits are being hunted

21:31     close your hair so for little or skier

21:34     from this when they're being hunted one

21:36     will sacrifice themselves so the other

21:38     can get away and so this whole idea of

21:42     like of sacrificing of oneself and

21:45     that's where the at least from this

21:49     anthroposophical standpoint the Easter

21:51     hair is coming from I don't know if

21:53     that's the every everyplace

21:55     standpoint I don't know if that's like

21:57     Easter law but that's what we've got

22:00     from an anthropological standpoint and

22:03     and so we have this animal that that

22:06     sort of gives of themselves and and then

22:09     they're also bringing eggs just as other

22:11     you know sort of symbol of life and a

22:14     rebirth and and in old times in old

22:17     times

22:18     it sort of made myself sound to a B in

22:22     the olden days their use of people used

22:25     to bring an egg when when a new baby was

22:28     born and let's sort of lay it in the in

22:30     the cradle as the symbol of this came

22:34     from that kind of thing even though it

22:37     come from chicken eggs but you know the

22:39     idea but still there so you've got

22:41     painting of eggs of course I there are

22:45     so many fun different ways you can paint

22:46     eggs and the United States they've sort

22:49     of like made it weird commercial science

22:53     with all of the egg decorating kits but

22:56     there's a lot of things you can

22:57     naturally do we've done eggs naturally

22:59     before we used to be juice we used

23:02     always seems like we these marigolds

23:04     we've used a lot of different things so

23:06     you can do a lot of natural stuff I also

23:07     love it if you've got chickens that lay

23:09     different colored eggs sometimes you

23:11     don't have to anything when we when we

23:14     had hens years ago

23:16     Jacob used to have this bird that lays

23:18     green and blue eggs and and her eggs

23:21     were so beautiful that we didn't in

23:24     between that and the pretty Browns and

23:26     rosy colors we didn't even actually have

23:29     to do any any egg dyeing because they're

23:32     just so pretty so you've got eggs that

23:35     symbolize transformation in some places

23:38     they do Easter gnomes and you know you

23:43     can do what you want with that maybe the

23:45     Easter gnomes bring presents instead of

23:47     the Easter hair I think that what I end

23:52     up seeing a lot and I'm just to talk to

23:54     my Christian listeners now when I see a

23:57     lot of as this idea that the Easter

24:00     Bunny does have anything to do with the

24:01     resurrection does have anything to do

24:03     with so I'm not going to utilize that

24:04     but again the the symbolism of the

24:08     Easter hare

24:09     is this idea of self-sacrifice and so it

24:13     very much can tie into those you know

24:16     the celebrations so don't stress so much

24:19     don't stress too much it doesn't have to

24:20     be all about the Easter Bunny but it

24:22     doesn't also have to not be about the

24:24     Easter Bunny I think it's often hard

24:26     when we are trying to live our faith and

24:29     and there's so much commercialism that's

24:31     thrown at us so it's nice to be able to

24:34     say well let's have this conversation

24:35     instead so just my thoughts there I

24:39     think that's all they may have any

24:41     thoughts questions arguments about

24:43     Easter okay

24:46     spring equinox and Easter is happening

24:48     this week so enjoy um let's see come up

24:53     with some great traditions great

24:55     traditions I will say so you can't

24:57     traditions yesterday was st. Patrick's

24:59     Day and we're not Eric thinks there's a

25:02     lot more Irish than him

25:04     I guess English probably some somewhere

25:06     in me but my my biggest chunk is Italian

25:10     and so it's kind of funny because Surya

25:13     has his little friend and and this

25:15     friend was talking about catching a

25:16     leprechaun and we've never really done a

25:19     whole lot of leprechaun II things and

25:21     like trying to pinch me on st. Patrick's

25:24     Day and I won't give you a black eye

25:25     because I'm not Irish

25:27     I don't play that game and so people

25:30     don't pinch me somebody try to pinch me

25:33     yesterday I said I don't play that games

25:35     just like oh okay but so justr i had

25:39     this idea that we needed to catch his

25:40     leprechaun the child can attract all

25:43     kinds of magic to her I swear she she

25:46     don't want to catch it she just wanted

25:47     to give it a good little bed to sleep in

25:49     so she made this little box

25:50     she put a doll bed in it and she put a

25:53     sock in it that I think was clean

25:56     because they told I said the Leprechaun

25:58     is not gonna play in your sticky sock so

26:01     make sure it's clean so she's like no no

26:02     it came from that the orphan sock drawer

26:04     we had this drawer that has all the

26:06     orphan socks in it and so she said she

26:09     pulled it out of there she put this all

26:10     thing together

26:11     and I kid you not the leprechaun made

26:16     this gigantic mess with chocolate coins

26:19     all over my house like all over my house

26:22     she has the like I said this amazing way

26:26     of attracting magic

26:27     she was so beside herself

26:30     hey how excited she was she's like I

26:34     didn't this used to be a tradition I

26:35     said remember we're not Irish she said

26:37     well why did he come visit us I said I

26:39     do not know I do not know I have no idea

26:43     when you came to visit you maybe because

26:44     you asked which is possible sometimes

26:46     you just have to ask so that's my side

26:48     note on st. Patrick's Day this have

26:49     anything to do with what I'm gonna talk

26:50     about next which is May Day May Day is

26:53     probably one of my absolute favorite

26:56     spring festivals it's almost summer so

27:00     the sand is warmer here in San Diego

27:02     coming the water is starting to get

27:04     warmer so they're not freezing our

27:05     Fannie's off at the beach but May Day is

27:09     such a fun time and I have to tell you

27:12     probably my favorite May Day was the

27:15     year before we left Utah and we had

27:17     there were a lot of people Kelly how

27:20     many people were there like I think they

27:21     were probably close daddy maybe a

27:23     hundred people it was a rockin made a

27:27     festival we had this big maypole and

27:30     this giant maypole Eric decked this

27:33     giant hole we sunk this bowl that's a

27:35     really big hole like four feet down or

27:37     something crazy like that and we had

27:39     this beautiful made a topper it was so

27:43     fun and I think it actually lives at

27:45     Kelly's house now in fact I'm pretty

27:46     sure it does so we did like it was like

27:49     a railroad tie that didn't have all the

27:50     tar and stuff on it so that was what we

27:52     stuck in the ground and you know my

27:55     dream is to have a house where we have a

27:57     permanent maple which I know is weird

28:00     but we had these beautiful beautiful

28:03     topper and the topper was it was well

28:07     done because the great thing about this

28:10     topper and so I'm just sort of telling

28:11     you if you're looking for made a toppers

28:14     and what you're doing

28:14     use grosgrain ribbon because then it

28:18     lasts year after year after year so this

28:21     was like a it was like some weird tool

28:25     that you would find in that tool but

28:26     thing that you would find it at Home

28:28     Depot it look like if was some kind of

28:30     mint right daddy yeah so it would fit

28:33     over the top of

28:35     the pole and then because it was a vent

28:39     they sewed they sold hand sewed the the

28:43     grosgrain ribbon to each one of the

28:45     events so then when it was on top of the

28:48     the pole they all fell down exactly the

28:51     way they needed to so if you need a

28:53     picture drop me a note I'll send you a

28:55     picture a gas vent yes thank you yes and

29:05     and so it was this beautiful thing that

29:08     lived year after year because all you

29:11     needed was the dang poll that came out

29:13     of the ground and you could put

29:14     somewhere else and this this event thing

29:17     that was used for the topper so we've

29:20     done we did that that was probably the

29:21     most fun May Day then I remember in in

29:25     recent history sir I was probably two

29:27     years old we had a lot of fun the air

29:30     and and we've had fun Mayday since then

29:33     you know our co-op puts on a meeting

29:35     every year and the fun thing about

29:37     mating when you can have a lot of people

29:39     is that you can do a ma date I'm a pole

29:41     dance and the main pole dance is there's

29:46     a lot of fun now you know the symbolism

29:48     of the Maypole is it's kind of obvious

29:51     but I'm gonna say it anyway

29:53     close your ears if you're little it's

29:55     the phallic symbol it is the life

29:58     regeneration symbol it is what we're

30:01     seeing everywhere at this time of year

30:03     is regeneration of life and that's

30:05     really that symbol is that's what it

30:08     symbolizes we're sort of not worshipping

30:11     I suppose some people could be but

30:13     you're not worshiping it but you're

30:15     doing a a remembrance dance of why this

30:18     is such an amazing an amazing thing in

30:22     our lives so we have this regeneration

30:23     there is a cool scene in the old Wicker

30:28     Man movie where they're dancing the

30:31     maple dance and the song is a little bit

30:32     x-rated but it's a good song and so it's

30:36     not x-rated it's a it is a you know a

30:40     song that takes you from like there's a

30:42     boy and a girl and a baby and all it

30:45     like all of this like you know takes you

30:47     through this whole story

30:48     so that's if I made a song but one you

30:50     might not want to sing little kids

30:51     there's a lot of different maple songs

30:54     that you can sing but I have to tell you

30:55     the most fun things that made a are

30:57     doing the made maple dance making crowns

31:00     crowns are a lot of fun so in our coop

31:03     we each family brings a bunch of flowers

31:06     for that day and then we make made eight

31:09     crowns and the boys can have hats or

31:12     crowns sometimes they do just crowns of

31:14     greenery and then we all dance the

31:17     Maypole we have a lot of fun when we do

31:19     that and so I would definitely suggest

31:21     you trying that one do not get

31:23     overwhelmed with so many things that you

31:26     can do you know when because we run a

31:28     co-op my co-leader and I are in charge

31:31     of sort of making sure that the

31:33     festivals don't give at hand we don't

31:35     run we don't put the festivals on

31:37     ourselves usually the moms root

31:38     volunteer to put them on but we have

31:40     some rules like the rules are like you

31:43     can't do more than three activities you

31:44     don't want to overwhelm everybody

31:45     because Union on Pinterest us are

31:48     looking at Mayday activities and it gets

31:50     out of hand really really fast so

31:52     remember you're going to celebrate May

31:54     Day next year keep a list of what you

31:56     want to do next year what you did this

31:58     year what you want to do next year you

31:59     don't have to do everything every year

32:01     pick one or two iconic things to do

32:04     every year for your base of the crown oh

32:09     well you know sometimes we've not used

32:12     anything but floral tape and and the

32:15     stems from the flowers and sometimes

32:18     we've used wire I actually think I like

32:21     using nothing but the base of the

32:25     flowers like what we often do is if

32:28     you've got enough longer stems like some

32:30     carnations something that has a longer

32:32     stem then you know some bigger flowers

32:35     then you're going to mix it in with some

32:37     littler flowers but that usually tends

32:39     to to work the best to happy

32:46     get on the boat right now come on so

32:49     let's see I'm trying to think today miss

32:51     anything Kelly did I miss anything

32:53     Kelly was at that festival we had so

32:55     much fun that day that was seem like it

32:58     was a hundred years ago but you know

33:00     we're constantly trying to have a good

33:03     time with regards to these festivals I

33:05     says I use a wire wreath shaper from

33:08     Dollar Tree oh that's a good idea

33:10     totally a good idea yeah there's there's

33:14     a lot of different things you can do I I

33:15     would say don't overthink it definitely

33:17     if you're doing it for co-op practice

33:19     before I end so that you don't have any

33:22     flops that they have but we we did

33:25     another maple that we did remember that

33:27     made a that we did in our house before

33:28     that year we had when we lived in Utah

33:32     we had the first house we lived and we

33:34     had like this half acre property that

33:37     Eric and the boys had cleared and we had

33:40     and this was before Kelly came this was

33:42     that amber was there there are lots of

33:44     people there but was it for Kelly what

33:48     no it was it Soraya was baby she's not

33:52     ten the one before we moved to Los

33:55     Angeles yes

33:56     oh we lived across the street from

33:58     Herman's it's not ten years but she was

34:01     just she was just a baby it's just

34:03     probably that's it six pencils yes we're

34:06     trying to remember our timeline we this

34:08     is this is a great way to do a maypole

34:11     if you don't have a big giant Pole we

34:15     had a five-gallon bucket like the big

34:18     Paint Bucket or you can get them at Home

34:20     Depot and we got some concrete that

34:22     quikrete stuff because it sets up really

34:24     fast Kelly says that recorded music you

34:27     can't snow knows the song oh yes great

34:29     idea that's a great idea

34:31     ready to also practice practice practice

34:33     the music not like the day of practice

34:36     the week before two weeks before but we

34:38     have this so we got this bucket we use

34:41     quikrete and we use so really long it

34:44     was like PVC pipe remember really long

34:47     PVC pipe

34:48     it was probably eight or ten feet long

34:50     and we stuck it in the bucket and and

34:54     then put the concrete in there and then

34:55     we stuck the bucket in the ground we dug

34:58     it because the bucket gave it a little

35:00     more stability stuck the bucket in the

35:02     ground and and covered it up that worked

35:04     really really well as a temporary gotta

35:07     take it out of the ground kind of thing

35:09     so what would work even better probably

35:11     as if you're going to use something like

35:13     PVC and

35:14     covered it up we covered it up with

35:15     flowers and and it was like irrigation

35:19     pipe and it worked really well but I

35:21     would do two segments so that you can

35:23     make it shorter and take it apart at the

35:25     end of the year or at the end of the the

35:27     festival and use it for the next year so

35:29     two segments with maybe a coupler in

35:30     between so you can make it as tall as

35:32     you need to need it to be and then have

35:35     fun have fun with that that's that's

35:38     like I said one of my favorite festivals

35:40     and and its really sort of it's the end

35:43     of spring and in a lot of areas it's

35:47     like yeah summers coming you know it's

35:49     coming unless you live in Idaho we still

35:52     had snow on the fourth of July but but

35:55     you know you can get really excited

35:56     about mating so I think that's all I

35:58     mean there's really not a ton of spring

36:00     festivals do any anything else over

36:01     there if you have questions comments you

36:06     want some pictures of how we did some

36:08     things you drop me a message or you drop

36:11     Kelly a message both of us have pictures

36:12     of that one event that we're talking

36:14     about invite the community when you when

36:17     you're doing a big festival like this

36:19     invite the community invite lots of

36:22     family members have a good time it's a

36:24     great opportunity to sort of talk about

36:26     what you do with Waldorf what you're

36:28     doing with homeschooling and and have

36:30     fun and I'm just going to show these

36:32     books one last time so these are the

36:34     books that I keep on my shelf with

36:35     regards to festivals this is a spiritual

36:38     background of Christian festivals you

36:39     should get it even if you're not

36:41     Christian this will help you understand

36:43     some anthroposophical leanings

36:45     celebrating festivals with children it's

36:48     a good one and for our dear friends in

36:52     the southern hemisphere who are also

36:53     celebrating Easter even though it is

36:56     their fall festivals in the southern

36:58     hemisphere all really good books I think

37:02     that they are great reads and great

37:03     let's have one yourself ok I think

37:05     that's all anything else over there nope

37:07     let me just have a great remember in

37:09     mastermind signups and on a Wednesday

37:12     the 20th and if you have questions about

37:15     that drop me a note drop Kelly no don't

37:17     Eric it out we're here to help see you

37:19     later


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