Ep. 140 - Creating A Waldorf Inspired Kindergarten At Home


Kindergarten is optional. I know; that is a very controversial statement. In an academic world that strives to teach reading in pre-school, Waldorf education allows children the room to develop unhindered by societal constructs. Below, Melisa shares the cornerstones of Waldorf Kindergarten at home: rhythm and inner work. She shares anecdotes and tips for parents who may be new to homeschooling, Waldorf Education, or both. Ultimately, the best advice for a Waldorf-inspired kindergarten is to have a good time and don't overthink things.

*She also provides a look into the Waldorf Essentials Kindergarten curriculum for families that would like more guidance/structure. (scroll down for more information)


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In this video we cover:

  • In Waldorf education, Kindergarten is optional
  • Waldorf Kindergarten does not follow a heavy curriculum
  • Kindergarten is all about rhythm
  • During these early years parents should be focused on inner work and rhythm
  • Early years provide ample time to practice handwork
  • The value of baking and cooking with your children in the early childhood years
  • How to create a fun circle time


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00:05     welcome to our Monday morning video I am

00:09     Melissa Nelson with culturally

00:11     essentials and I'm so glad that you're

00:13     joining us today so um I have some

00:17     announcements announcements

00:19     okay so first announcement is first

00:23     announcement is a class that we're doing

00:25     on Saturday so I just I have this like

00:29     prompting piece of intuition the other

00:31     day - just say it - justjust asked if

00:34     people had this this desire to know

00:38     about how to run a business at home

00:40     school sort of the things that we've

00:42     done and I'm gonna tell y'all we have

00:45     taken our business from zero to more

00:49     than six figures taking us a while but

00:51     we have learned a lot a lot and we're

00:56     going to share that in a class on

00:57     Saturday August 10th from 10:00 a.m. to

01:00     12:00 Pacific and you can get the link

01:04     to register for that class in our link

01:06     tree on Instagram or you can just go to

01:11     Walter key essentials comm /iz viz and

01:16     we will have this biz schooling class I

01:19     don't know if it's going to grow into

01:21     something bigger I it might it might

01:24     grow into some sort of like membership

01:27     like me helping people kind of thing

01:30     because we have had a lot of requests

01:32     and it's something I'm really darn good

01:34     at so we've made a lot of a lot of

01:40     changes and discoveries over the years

01:43     and how to sort of do this with you know

01:47     with regards to not just Waldorf but

01:49     how's going in general so this is not

01:51     just for Waldorf homeschoolers this

01:53     would be for anybody that you know that

01:55     runs a business or works from home all

01:57     of those things and and you don't even

02:01     have to work from home if you run a

02:02     business and you're trying to sort that

02:04     out or if you're working from home you

02:06     know either of those things would be

02:08     great for that class so the cost is $50

02:12     and if you are an entrepreneur that

02:15     makes something

02:16     or has some sort of business where you

02:19     provide a service or a product that you

02:22     would like to me to consider trading for

02:24     that $50 you are welcome to ask me so

02:26     you're welcome to drop me a message you

02:28     can drop me a message in DM NPM on

02:31     Facebook you can drop me a message at

02:33     melissa at walnut essentials calm and

02:36     please check out the the sales page will

02:39     tell you everything that we're going to

02:40     cover

02:40     I have slated to hours for this class

02:43     then I can anticipate that it might go

02:46     longer but I will be there until all

02:48     your questions are asked answered all

02:50     your asked questions are answered so so

02:53     that is coming up on Saturday August

02:55     10th and again its waldek essentials

02:58     comp /in vids so that's all the

03:01     announcements I can think about have any

03:03     other announcements that you think of

03:05     Tenny but just finished our bootcamp

03:07     that was a fabulous we had a lot of

03:09     great participation a lot of moms got

03:13     their selves all planned for the year so

03:15     that was great a lot of friendships were

03:17     made I love hosting love hosting things

03:21     like that because a lot of moms get too

03:22     connected that we're connected before so

03:25     so that's a lot of money but today we

03:27     are going to talk about creating a

03:30     Waldorf inspired kindergarten at home so

03:33     that is the topic of today I have a fair

03:35     amount of notes here in front of me so

03:37     this would be an appropriate call if you

03:42     if you're considering our kindergarten

03:45     so we'll talk up a fair amount about

03:46     that if you already have our

03:49     kindergarten we'll talk fair amount

03:51     about you know things that you can be

03:53     doing at home so if you have questions

03:56     please ask and I will be happy to answer

03:59     that for you so let's start with them

04:02     let's start with this idea so the first

04:04     of all our school did not have convert

04:06     signer was not even like he was all

04:08     about the child that was seven or nearly

04:10     seven not about the the little ones so

04:13     after a while that that caps are came

04:16     about we started really looking at early

04:19     childhood and Walter has some of the

04:22     most beautiful early childhood when

04:26     child development information I think

04:28     that there is on the planet it's very

04:30     very succinct very beautiful and very

04:34     nurturing to the child that is that is

04:38     in that sort of zero to six space and

04:40     our early childhood in kindergarten

04:43     focuses on that I'm going to grab my

04:49     let's see so remember that kindergarten

04:54     is optional having any sort of

04:57     curriculum to sort of guide you through

05:00     that those two years because it is a two

05:02     year space well talk about that but

05:05     having any sort of curriculum to guide

05:07     you through that space is absolutely

05:08     optional the things that you should

05:10     really be focusing on those kindergarten

05:12     years are home wear them and interwork

05:16     building your skills those are the best

05:19     things to focus on now of course we live

05:21     in a society that's like when's your kid

05:22     gonna start at school so a lot of

05:25     families feel like they need something

05:27     to sort of anchor them in those those

05:30     kindergarten years so we have a

05:33     fantastic product I'm going to talk

05:35     about that but I also want to just

05:37     really sort of speak in general what you

05:40     should be doing during this time period

05:41     is you can be having circle time regular

05:44     circle time my regular I'm meaning like

05:47     three times a week but honestly you

05:48     could do five times a week if that helps

05:50     you sort of anchor in your rhythm by

05:53     hitting your rhythm in a good place it's

05:55     really the best best thing that you

05:57     could be doing so what does that look

05:58     like that looks like not spending way

06:01     too much time outside the home it

06:03     doesn't mean you don't spend any time

06:04     outside the home you know maybe you have

06:05     a playdate

06:06     maybe a belong to a co-op or a playgroup

06:09     maybe go to the library once a week

06:11     spending time to at home like baking and

06:16     cooking together and cleaning together

06:18     all of those things that really help

06:20     anchor that space of early childhood

06:23     because remember they're in a time of

06:26     really they're really sort of mimicking

06:30     everything that you do so you it's time

06:33     of imitation so you want to have a

06:37     created space that they feel worthy of

06:41     image

06:41     so you want to make sure that you're in

06:44     a good space that you are anchored

06:46     spiritually that you you're pretty

06:48     grounded so that you can respond

06:50     appropriately to the four million

06:52     questions that you'll be asked today my

06:54     fist I hold and so you want to be in a

06:57     good space for that you want to make

07:00     sure you get as much rest as you can and

07:03     you want to make sure you get help in

07:05     these ages the most exhausting time of

07:10     parenting like physically exhausting is

07:13     generally those first seven years of

07:15     life there so athira cailli tied to us

07:18     so it doesn't matter if you're in

07:20     another state you're still going to feel

07:21     the pull of your child so you want to

07:24     make sure you get enough rest that's why

07:27     you often see in a kindergarten the

07:30     kindergarten teacher wears an apron and

07:32     why a lot of moms have adopted the apron

07:34     is there's like there's just shield

07:36     that's there and as silly as that sounds

07:38     it really works

07:40     you know I run a co-op there's about 40

07:44     kids in our co-op and my co-leader and I

07:46     last year we started wearing aprons

07:48     because we were so exhausted so

07:51     exhausted at the end of the day so I

07:54     thought when we're gonna try this apron

07:55     thing I you know I I've been at this a

07:57     long time I wore an apron when my my big

07:59     kids were little often and so we put the

08:02     apron thing on and wow what a difference

08:05     in our energies when we are done with

08:08     co-op we are not so exhausted anymore

08:10     and so you know that's us with 40 kids

08:13     and imagine the effect that it has with

08:16     just your child at home so I'm not

08:18     saying you want to shield their their

08:20     energy completely because you're in this

08:22     sort of loving home environment but it

08:24     is a helpful thing to sort of help you

08:27     realize where that that energy flows so

08:31     there's that's just my little tidbit

08:33     about aprons I don't really talk about

08:34     aprons a whole lot so when people ask me

08:36     often so that's my that's my little

08:39     spiel about aprons

08:40     so my notes here focus on rhythm and

08:43     inner work get to know yourself you want

08:46     to know what makes you tick you want to

08:47     understand your temperament you want to

08:49     understand how you react to things you

08:52     wonder what

08:53     understand why you react to things you

08:55     want to do that that inner work that's

08:57     deep deep inner work so that you can be

08:59     prepared for the years to come

09:01     you can be prepared for the next steps

09:03     this is really just a great time to

09:06     really dial into that you want to make

09:10     sure that when you have circle time you

09:11     have a lot of fun sort of this breathing

09:15     in an out space don't over complicate it

09:18     you can tell doodles of stories they

09:21     they often respond best the stories you

09:24     tell from your mouth like that you know

09:26     from your head whether they be a fairy

09:28     tale that you memorize as a child or a

09:30     story that you made up they big laugh

09:32     stories they love stories that's the

09:34     quickest way to draw a child in that is

09:37     in this age group so let's see you tell

09:40     stories have fun if you want a planned

09:43     out resource that gives you that gives

09:47     you something to do every day or kids so

09:55     when you have older kids you just sort

09:57     of fold them in so I have five five well

10:00     this is 22 my youngest is eight so we

10:02     have had somebody in the kindergarten

10:04     space for a long time in fact it was

10:06     really hard for me last year when I

10:07     planned first grade because I thought oh

10:09     my gosh there's nobody in this

10:10     kindergarten space anymore you just you

10:14     bring them along so my secret to helping

10:17     the kindergarten child feel whole and

10:20     happy for the day is to do their stories

10:23     first spend that time with them first

10:25     get anchored with them have that sort of

10:28     intimate space with them curled up on

10:29     the couch have fun with them and let

10:32     them have that piece of you because they

10:33     really need it they really really need

10:35     it and if you can let them have that

10:37     piece of you in the beginning of the day

10:39     then you're not going to be pulled away

10:41     from your other children as you're

10:44     trying to do lessons so make sure you

10:47     are energetically in a good place you're

10:48     getting up before your kids you're ready

10:50     to greet them and then that you that you

10:53     know when you're doing starting your

10:55     school morning that you're spending that

10:56     time with that that youngest child first

10:58     does that really helps anchor them so

11:02     often what that might look like is

11:04     maybe you've got your older kids in

11:06     there doing their morning reading or

11:08     maybe they're working on some chores

11:09     you're spending time with with this

11:12     child and you're you're telling a story

11:14     that's just for them they're curled up

11:16     on your lap and you're just taking it in

11:19     together so they get that's that's sort

11:21     of that piece of you and it's especially

11:23     important if there's younger children

11:25     underneath there because often this

11:27     child might feel a little bit displaced

11:29     and this is your opportunity to really

11:30     connect so you spend this time

11:33     connecting and then you breathe out and

11:35     you move on to the next child but that

11:37     child that got your attention they're

11:40     all filled up their bucket is full mom

11:42     helps them sort of feel good at the

11:44     beginning of the day and then you can

11:46     weave in and out of your children with

11:48     with regards to lessons and not feel

11:50     like you are being pulled in a million

11:52     directions of course they'll be

11:54     breathing in and out and they might join

11:56     you at the table for drawing or painting

11:57     but but because you've given them that

12:01     piece you will be much better off for

12:04     the rest of the morning with rehearse

12:05     your lessons and of course there's gonna

12:07     be the mom that says to me I tried that

12:09     and didn't work keep trying because

12:12     maybe their bucket is really really

12:14     really empty and they really really

12:15     really need you and so the best way to

12:19     sort of overcome that mom guilt of I

12:21     don't have enough of me to go around is

12:23     to just stop and spend the time that you

12:26     need to spend with them I promise when

12:29     you do that yeah everything else go much

12:31     more smoothly so take that time to sort

12:34     of just really connect with that

12:35     hopefully that answers your question

12:37     miss Tori okay so if you want to plan

12:41     that resource I really love our

12:44     kindergarten and not just because I

12:45     wrote it but because it is a very it's

12:47     very Waldorf centered so there's stories

12:50     that I wrote there's a couple of stories

12:52     in there that aren't but most of the

12:53     stories our stories that I wrote so

12:56     kindergarten starts at almost 5:00 and

12:59     goes until almost 7:00 so two full years

13:03     of kindergarten in our kindergarten we

13:05     have 52 weeks of of each each one so

13:09     it's not just a nine-month school year

13:10     we we wanted to give you something to do

13:14     during those summer months as well with

13:17     her

13:17     arts to kindergarten because it's it's

13:19     very easy to especially when you're

13:20     starting off to sort of fall off during

13:22     that time and then have to wrap yourself

13:24     back up

13:25     so 52 weeks times two of original

13:29     stories they're very simple stories so

13:32     if you were to do something that was

13:34     that you wanted to plan out that maybe

13:35     was in our kindergarten just consider

13:37     very simple simple stories so and you

13:42     want to tell the same story for at least

13:44     a week so in our kindergarten because

13:46     it's a serial and it changes every week

13:49     just a little bit we have one character

13:51     is named a super Sam and he goes through

13:53     two years of stories and all of his

13:55     adventures with the animals in the

13:57     forest and the the the festivals that he

14:00     goes through and the people that he

14:01     meets and all of the other friends and

14:05     the forest that he meets so there's a

14:07     little nugget each week but in truth if

14:10     you're going to tell a longer story you

14:12     really want to keep them and the same

14:14     story for a while and you might think

14:17     why my child gets really bored children

14:20     will have repetition they love

14:22     repetition and their little brains need

14:23     it so don't don't think that oh no

14:27     they've heard it once I should be done

14:30     think about the favorite books that

14:32     maybe you've gotten from the library and

14:33     how many times your child has asked you

14:35     to read it over and over and over again

14:38     that's the same concept it's the same

14:40     concept of they need that repetition

14:42     their little souls are begging for it

14:44     they feel it oh it was so lovely I just

14:47     want to hear it again and again and

14:48     again think about how many times I've

14:50     heard that please just read it again

14:52     especially if it's bedtime please read

14:55     it six more times so you wouldn't really

14:58     want to be in a place of being able to

15:01     tell that story multiple times through

15:04     the week so if you're using our

15:06     curriculum we would sort of lay it all

15:07     out there for you we give you all the

15:10     circle times for the month and we give

15:13     you the songs they're all recorded so

15:15     you know how they sound you know like

15:17     what to do with them and how you know

15:20     how to how to make them work for you we

15:23     sort of lay them all out for you we also

15:24     give you ideas I want to put on a nature

15:26     table

15:28     ideas for nature walks all of those

15:30     things and including a story usually

15:33     there's a recipe most of the recipes

15:35     that we have can absolutely be made with

15:38     gluten-free flour or some other

15:40     alternative I tried to make them very

15:44     open there's some vegetarian recipes in

15:46     there there's definitely some something

15:48     for everyone in there and 15:52 excuse me I want to say don't

15:54     underestimate that kitchen time with

15:56     your child make sure you draw them in

15:59     have fun bake together cook together

16:02     bring them into the kitchen let them be

16:05     with you and have fun with you

16:07     depending on your temperament mom you

16:10     might be like I can get it done wait

16:12     quicker myself like I'm there I am I am

16:15     the choleric mom that says please don't

16:17     spell the flower but when I can let

16:21     myself go and spend that time connecting

16:24     we have so much more fun than if I'm

16:27     stressing out about this bill flower so

16:29     you want to bring them into the kitchen

16:30     with you as often as possible if you

16:32     have a lot of younger children which was

16:34     my reality for a long time I would

16:36     assign a different child in the kitchen

16:37     with me every day so it might be Harry's

16:40     day to be in the kitchen with me and he

16:41     did all the kitchen stuff with me

16:43     whether I was cooking or baking the next

16:45     day might have been Jacob so they all

16:47     knew and they knew that each one of them

16:49     had a different day and that was super

16:51     helpful in quelling any of that it's my

16:55     turn I can't believe it you did it last

16:57     time all of that yes they only they had

17:00     a day they only that they had a day and

17:02     that was super super helpful

17:03     for me and for them to know hey mom's

17:07     got me covered she knows she knows that

17:09     that you know I'm gonna get a day and

17:11     and they relaxed when they know that

17:14     there's a rhythm to something like that

17:15     then they tend to relax and it's not

17:17     there's not so much angst so the

17:20     children who aren't in the kitchen with

17:22     you that day I might assign them to do

17:23     something else like I might hand them a

17:25     spray bottle of water and ask them to go

17:27     clean windows for me or you know go

17:30     clean off the table with the spray

17:31     bottle of water while we're prepping

17:32     food there are plenty of things you can

17:34     get those other children to do so you

17:35     can have that kitchen

17:36     with the the child who's charted is that

17:39     day so again

17:40     don't underestimate time in the kitchen

17:42     together make sure your rhythm feels

17:45     like just fun have a good time

17:48     have a good time if you are not having a

17:51     good time then you're doing something

17:52     wrong

17:53     really and truly have a good time if you

17:56     are not loving this yes you can be

17:59     exhaustive and if you are not loving

18:00     this then you have to step back and ask

18:02     yourself why am I doing this cuz

18:04     remember this is optional like a couple

18:08     of things you're optional it's optional

18:09     for kindergarten it's also optional that

18:11     you have them home you can send them to

18:13     school and if that's not your reality

18:16     then just say I love this and I'm gonna

18:17     figure out how to love this because I

18:19     need this for me as much as they need it

18:21     so I'm going to dive in and figure out

18:23     why I'm struggling it's so so important

18:26     that inner work piece is so so important

18:28     and and often we're sort of we don't

18:32     think about that inner work piece we you

18:34     know especially if it's you're young

18:35     you've just got young children you know

18:37     you got maybe got married and you have

18:39     these babies and it was really easy for

18:41     a while cuz they were just babies

18:43     not easy and then not that you're not

18:44     exhausted but then all of a sudden they

18:46     were toddlers and they have then they

18:48     start to have opinions of their own and

18:50     they're running away from you and you're

18:51     trying to figure out how to handle this

18:53     toddler and those newborn then and and

18:55     gosh it's not as easy as you thought it

18:57     was gonna be it's not it's not as pretty

19:00     as you thought it was gonna be but

19:02     that's really where you're you're diving

19:05     into inner work helps you so much

19:07     because then all of those feelings that

19:09     are coming up inside you you can figure

19:11     out why you're having them and you can

19:13     start to put that energy from those

19:15     feelings into a direction that is much

19:17     more healthy for you and for your family

19:19     so really take this time to dive into

19:22     who you are and to really have a good

19:24     time with that and and play with that

19:26     energy play with that space okay that's

19:30     it here do you have any questions over

19:32     there we're good alright so I'm gonna

19:34     talk about our kindergarten again this

19:35     is the hard copy of our kindergarten

19:37     it's pretty gigantic I actually have to

19:39     tell you I prefer the digital because

19:41     then you can put it in a binder and

19:43     print out all the way you need but this

19:45     contains our early childhood work and

19:48     two years of kindergarten

19:50     and but that's not all you still get you

19:53     have this space online too so online we

19:57     have it's a course I consider our

19:59     kindergarten a course since it goes for

20:01     more than two years and you have access

20:04     to it for life but within that we also

20:06     have our circle time creation piece

20:08     which is you know it's it's more than a

20:12     hundred songs and they're all recorded

20:14     and all the lyrics are there so you can

20:16     learn the lyrics and go with the

20:19     recording and we go through how to

20:22     create a circle my secrets to creating a

20:24     great circle time how circle time

20:26     changes this children get older so go

20:29     through all of those all of that is part

20:30     of our kindergarten course again 52

20:34     weeks times two of stories let's see

20:39     complete circle times it's at like 4

20:41     times X monthly Hamburg projects there's

20:44     45 Hamburg projects in in our

20:47     kindergarten that doesn't mean you have

20:49     to do them all but it gives you a

20:50     variety it teaches you promise beginning

20:53     from knitting and then crocheting and

20:55     some embroidery it gives you a little

20:57     bit a taste of all of the handwork that

21:00     you'll do within Walter so that you have

21:02     one spot to go and there's video

21:04     students for you to learn and and all of

21:07     that is in one place so that you can

21:09     easily sort of pace yourself as you're

21:11     learning these new skills let's see what

21:14     else we talked about nature table ideas

21:17     there's also a non Facebook support

21:19     group that we have for our early

21:23     childhood and kindergarten members so

21:25     you have access to that and that's

21:28     people that are using the program you

21:29     can ask questions you can always gather

21:32     you know questions and ask me as well I

21:36     respond in that group all the time and

21:37     it's a really good way to get some group

21:40     coaching if you've got questions you're

21:42     really struggling and and also to sort

21:45     of figure out what what you want this

21:47     space to feel like and look like yes

21:49     your children are growing you also get a

21:53     copy of planning for peace that comes

21:55     with it as well and it's the early

21:57     childhood in kindergarten copy of

22:00     planning for peace but then you can sort

22:02     of plan at your whole year and

22:04     and lay it out the way you want and what

22:05     feels good it also prompts you in

22:08     several places to go to that inner

22:09     workspace to make goals for yourself to

22:13     evaluate where you are what different

22:15     things and it helps you sort of really

22:18     understand what's ahead of you as far as

22:20     well there comes going goes and how

22:22     you're going to be sort of moving into

22:24     that next space after the kindergarten

22:25     years okay I think that's all as far as

22:29     like what our our program has in it but

22:33     you know I do want to say don't

22:36     overthink this time don't overthink the

22:39     time that that the early childhood is

22:43     spend time to really have a good time

22:45     with your child play play play play

22:48     that doesn't mean you're entertaining

22:49     them means you're learning how to hold

22:51     the space you're learning how to hold a

22:54     good rhythm you're learning how to you

22:57     know keep your menu in a good place that

22:59     you know what everybody is eating you're

23:01     learning about yourself you're learning

23:04     how to keep house well all of those

23:06     things that that really are hallmarks of

23:08     early childhood those are those are the

23:11     things you should be taking in during

23:13     this time I know society is is is so

23:17     that I don't know any other word besides

23:21     hell-bent on making sure that children

23:24     know their ABCs when they're in

23:25     kindergarten and that is not what

23:27     kindergarten is about kindergarten is

23:29     about sort of loving the space they have

23:31     their entire lives to learn the rest of

23:33     that they don't have to learn it it's

23:41     not a day planner it's not I like

23:44     planning out your year in that way it is

23:46     a school planner it teaches you how to

23:50     we've sort of pioneered this method of

23:53     planning over the last few years and

23:56     it's a it's a method that I've always

23:57     used but I brought it to I brought it to

24:01     our audience and it's it's a method of

24:03     taking the time to lay each stuff out

24:05     and it's really important that you learn

24:08     how to do it in kindergarten because

24:09     then it won't be such a big deal when

24:11     you start through the grades so it is

24:13     not a day planner

24:14     it is a planning plan

24:16     it's a school planer so hopefully that

24:19     helps answer that question so we do have

24:22     something very fabulous for this week

24:24     anybody who becomes a an early childhood

24:28     and kindergarten member will get one

24:30     year in our thinking feeling willing

24:33     program for free so the you've become an

24:37     early childhood member and we'll add

24:39     that onto your account and you'll have

24:40     access to that per year so that really

24:42     gives you a whole year to really dive in

24:45     and really understand those tenants that

24:49     come with Walter so more than just what

24:52     you get with a kindergarten program but

24:53     it's this week only when you buy one you

24:55     get both and then oh really

24:59     it'll help you with drawing painting and

25:01     modeling before you you actually really

25:03     need it it'll it'll help you with all

25:05     the inner it because we have so much

25:06     inner work in there it'll help you

25:08     really understand the curriculum so this

25:10     is great if you're like I think I want

25:12     to do well there for kindergarten but

25:13     I'm not sure what I want to do beyond

25:14     here because I don't understand

25:15     everything will take you through with a

25:17     whole lesson that's all about the

25:20     curriculum take you through the nuts and

25:22     bolts of the curriculum overall so you

25:24     can see how it lays out over the next

25:25     you know 12 years we go through all the

25:29     festivals and help you with your

25:31     festival planning and help you

25:32     understand a fall in love with festivals

25:35     drawing painting and modeling rhythm we

25:39     go to extensively into rhythm so really

25:42     and truly it's such a huge deal to be

25:45     able to have both together so when you

25:48     when you become a kindergarten member

25:49     this week only 25:50 you also get an annual membership for

25:53     thinking feeling willing so I'm happy to

25:55     answer any questions you might have

25:56     about that we're super excited about it

25:59     you can can find out information about

26:01     our kindergarten if you go to waldorf

26:03     essentials comm forward slash

26:05     kindergarten and that will sort of give

26:08     you all that information but please feel

26:10     free to drop us a note I'll be on hand

26:12     you know to answer any questions that

26:14     you might have and really and truly take

26:17     this time and enjoy it but if you are on

26:20     this road and you've got a child that's

26:21     anywhere from four to

26:22     heaven this is where you should be this

26:25     is where you should be this is a great

26:26     way for you to really learn and dive in

26:29     to to waldorf education at home and to

26:33     really have a good time in these

26:35     kindergarten years so any questions over

26:38     there all right somebody's got a

26:40     question here such an amazing deal

26:41     anyone considering this do it you won't

26:44     regret it

26:45     thank you for that little piece I'm

26:48     agreeing you won't regret it i I've

26:51     never had somebody come back to me when

26:53     thinking feeling willing and say I hated

26:54     this program this is crap no everybody

26:57     comes back every everybody comes back

26:59     and says wow I worked this and it kicked

27:03     my butt but it changed my life so if

27:06     you're ready to really have like an

27:09     amazing amount of just infusion for you

27:14     of understanding yourself understanding

27:17     the curriculum understanding how to

27:18     home-school this is it our program is it

27:22     it there's nothing else like our program

27:24     so please ask questions if you have them

27:27     I'm happy to answer them and I guess I

27:29     will see you next week next week we're

27:31     talking about must-have supplies and

27:35     that's a question that comes up a lot I

27:37     will make a graphic so that you have

27:40     you'll have you know sort of something

27:43     to take with you and be able to go okay

27:44     I have all these supplies it's not going

27:47     to be this giant long list it's really

27:50     you can do so much with so little that I

27:54     will give you some ideas on what to

27:55     collect as the years go on okay I hope

27:59     you guys have a wonderful week again

28:01     drop me a question drop me any questions

28:03     that you might have and we will see you

28:05     later



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