Ep. 141 - Must Have Supplies

Waldorf education is full of beautiful, well-made supplies. Though specific supplies are not required to have a wonderful Waldorf homeschool; Melisa shares items that are most commonly used. The differences between Waldorf-style supplies and more mainstream supplies are also explained. Watch the video below to see the different supplies suggested by grade. You can also scroll down for an itemized list with links to the items mentioned in the video/podcast. 

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00:04     morning morning good morning

00:07     I'm Melissa Neilson with water

00:09     potentials and a welcome to our Monday

00:11     video I hope you had a wonderful weekend

00:17     we had a nice gradient we had our first

00:22     big schooling class which was a lot of

00:24     fun and we have some amazing feedback

00:27     and we're gonna do it again I'm not sure

00:31     when and I'm not sure what the kind like

00:34     how we're gonna put it all together it's

00:36     definitely going to turn into a course

00:38     because we shared a lot in the two and a

00:42     half hours that we talked to to the

00:44     people that came to the class we shared

00:45     a lot but there's probably way more we

00:49     could share so so they were still

00:52     interested in that and wondering hey how

00:54     can I get I'm worried about that stay

00:56     tuned because we're going to will bring

00:58     something together so that excuse me so

01:02     that we can serve more people we had a

01:05     great group and I'm really appreciative

01:09     for everybody that can participate that

01:11     so so there's that also this week we are

01:15     extending our our kindergarten bonus so

01:19     when you purchase kindergarten between

01:22     now and the Sunday the 18th you got a

01:27     year of thinking feeling willing for

01:28     free so it's kind of bundled together

01:31     and you can get more information about

01:34     that at all the essentials don't come

01:37     for / kindergarten and yeah or you can

01:40     drop me a PM or dim and we will be happy

01:44     to except for that so again you you

01:46     purchase kindergarten and it's a good

01:49     amazing two-year program and you get a

01:51     year of Nikki Bella free so there's that

01:54     what else sorry are there any other

01:56     mounts inside and neglecting Danny I

02:00     can't think of anything okay

02:04     so happy Monday to everybody next week's

02:07     video will be a guided meditation for

02:10     your children and you we'd love for you

02:14     to join you so when you kind of

02:16     next week's video it's going to be a

02:20     more reverent tone I haven't decided

02:21     quite yet how we're going to set

02:24     everything up down here but it's it's

02:26     going to be a guided meditation I have a

02:27     lot of moms that say to me okay so you

02:30     meditate with your kids and they know

02:31     what you do but how can I get my kids

02:33     into that and so we're going to go and

02:36     it won't be very long we'll probably do

02:38     about 10 minutes or so maybe 15 and just

02:45     in meditation and then afterwards maybe

02:49     we'll do this before I'm trying to

02:51     decide because they don't want your kids

02:53     to get bored we'll talk about the

02:57     benefits of teaching your children to

02:58     meditate and for those of you who are

03:00     who who are afraid of meditation or who

03:04     don't meditate don't be afraid of it

03:08     it's it's about making your body and

03:10     your mind still and it's definitely a

03:13     skill that we need to teach human beings

03:15     that are of us you know just to slow

03:18     down and that's really what we're doing

03:19     here we're slowing down it's not this

03:22     does not have a any religious

03:24     connotation to it at all it's just about

03:27     slowing down slow me down and that's

03:30     sort of being in that being that space

03:32     where you're you know completely present

03:35     so that will be next week's video today

03:38     we're talking about must have supplies

03:45     carinii might make an area motion

03:48     Breanna asks can we do a four-day

03:50     waldorf process for older kids just

03:52     joining the video it's not a good time

03:53     for this question that worries um yes

03:58     not today please send that to me in p.m.

04:00     and I'll talk about because I'm happy if

04:03     you guys ever have any um video topics

04:06     you want me to cover I would love to

04:08     hear that I would love to hear them so

04:10     please just send them to me and we can

04:13     do that so okay so today's topic is like

04:17     must needed supplies it's gonna be

04:20     really charming yeah because she told me

04:24     like I thought oh I'll just sit down and

04:26     I'll just say you don't need anything

04:28     and I'll get up a move but there's a lot

04:30     of cords around me and I don't wanna

04:31     fall so just telling you if you're

04:33     coming taller and you're like there's so

04:36     much stuff to mine take a deep breath

04:39     because you don't have to buy any of it

04:41     I don't have to buy any of it what I'm

04:45     going to show you today is what you can

04:46     save your dollars for or set aside some

04:51     school money for so this is what we used

04:53     to do years ago it's not a problem for

04:56     us these days but for sure there were

04:58     many many very lean years that I would

05:01     just I would I would pull $2.00 a week

05:04     out or $10 a month out of our budget and

05:07     set it aside put it take it out of the

05:09     make and put in an envelope if you need

05:11     to your word you're gonna spend it and

05:13     then guess what happens if you're

05:16     putting $10 a weekend or $10 a month in

05:19     about in about six months you've got a

05:22     nice chunk of money that you can use for

05:24     supplies

05:25     so don't let the cost of some of these

05:28     supplies sort of puts you off because a

05:30     lot of moms say to me I just can't do it

05:33     they're so expensive here's the deal

05:36     they last for years and years and years

05:40     when we left Utah almost six years ago


5:44     we had so many crayons so many pencils

05:49     because I had but you know I have five

05:51     children so you know we're getting new

05:53     ones every now and again and every time

05:56     somebody starts first-grade I usually

05:57     get them a new set of crayons and you

05:58     sent pencils and that's just theirs so

06:01     we had we had a plethora and I sold them

06:05     there were so many that I was able to

06:07     sell them and then have plenty for

06:09     myself so I want to encourage you in

06:12     that they are almost indestructible and

06:15     they last forever and now while I say

06:17     they're almost indestructible that's not

06:19     like a hey let's go break the crayons

06:21     sound like you're licensed to do that

06:23     but what I am saying is that for the

06:26     most part these supplies are going to

06:27     last you for years and years and years

06:29     and some of the things I'm going to show

06:32     you here are things that I've had for a

06:34     really long time

06:35     and I'm also going to show you sort of

06:37     what things look like brand new

06:39     we used to sell we used to sell the

06:42     supplies that they have Atma curious

06:44     it's the mercurial USA site we used to

06:48     sell those we do non it we know we have

06:51     a Amazon store an Amazon affiliate

06:55     stores

06:56     my name is an affiliate store and

07:00     Kelly's going to drop that link in the

07:03     Facebook group and for those of you that

07:04     are watching on Instagram that link is

07:06     in our in our bio and our link tree but

07:09     we also support other you know other

07:12     supplier so definitely support Pamela

07:16     over at meadowsweet naturals comm

07:17     support Rebecca over at sea during

07:20     circle so any place like that that we're

07:23     you're supporting a family that that's

07:27     how they eat definitely go there first

07:30     because they think that that is really

07:32     important we do get if you shop on our

07:35     amazon link we do get you know we get a

07:37     little kickback from that and that

07:38     supports our family but for sure when

07:41     you are shopping think about that think

07:44     about who you're supporting i think that

07:46     that's really important and when we're

07:48     when we're trying to make the best

07:50     decisions I think that that's a really

07:52     important one to have sort of at the

07:53     forefront of your mind

07:54     but okay where I'm going to start with

07:57     what I'm going to talk about is mostly

07:59     lower grades and I guess I could start

08:02     with first grade even because first

08:03     through third even fourth it's about the

08:07     same

08:08     the you need about the same supplies and

08:11     and again you don't have to have any of

08:14     this you could easily if you've got

08:17     Crayola and you're in your in your

08:19     school basket use that until you can use

08:22     something else people ask me all the

08:25     time are they really that much different

08:27     they are so when you have the

08:30     opportunity to use a very good bees wax

08:32     crayon and my preference is the stock

08:35     where brand I know that the there are a

08:37     lot of people that like the fan Lana's I

08:39     don't like the film on its and and it's

08:42     not like a

08:43     will don't buy them that's a

08:44     personal preference for me I've used

08:47     them I've used the blocks and the sticks

08:49     and they're not my favorite they they

08:51     still I still go back to stock more

08:52     every time so I I think what I noticed

08:55     and I they may have changed so in the

08:59     last year or two but when I first tried

09:01     them the breakage they broke very easily

09:04     now I don't know if they broke easier

09:06     because at the time they were not

09:08     wrapped in paper so if you've had really

09:13     good success with those and you love

09:16     them please feel free to post here that

09:19     you love them I am okay with that I'm

09:22     totally okay with that

09:23     I however really like I really like the

09:28     Stockmar crayons this is a set of twelve

09:30     and I don't know what it retails for

09:33     sorry since we don't sell them anymore

09:34     I'm not sure and what they retail for

09:37     but this is a set of twelve and these

09:39     are the colors that come in here do to

09:41     do to do to do to do mm-hmm yes they're

09:46     fat crayons and if your kids are used to

09:48     skinny crayons they might bulk at first

09:50     but they get used to it why are they fat

09:53     crayons well little hands need something

09:56     fatter than the skinny crayons the

09:59     society wants to give them you know we

10:01     sort of have this um I sort of laugh

10:04     because there's the M there's the

10:06     preschool crayons the big fat ones the

10:09     cradle has that's kind of the size they

10:11     should be using until they're probably

10:12     in about third grade but then all of a

10:14     sudden they get to the skinny ones and

10:15     and it changes their grip and it changes

10:19     the muscles in their hands and yeah this

10:23     is this is a good buy for sure so I

10:26     really like the instances of Stockmar

10:27     crayons this is a set of twelve you can

10:30     get a set of eight I think we started

10:31     with the little tin of eight we had a

10:34     lot of tins of eight and then because

10:36     I've been at this please keep in mind do

10:38     not compare your first or second year to

10:41     the fact that I've been at this for

10:43     twenty years so we have step around

10:45     that's been around the block and so

10:48     we've collected a lot over the years so

10:51     don't look at our collection ago

10:53     oh that no just take your time and

10:55     collect overtime one thing that I would

10:58     I would do is I would put wish lists

11:00     together for family that's buying

11:03     supplies and when they say oh well I

11:05     could buy ten boxes of Crayola for what

11:09     you you know for the what US for that I

11:12     would say I understand and and I know

11:15     that your how you spend your money is

11:17     really important to you this is what

11:18     we're using for our school and so we

11:21     have very good art supplies that come

11:24     from another country and they are really

11:27     good supplies so again go back to how

11:31     the crayons look on the paper I'd be

11:33     happy to do a side-by-side comparison

11:34     for anybody that wants them but I want

11:38     you if you're if you're a Crayola mom

11:40     and you that's all you have I want you

11:41     to get your kids turns out I want you to

11:43     color hard with them I want you to see

11:46     all the wax it sort of flakes off so

11:49     that that waxy that flakes off that

11:52     doesn't that doesn't happen like with

11:56     these it's not it kind of is very smooth

12:00     and how it goes on the paper paper is

12:03     another is another question I get a lot

12:05     so what paper is good for I'm drawing

12:08     what paper is good for main lesson books

12:10     should I buy my only lesson books or buy

12:13     my main lesson books or make my main

12:15     lesson books yes answer to that I like

12:19     really good sketch paper the canson Bram

12:23     is pretty good I actually don't mind the

12:26     Strathmore round either if it's good

12:28     sketch paper or either sketch or

12:30     mixed-media is really good mixed-media

12:32     is much heavier so you can do some

12:35     watercolor not wet on wet generally but

12:38     some watercolor with with that as well

12:41     and we use both I'm really just I really

12:44     just like sketch paper the Strathmore

12:46     sketch paper I think is it's good weight

12:47     for drawing form drawing for doing your

12:52     main lesson book pages and for many

12:54     years we would just buy that and and and

12:58     then we would binders together later or

13:00     live with them all in a folder and you

13:01     can absolutely and I'm running out of

13:03     you're done ang screaming they've never

13:06     run out of room here

13:07     you can't absolutely buy a lesson book

13:11     already put together try not to just

13:15     melt it of course I put that on the

13:18     bottom so this is just a main lesson

13:22     book this is the 9 by 12 size was about

13:25     on the side I like this for first

13:28     through third grade or so Sam is in

13:31     seventh grade he does not like the

13:32     science needs to make I like I like this

13:36     big size they do come bigger they come

13:38     about twice this size and a lot of a lot

13:42     of moms really like that for

13:43     kindergarten first grade but I'm not a

13:45     huge fan we use those for my oldest sons

13:47     and I'm not a huge fan of the really big

13:51     ones yes I need to see the difference

13:55     please especially with chalk chalk oh

13:59     okay I'll have to do a video on that

14:02     I'll do a video and post it to maybe our

14:05     IG TV or something on the difference

14:07     between the crayons in the chalk for

14:09     sure yeah because the chalk is a huge

14:11     difference

14:12     oh my goodness and I don't even have

14:14     chalk down here today but we have yeah

14:16     the chalk is a huge difference because

14:18     the chocolate you would buy like a

14:21     target is not the creamy pastel chalk

14:24     that you're going to find when you buy

14:27     the good stuff from macarius or praying

14:30     or you know from the art supply store

14:32     you're going to get a much better chalk

14:35     that way this is because it's kind of

14:36     it's a creamy consistency it's not um

14:39     you just try and try to play with the

14:42     between the two and I will I'll show you

14:45     I'll do it I'll do a video I'll do a

14:46     video on on chalk and I'll do a video on

14:50     crayons on for both so main lesson book

14:54     so then the question is do I need to

14:56     kind with the onion skinning between the

14:58     pages or not that again is a complete

15:01     preference for you

15:02     a lot of moms like the onion skin

15:04     because it kind of the onions can just

15:06     sort of lays over their drawing and it

15:07     keeps it more protected I hate the

15:09     onions again this is why

15:13     my skin that's why I hate that again

15:16     skin so I don't do that onion skin I

15:19     usually do the these or ones that has a

15:21     spiral binding on the side we have a

15:24     couple of lefties and so the spiral

15:27     binding is nice because it just folds up

15:28     with the back these are great because

15:31     they come in many colors so they

15:33     actually come in a white neck too I just

15:34     bought a package of white ones that's

15:36     nice because then they can just

15:38     completely color them I have things I

15:41     heard it on the first day of school and

15:43     there are I'm just gonna say show you

15:48     how big they are

15:49     Paige Weiss I don't know how many pages

15:51     are in here that's not yet me did not

15:53     know so 16 so 32 pages back in front 16

16:10     and then back in front of me because

16:11     YouTube how many of these do you need a

16:13     year really depends on your child and it

16:17     depends on the grade that you're

16:17     teaching I start with about five if and

16:21     then we go from there sometimes we don't

16:22     get through by sometimes we go through

16:24     eight and that's one reason I kind of

16:28     prefer sketch paper often and then we

16:30     bind them together then how do we bump

16:32     range we can bind them with you can do a

16:36     post binding at the end you could sew

16:37     them together you could do um they make


this stuff that you can glue on the side

16:43     and then post our bind it together lots

16:47     of ways or you can just put them in a

16:49     nice portfolio we've done that too we

16:51     did actually that tends to be what I do

16:53     the most

16:53     it's fit in there but we have been using

16:55     back to my lesson books from sketch

16:58     paper for the last few years so so

17:01     there's that I don't have to crayons for

17:04     a minute do you need block crayons yes

17:07     yes you do but here's what the thing you

17:10     only need these three especially if

17:12     you're you're working with Zig Linda D

17:15     Francesca's videos or you know you're

17:17     working through the videos on our site

17:18     you only need these three you don't need

17:20     a box of all of them in fact I don't

17:23     even have a box of all of them anymore

17:24     I don't I used to and then when we moved

17:27     we moved six years ago I just got word

17:30     of all the other colors because they

17:31     don't need them I seriously do not use

17:33     them and I know if you're using say the

17:39     folks over at Walter fish I know they

17:41     use all the colors but for what I do I

17:43     and I don't use their their block brand

17:46     Ryung I use some sig Linda's I use only

17:50     three people ask me why well so I really

17:56     believe that learning to color block

17:58     crayons and only using these three and

18:00     learning how to blend the colors because

18:01     these three colors make all the colors

18:03     of the rainbow

18:04     that really helps develop the will it

18:06     makes me it might make kids mad but that

18:10     really helps develop the will and over

18:12     time they'll get better and better at it

18:14     and keep in mind your only block crying

18:16     for mmm until about third grade or so a

18:19     lot of kids by third grade or ready to

18:21     move to more detailed drawings and

18:24     definitely for fourth grade I always use

18:27     these for background though for

18:29     background it doesn't matter what I'm

18:30     doing if I'm doing it something with

18:32     color pencil this will usually be the

18:34     background we usually do a wash of this

18:36     on the background and then bring in our

18:38     colored pencils can hitch of these two

18:40     so they don't briefing before okay

18:43     so there's that you can buy those

18:46     I know camel over my know sweet Naturals

18:48     has them in sets of three like that so

18:51     you don't have okay many things no no

18:55     they're going funny array that says

18:58     where do you do art classes

19:01     what do I do our classes yeah like like

19:04     where I teach or word I teach my kids um

19:09     well I teach my kids during my lesson

19:13     the art that art courses as part of main

19:15     lesson so two days a week that's what

19:19     we're doing especially for grades one

19:20     through this one through three

19:23     definitely heavy in one and to where

19:27     you're teaching painting and you to

19:28     chain model in your teaching you know

19:30     block rendering then they should know a

19:33     lot more so there's more of them

19:35     following your direction

19:37     or I let them you know I might make let

19:41     them do their own thing but not often

19:43     usually it's about following direction

19:46     when they get older then you know we go

19:49     into some more detailed drawings and a

19:52     lot of kids if you can get them started

19:55     drawing at this age if you get them

19:59     started drawing at this age like when

20:01     they're young then they're just going to

20:03     be continuing to draw you're going to

20:05     see them dry in all kinds of places so

20:07     you want to you want to cultivate that

20:08     you want to allow that and so she says

20:12     where do we find them where do we find

20:14     oh yeah where do we find what you can

20:19     like I said at the beginning of the

20:21     video you can find we have a lot of the

20:23     stuff in our Amazon affiliate store and

20:26     the the link is there and in I think

20:31     Kelly dropped the link over there and

20:32     then then if you're watching an

20:34     Instagram it's in our link tree or I

20:37     really like supporting there's two ounce

20:39     in particular that I really like unless

20:41     I'm meadow sweet Naturals calm and

20:43     Rebecca over at sea during circle calm

20:46     so okay so let's talk about code pencils

20:51     these are Soraya's colored pencils and

20:54     the person she has this nice little

20:57     pencil roll I should go with that so

20:58     it's again this is the set that I bought

21:00     her when she started first grade it's

21:02     cute little of course I see unicorns on

21:04     it hits it's my kid these days it might

21:08     have like unicorns on one side and

21:09     Godzilla on the other side I don't know

21:11     saw where she was in first grade but

21:13     it's definitely where she is now so this

21:15     carries all of her pencils it's a longer

21:18     one so when she gets taller pencils like

21:20     I really like this size this these are

21:23     the Furby shorts they're made by Lyra

21:26     and you can get them from anybody who

21:29     sells welder supplies they're short and

21:32     they're nice when they're in first and

21:34     second grade then they're being short

21:35     because they are balanced and they're

21:38     not so heavy the color pencils get a

21:40     little bit heavier and so they're a

21:43     little bit harder so people will say to

21:45     me again why good color pencils over

21:48     sale a Crayola swell

21:50     again and I guess when I do my

21:53     side-by-side comparison of the other

21:54     things happy to do my site by side

21:57     comparison of pencils to the pencils are

22:01     they have rich rich color and they last

22:04     forever so I would say not necessarily

22:09     this bag because these are mine

22:11     these are mine these are not the kids

22:12     these are my personal pencils I have

22:16     them in bag and I carry pencil sharpener

22:18     with me all the time I would say that

22:20     the pencils a lot of the pencils that we

22:22     have cuz we have been upstairs are more

22:24     than 10 years old and in fact the

22:28     pencils are so sturdy because you know

22:30     they're they're encased in a good amount

22:32     of wood the only way that my kids have

22:35     broken them is by running them over with

22:37     her bike Thank You Jacob but he's the

22:42     only child that would think to do that

22:44     seriously maybe y'all have some kids

22:46     like that I love him to pieces but yeah

22:49     he's the only child that I ever think to

22:51     run it over with this bike I wonder what

22:52     would happen if I ran as over with my

22:54     bike yep it will break but guess what it

22:56     broke in half and we still used it like

22:59     it's around here somewhere it's like the

23:01     broken pencil from when he was eight

23:03     years old is is around in this house

23:05     somewhere because it's still like it's

23:07     still perfectly good pencil we still use

23:09     it even though work in half so I would

23:12     say these are an investment that you

23:15     will buy once and you will use all your

23:18     school years all your school years so

23:20     this is my personal set it's a it's a

23:23     combination of the sophomore ones and I

23:27     also really like really really really

23:30     like these here they're not all in here

23:38     because even though these you're mine

23:39     sometimes my children like to take some

23:41     of these current these pencils so these

23:44     are and they're not all here but these

23:46     are skin tone pencils so you know skin

23:49     tone isn't just this skin tone is lots

23:54     of varying colors of tans and browns and

23:56     dark Browns I love these pencils these

23:59     pencils are great

24:01     so I would say they last forever so long

24:06     and yeah I have you here to test one of

24:09     these pencils also they're fat and

24:11     triangular which I know again if that's

24:14     not what you're used to you might be

24:15     like this doesn't feel good it actually

24:18     your hand will thank you after a while

24:19     because your hands get less tired I do

24:22     allow my big kids when when they're

24:24     about four thirteen fourteen I will buy

24:27     them the the skinnier

24:29     there are pencils and the equivalent to

24:31     those might be the prismacolor ones that

24:34     you can find at the art store those

24:37     would be a good you know if you're if

24:39     you're shopping at say like Blix

24:41     in person you can find some really good

24:44     supplies there there are some stores

24:46     every now and again I'll walk into an

24:48     art store not blix I've not seen it like

24:51     so we were someplace in LA and I walked

24:52     in there and I was like oh wow they have

24:55     Lyra in here so it was that that

25:04     bookstore that hadn't been it was

25:07     supposed to just be a bookstore I walked

25:09     in there and it's like all these pens

25:12     all these pencils I was in heaven

25:16     doesn't happen it was great

25:18     oh hey see your question over there you

25:19     have a sharpener that works well for

25:21     those are sharpener or thicker with a

25:24     pencil itzá this one you buy the one

25:27     that comes that you can get from I don't

25:31     even know what brand this is made in

25:33     Germany I like them too because

25:38     hopefully it's not full of oh yeah it's

25:40     not you can buy replacement blades so

25:44     that once a year I go through and check

25:46     all the blades make sure they're sharp

25:47     enough also one of the chores in my

25:50     house for kids is to make sharp pencils

25:53     sharpened like once a week if to sit

25:56     down sharpened pencils because I don't

25:57     want them I don't want that business

25:58     happening when we're trying to draw on a

26:01     mobile research crystal el faro asked I

26:03     have two adh beers how do you keep your

26:06     items safe and what's your process

26:09     for Discipline with using them

26:10     cautiously okay so my kids have grown up

26:14     with these supplies you say you have two

26:17     two ATH dears I have like two kids on

26:21     the spectrum I've got you know Jake it

26:23     probably would have been labeled ADHD

26:25     when he was a kid like that I have been

26:28     to kids I don't have I had don't I do

26:30     not have docile kids people always ask

26:33     me how do you get them to do that

26:34     I just do cuz guess what I'm in charge

26:38     I am so when I say you have to be nice

26:43     to these or your or your dollars are

26:46     going to go to replace

26:48     the pencil with with this bike guess why

26:50     keep putting up 4 bucks for a new one

26:53     even though it still worked we bought a

26:55     new pencil so you know I am I want my

27:02     kids to have good supplies and because

27:04     that's something that's part of our life

27:06     they take care of their things it's not

27:09     a problem so if you're having an issue

27:12     with this I think you should step back

27:13     and go am i showing them how to properly

27:16     take care of their things and maybe

27:19     that's a place you work on you work on

27:21     being good with your supplies because if

27:24     they see you take good care of things

27:26     they're going to take good care of

27:28     things and they see you be nonchalant

27:31     about things they're going to be

27:33     nonchalant about things and you know

27:35     sometimes we have to have chats about it

27:37     like for instance yesterday Eric is a

27:40     huge pac-man fan and there's a pacman

27:43     board game available at Target for

27:45     anybody else who's huge pack mentally so

27:48     we went as a family on Saturday and we

27:49     bought the pac-man board game Sariah who

27:54     I'm sure would have all kinds of labels

27:56     ifs your public school was really having

28:00     a very hard time breathing out and

28:04     letting daddy set up the board game so

28:07     much so that she like put a mark or

28:08     something up there right yes she got

28:13     really excited and then she was

28:16     frustrated because I'm you know I I made

28:19     her I pulled her back and I just wanna

28:22     watch she's eight she turned eight made

28:24     bro just wanna watch it's so exciting

28:27     just wanna what I said I know but you

28:31     know all those unicorn tokidoki guys

28:33     that you have in your room yes I love

28:35     them they're mine I love I said what

28:37     would you feel if daddy came in and

28:40     bummed those up

28:44     I said well how do you think daddy's

28:47     feeling right now I'm so sorry daddy I

28:51     will sit here and be patient wait so we

28:55     have discussions with them about things

28:57     that are important to us so that they

29:01     also have things that are important to

29:03     them if you have kids that are in

29:05     destruction mode all the time you've got

29:07     to stop and ask why slow down attend our

29:11     video next week we're gonna meditate

29:12     with your kids slow down slow down if we

29:18     are in a big hurry they're going to be

29:20     in a big hurry if we instill that we're

29:22     confident and that we can be you know

29:25     like present they're going to start

29:27     learning how to be confident and present

29:29     a lot of kids that are so busy have a

29:31     lot of anxiety going so you want to sort

29:33     of dial into it what's what's going on

29:35     with that anxiety where's that coming

29:37     from

29:37     what can I do to slow it down because it

29:39     can absolutely happen and it teaches

29:41     kids it teaches kids when they when they

29:44     messed up and they have to replace

29:45     something and teaches them hey wait a

29:48     minute

29:48     this lady is serious I'm not running

29:51     over a pencil with my bike anymore she

29:53     is serious stop she does not want these

29:57     broken so we are going to enjoy them and

30:00     have fun with them or I can run over

30:02     them with our bikes I will say like I

30:06     said we we have always had supplies

30:08     available and so I have them available

30:12     from the time they're really small and

30:13     this is one of those things this is

30:15     something that sorry this was serious

30:18     and I just bought her a new one I took

30:19     this one because I have we use it for

30:21     coop and and I was not going to ask her

30:26     if I could use her a new one for coop

30:27     siamese I gave her a new one

30:28     and I'm using this one for co-op so this

30:30     is a paint palette bless you this is a

30:34     paint palette and I promise I can get it

30:36     there we go and we have had this one

30:39     since she was probably three and at

30:42     three she could get I have these cups a

30:47     little these the Thursday's great cups I

30:50     don't have one down here but they're by

30:51     Melissa and Doug if you look them up

30:53     they're on Amazon I think might even be

30:55     in my Amazon store

30:57     they're by Melissa and Doug and they're

30:59     come in threes and they are still proof

31:02     paint cups and I know they're probably

31:03     intended for like temporary paint but

31:06     that's not what we use them for we use

31:07     them for water there's a fill line in

31:10     them that's about this high that cups

31:11     about this high the filling goes about

31:13     here you fill that with water and then

31:16     there's a screw on cap and the screw on

31:19     cap goes all the way down and then

31:20     there's a little hole in the top of the

31:21     cap so if the cup gets spilled the water

31:24     doesn't come out we've taken those cups

31:26     in the car on the airplane they're great

31:29     because when they're really little like

31:31     three you can start to instill things in

31:33     them like okay well if you want to paint

31:35     you can paint here's your stack of paper

31:37     and we just had you know like a ream of

31:40     computer paper you think you're

31:42     disgusting to me we had a remote

31:44     computer paper that she can always get

31:45     to she you know grab her paint palette

31:50     great and they're really rich colors

31:52     even mine even my old daughter used them

31:54     a lot and she's an artist she grabbed

31:56     her paint palette and it was available

31:58     for her to get it was not a high it was

32:01     available for her to get and use and so

32:03     she would get that and then she would

32:05     get we've had these really nice fat

32:09     brushes I'm gonna talk about the brushes

32:11     for a second she'd get the brush and

32:14     she'd get her cuts and and she'd be fine

32:17     for hours hours so when I granted she's

32:22     particularly odd to child but she would

32:24     still be fine for hours just painting on

32:26     her own because I put some

32:28     responsibility in her hands even at 3:00

32:31     so she knew that hey I can get this I

32:33     can do this on my own I compete whenever

32:35     I want I can draw whenever I want I keep

32:38     all of these art supplies within reach

32:40     for kids so yes I've had children draw

32:44     on walls essential oils are really good

32:47     at getting the wax crayons off walls in

32:51     fact there was a thing by my ex-husband

32:54     used to work for Melaleuca I can

32:56     remember one time Jacob just of course

32:59     has taken over the wall in our house and

33:01     there's a look at cleaner that Melaleuca

33:03     made that we so it's like a tea tree oil

33:05     that we use to clean off the walls and

33:08     it worked perfectly

33:09     worked it worked very so so keep these

33:12     available to your kids do not make them

33:15     some pie-in-the-sky you can only use it

33:18     XY and z time I like keeping all

33:21     supplies available to them all the time

33:23     so we talked about these paint brushes

33:25     really quick and then you had a question

33:26     I mean they're Cole Schwartz asks if you

33:29     are almost going to kids how many sets

33:31     of things do you buy two sets of pencils

33:34     one for me and one for them or three

33:36     sets it's totally up to your budget in a

33:40     perfect world I would buy set for

33:42     everyone that's my reality now it has

33:46     not always been my reality sometimes

33:47     we've had to share sometimes I will pool

33:49     the money and buy one bigger set for us

33:52     to all share but I would rather each

33:54     person have their own but again that's

33:56     in my world you don't have to be in that

33:59     world right now I was not in that war a

34:00     lot of time so I want to draw your

34:02     attention to these two paintbrushes this

34:05     one is a new one

34:07     both my Macarius this one you can see

34:09     has been beat up this paintbrush is

34:13     let's see Harry's 22 this paintbrush is

34:17     16 years old so Wiggly now on the top

34:21     still used almost every day there's the

34:26     paint's coming off I like it now they

34:28     don't have paint on them these are the

34:30     kindergarten paint brushes by Macarius

34:32     this is a size 22 you want big fat

34:35     brushes big fat brushes for at least

34:39     first and second grade probably third -

34:42     you want them to know how to move the

34:45     paint on the paper and you want to teach

34:47     them how to pick up paint from the paper

34:50     when you do all those things if you're

34:51     thinking feeling willing member we go

34:53     through some of this and our painting

34:54     videos if you're not you should become

34:57     one now it's a great time but these

35:00     these paint brushes are great

35:02     the bristles are you know they're

35:05     they're nice and and they take a beating

35:08     so this is a newer one I think we bought

35:10     this one within a year this one like I

35:13     said is about 16 years old it's still in

35:16     good shape

35:17     so I'm good shape so still the same size

35:20     as your both are 20 to 80

35:22     so you want big fat brushes and and we

35:25     use that these are the brushes that were

35:27     available to Suraiya with her paint

35:29     pallets when she was little and also

35:32     with the paint palette I will say this

35:35     when they're little because there's a

35:38     lot of colors here I only put four

35:40     colors in here any time I press these

35:42     pop out so it's so nice you can pop them

35:45     out pop them back in it's nice because

35:48     if you only need to replace one color

35:50     then you can but I would only have a

35:53     couple of colors in there ones

35:54     especially when she was little so you

35:56     know that and then as she turned got

35:58     older she might have some complementary

36:00     colors in there now she has them all

36:02     effect she said to me what about the new

36:04     what you do my reason being because it

36:12     you want them to play with color when

36:14     they're little and learn how to mix and

36:16     see what colors come from you know the

36:19     primaries so that's my reasoning behind

36:22     they're only being a few colors for

36:24     their ball okay let's see let's talk

36:28     about beeswax

36:30     so again you don't need any of this

36:34     this is just fun stuff that you can that

36:37     you can have Steiner says you can model

36:39     from the mud in the road so don't take

36:43     like these wax is wonderful but he had

36:46     beeswax on the first school you have any

36:48     of this ever the first schools all right

36:50     so keep that in mind all of this has

36:52     been created after so they didn't work

36:54     with what they had while this is great

36:57     stuff to have on hand a you don't don't

37:00     beat yourself up if you can't this is a

37:03     larger set of beeswax about once a year

37:06     no that's a lie this this one that this

37:09     box is probably two years old I buy a

37:12     box a bigger box I like the bigger box

37:14     because it has all the colors as more

37:16     colors in it the box of 15 has got gonna

37:21     see if I can do it this many colors in

37:24     it and what do you do with these wax

37:29     these wax is great for modeling again if

37:31     you are one of our students hop over and

37:33     check out the modeling

37:37     these locks is hard so if you are

37:40     somebody who's like I just I can't make

37:42     this work there's a lot of moms that

37:44     hate these wax and so they realize oh

37:45     wait a minute I can want that and then

37:48     it's actually quite fun to work with so

37:50     unless you have a husband like mine who

37:52     seems to be able to turn everything into

37:55     putty you know you're gonna get it like

37:58     this and that's gonna be hard and you're

38:00     gonna try to figure out like how do you

38:02     get it to do what you want to do you

38:04     want to warm it up you want to put it

38:06     put it in your bra you put it in your

38:09     armpit I have just put it in their

38:10     armpit before I started a story

38:12     I'll give them and you don't give me the

38:14     whole piece I give them like you know a

38:15     half or a third piece and an in this

38:20     comes there's actually a handy-dandy

38:22     little guide how to write so I will give

38:26     them I don't give them like a half a

38:28     piece before I start a story and have

38:31     them either put in their armpit or in

38:32     their knee pit or and their elbow pit

38:34     and it gets if I said warm or well this

38:37     we else will have its dad you could also

38:38     put it in a baggie and put it in a bowl

38:41     of hot water that's that really works

38:44     we've even taken that to co-op we've

38:46     taken hot bullion boiling hot water in

38:49     the thermos and I've taken a bowl and

38:53     put the you know hot water in the bowl

38:55     and then put the beeswax in there and

38:57     it's a nice and pliable so beeswax is a

39:00     great thing to have on hand when you're

39:01     working on modeling for the early grades

39:03     you can also use clay with use clay

39:06     quite extensively there is a thought

39:08     that you don't want to use heavy earth

39:10     and material with younger grades but I

39:13     kind of do anyways I think that it's

39:17     from the earth and saying that would

39:18     have used it so it's okay yes the

39:21     weather gift says I just ordered the

39:23     natural colored wax and you say if color

39:25     was preferred oh no here's why I like

39:28     the natural colored wax because then

39:31     nobody fights over who so for many years

39:36     I just bought that but I do I do like

39:39     the colors I mean we especially when

39:42     you're doing something that you want to

39:44     show color so we do a lot of beeswax

39:46     modeling in

39:47     grade with botany and so you want there

39:50     to be a lot of color for that I would

39:53     say my funniest beeswax moment was one

39:55     time so I often will take beeswax to

39:58     church and to keep like little hands

40:01     busy and mouths quiet so I remember we

40:05     were sitting in the pew as before sir I

40:07     was born and Ellie and I were making

40:09     these like beautiful little angels so

40:12     Reverend so Reverend I had handed

40:15     beeswax to Daddy on the boys I wasn't

40:17     paying attention to them just making

40:20     these angels it was like near Christmas

40:22     time making these angels were so we're

40:24     so proud of us our little angel then I

40:27     look over and daddy's got pac-man and

40:29     ghosts along the end he's like has him

40:31     actually sitting probably so we had

40:40     three boys at the time samuel was

40:42     probably two maybe it was funny it was

40:46     funny but we often take beeswax to

40:49     places that people go what is that and

40:51     where can I get some so you know I'm

40:54     usually like it might be select some way

40:56     to people so anyway that's beeswax again

41:00     you can also use clay I buy a hunk of

41:02     clay every couple of years and we use it

41:04     a lot I extensively use clay with things

41:08     like geometric modeling when they're

41:11     older and but I also use clay when

41:14     they're younger especially if they're

41:15     having fine motor issues and you're

41:18     trying to get them to really use their

41:20     hands clay is a great way to work with

41:23     that and you sort of start with forming

41:25     a ball or a sphere and then move on with

41:29     other shapes from there okay what have I

41:32     not done let's see these pens this would

41:38     be for the older child fountain bends

41:40     these are actually not very expensive

41:43     these are pretty it's a pretty um you

41:47     know well price so these are the

41:49     fountain pens that are bimah curious

41:51     they're for kids so I mean I have one

41:55     too I actually have a really nice glass

41:57     up and

41:58     my children I use but so so this is I

42:04     like these a lot because they're easy to

42:06     take care of there's a wooden barrel and

42:08     then the ink sits in there Oh Samuel

42:11     needs more ink in here I sort of stole

42:14     his there's an ink you put the inkwell

42:16     in there and you just pop it just pops

42:18     in fun a fact that's actually a standard

42:22     size thank the thing of ink so you could

42:25     go to like Michael's and by others

42:28     because they have them that fit in here

42:31     in fact I'm seeing I think this is green

42:33     so you could find others I know that

42:38     Michaels I found I found a package that

42:41     had pink purple green like all colors

42:45     and that was a lot of fun to play with

42:47     so these are great because they stand

42:50     the test of time this one is Sam so it's

42:52     not as old but I do have one upstairs

42:54     that I am using now that was they

42:57     belonged to my big kids and so it's

42:59     probably ten or more years old then

43:01     there's this and I had used this I think

43:05     with my bigger kids and that I had

43:06     forgotten about it and my dear friend

43:07     Anna Katherine said hey are you using

43:10     this corrector pen I was not but I am

43:13     now

43:14     it says corrector pen is great for them

43:16     to go together they make a mistake

43:18     they're not freaking out this is the

43:20     correction part and then they can

43:21     rewrite a ceramic clay not the thing

43:30     most of the fimo stuff is great if

43:32     you're using it for if you're making

43:34     like ends for knitting needles and and

43:37     if you're making things that you want to

43:38     bake but you really want like ceramic

43:41     clay and actually they have that if

43:43     you're going to like Michael's they have

43:45     that in a big block it's about this big

43:47     weighs about 10 pounds and they have it

43:50     it's um in that same section on the

43:52     bottom shelf and I think it might even

43:55     just be called ceramic clay or call a

43:57     place that does ceramics around you and

43:59     just say I need a hunk of clay and it's

44:02     usually pretty cheap I I would say less

44:04     than ten dollars and I last you a year

44:06     excuse me

44:08     I was trying to think what else I have

44:09     here that might be almost dead I lost

44:13     this list if I can get over that flaw in

44:14     my chair

44:15     oh my gosh most of all I love this chair

44:18     okay so this is this is the last thing

44:21     on my list knitting needles knitting

44:25     needles oh there's something back about

44:26     the fountain okay how's that fountain

44:28     and that Linda gives us would this be a

44:31     good first day of school gift for an 11

44:33     year old or as a tree ya know so I

44:36     introduced I usually bring the fountain

44:39     pen in and third grade when we start to

44:40     incur Civ weight for sure be a good gift

44:43     for that 11 year old and I want to say

44:46     that excuse me this is blue but I think

44:50     it comes in green red and maybe pink too

44:54     so let's see oh we got got you may have

44:59     said this boat what was the brand of the

45:03     corrector print so this it came from a

45:06     curious if I there's all kinds of

45:10     languages that are not English on here

45:11     and also not German I don't think it has

45:16     a brand it's just I'll alter that so you

45:18     can see it focus it's really bad I

45:23     bought it from a curious so anybody who

45:26     sells my curious appliance or sells

45:28     those fountains probably has these and I

45:31     would imagine there's somebody else that

45:32     makes a corrector pen how to match it

45:34     though okay I'm gonna move on to

45:37     handwork supplies is anybody have any

45:39     questions about excuse me oh she just

45:43     only this one oh great thank you this is

45:45     this first year sweetness the third

45:47     grade yeah I love that I love that and I

45:51     kids always get really excited about

45:54     like cuz now I'm kind of in the place

45:57     where I don't usually violent

45:58     back-to-school stuff because we have so

46:01     much time every now and again I will

46:03     WAIS everything new and lovingly

46:07     like it was this thing that was written

46:10     on their heart and they were so wishing

46:12     I would buy in it they had just told me

46:14     I would have bought it anyway but anyway

46:17     handwork supplies so you know starting

46:20     in about first grade I actually like to

46:22     make we make our own knitting needles in

46:25     first grade so how do you do that so

46:27     this is not a set that I made and I

46:29     don't know why I didn't bring set down

46:30     that I made but I can post them on

46:34     Instagram later I'll put some in our

46:35     stories later and when we do I'll do a

46:38     video that's kind of comparison but I'll

46:40     show you so I get Dells that our are

46:45     about the quarter inch size they're

46:47     teeny with it and and I like the six

46:50     inch but we are that I usually buy like

46:52     Ben nine to twelve inch then we cut them

46:54     down cut them down so that they're about

46:57     six inches for first knitters then we

47:00     take that female clay and I give them

47:02     two or three colors and I let them have

47:03     at it and they make ends for them and

47:05     then we bake them and then we glue them

47:08     on if you have been following us for a

47:10     long time you probably can't imagine

47:12     there's a picture that I have that that

47:14     has a whole bunch that we did for co-op

47:16     because we do this for a co-op every

47:17     year all of us graders make new knitting

47:20     needles so so once you've got the dowel

47:23     we sharpen it with the same sharpener

47:25     that I just showed you sharpen it up and

47:28     then I make them do static sandpaper and

47:30     they sandpaper it down you want the ends

47:33     to be not crazy sharp so you're gonna

47:35     take the sandpaper across the end too so

47:38     that's a little bit dull but you want it

47:40     to be really smooth so then after the

47:42     sandpaper then we go over with some

47:46     beeswax

47:47     I like beeswax polish I don't have a

47:51     specific brand that I like I've used

47:53     actually a couple but you want to use

47:54     like a nice natural polish that will

47:58     soak into the wood so I rub that on have

48:01     them rub it on and then I let them sit

48:03     for a week and then they're ready to use

48:06     so and you don't have to let them sit

48:08     for a whole week but definitely for a

48:09     couple of nights have them sit and then

48:12     we use them so beyond first grade like

48:15     when they outgrow those first knitting

48:17     needles because those first knitting

48:18     needles are great for those

48:20     smaller projects but as they go into

48:22     second grade they're going to need

48:23     longer needles for longer bigger

48:25     projects stick with wool or not wool

48:28     would sorry

48:29     stick with wood wood or bamboo these are

48:33     bamboo needles wood or bamboo do not use

48:37     plastic or metal plastic is kind of it's

48:40     plastic it doesn't it doesn't do very

48:42     well metal will pull the warmth out of

48:44     your hands and it will make your hands

48:46     tired faster so you want good needles

48:49     now I will tell you these are clover

48:52     needles that I got at Michaels I think

48:54     they were probably six bucks they were

48:56     not crazy expensive I have some really

48:58     nice expensive needles some Brittany

49:00     needles and some other needles that were

49:03     nice and beautiful and expensive but

49:05     these are not those these are still

49:07     great needles and a great place to find

49:10     pretty needles that aren't crazy

49:12     expensive is knit picks calm

49:14     i-isn't it picks a lot we buy our bare

49:17     yarn there and follow us on Instagram or

49:21     on Facebook you know because in the next

49:23     few weeks we're going to be buying yarn

49:26     processing it into small skeins for kids

49:30     and then the kids are all going to die

49:31     their yarn so I'll post all of the

49:33     pictures on that so I like to dye yarn

49:35     with our kids at co-op and then when

49:38     you're if you're not in a co-op die here

49:39     on with your kids at home we've got a

49:42     lot of information on like how how do

49:44     you do yarn we just do it with kool-aid

49:46     we buy kool-aid that's like the most fun

49:50     that I ever have whenever it go to buy

49:52     it the people are like what the heck are

49:54     you doing 500 packages people a I always

49:57     get the weirdest looks you can have

49:59     finally go ahead you notice there's no

50:00     sugar in here right I'm just buying the

50:01     kool-aid so you want it all of the

50:05     colors that are there will make will

50:07     make the colors you need for the best

50:08     places in San Diego check out yes light

50:11     of the most colors for less cluding the

50:15     ones you don't know I know and they're

50:17     sometimes it's really hard to find

50:19     there's some like obscure colors and

50:20     when you find them and you go they make

50:22     the most beautiful iron and so I'll just

50:25     tell you the process really quick I

50:26     don't have any down here I shoulda

50:28     brought I have some upstairs but so we

50:32     put it in

50:32     Sanjar a larger mason jar not a giant

50:35     one buy a larger one you can do about

50:37     30-yard 30 to 60 yards at a time in a

50:39     mason jar you put the I put one packet

50:43     of kool-aid at the bottom with about

50:45     three tablespoons of vinegar and I don't

50:48     usually measure it I just eyeball it

50:49     like this much vinegar and then the

50:51     kool-aid on top and then I dump the yarn

50:54     in and then I will fill it all the way

50:56     up to the neck of the bottle and then I

50:59     put another another packet of kool-aid

51:01     on the top screw the lid on shake shake

51:03     shake shake shake make sure you just

51:05     shake it all around get all that

51:06     kool-aid mixed in there with that wall

51:08     sticking of the Sun and what will happen

51:12     is the Sun will do all the work so

51:14     you'll know it's done because you'll go

51:16     out and you'll look it all that's left

51:18     in your bottle is water and all of the

51:20     color will have impregnated into the

51:22     yarn but it has to be good wool yarn it

51:25     does not work this way with cotton

51:26     because cotton is just it's just

51:29     different the process for cotton has to

51:30     be a little harsher it's the fibers are

51:33     different so it works really well with

51:34     wool and it's so much fun I love to have

51:39     like a rainbow of jars on my banister

51:42     outside it's at our house and then and

51:45     then you know we rinse it and we have so

51:48     much fun

51:50     what's the question over here what kind

51:53     of yarn would you use for it sorry I

51:56     missed it

51:56     wool yarn good wool yarn you can find I

51:59     like at knit picks calm

52:01     I like their bare will of the Andes yarn

52:04     it's it's just natural and it comes in a

52:08     bunch of different weights i buy bulky

52:11     weight for the young kids for the you

52:13     know first and second graders they

52:15     usually get a book you at yarn and with

52:17     that bulky weight yarn because you've

52:19     got knitting needles are only six you

52:21     know six inches wide you want to keep

52:24     their projects to anything that's under

52:25     about you know 16 15 16 stitches so that

52:29     they don't fall off I'm sillas

52:31     personating projects might be a pot

52:33     holder or for uh for our kids at our

52:36     co-op we're doing we have two Mama's

52:38     about to have babies so we're gonna make

52:39     some quilt squares and then they're

52:41     going to

52:41     them together and we've done that before

52:43     this was a lot of fun so I think that

52:46     was all the supplies that I wrote down

52:48     here but again I want to emphasize

52:50     there's nothing that is mandatory for

52:53     you to buy take your time build it up

52:57     have a good time with it don't let it

52:59     stress you out don't let it be something

53:01     where your husband's like I can't

53:02     believe you spent this much money on

53:04     yarn I can't believe you spent that much

53:06     money on crayons instead you kind of

53:08     want to sell him on it and buy it slowly

53:11     if that's an issue for you if it's not

53:13     how did your time

53:15     have you time this stuff will last

53:17     forever and I'll make it up forever but

53:21     for a long long long time and it just it

53:25     stands the test of time and the results

53:28     that you get with them these supplies

53:30     are beautiful so I think that's all that

53:32     was actually I have thought we'd only be

53:34     on here for 30 minutes but we're almost

53:36     I don't know supplies I don't think it

53:42     was skinny what I thought I would get

53:43     through it pretty quick I didn't people

53:45     are very interested in what your

53:47     supplies are a hot question a hot

53:50     question I could quickly say so what you

53:53     would need for first grade I would first

53:55     grade I would do paint and we didn't

53:56     even talk about paint other than the

53:58     paint palette the paint palette is not

54:00     for wet on wet watercolor the stock more

54:02     paints are my favorite for why don't

54:04     want watercolor you can buy stuff with

54:06     it at the art store mix it yourself yes

54:09     you absolutely can I like the soft Mars

54:12     because they're like a they're thick and

54:14     then you you add water to them and the

54:17     colors are beautiful if you are just

54:20     starting out I highly recommend just

54:23     buying the three circle colors charcoal

54:25     red circle yellow circle blue because

54:28     those three colors will give you all the

54:29     colors in gorgeous color wheel and will

54:32     be perfect for all the you know spectrum

54:34     painting that you're going to do for

54:35     first and second grade then you can mix

54:39     or buy other colors as I go older I'm

54:41     kind of a hard mom I kind of still make

54:43     them mix it on the paper or allow them

54:45     to mix it in a cup and use that I'm just

54:50     kind of snarky that way I like to build

54:51     the will I'm all about bilingual Kosh

54:54     warts

54:55     do you know a must-have list for second

54:57     grade well it's about the same so first

55:00     I'm thinking grades about the same if

55:01     you're I would say crayons stick crayons

55:05     block crayons paint good paintbrushes

55:08     again you just want the big fat

55:10     paintbrushes you always want enough

55:11     paintbrushes so that you can paint the

55:13     same time that they are painting main

55:16     lesson books if you're using them or

55:18     sketch paper otherwise good paint paper

55:20     so again don't soak Strathmore baby if

55:25     you do don't soak it for very long

55:27     because it will fall apart so paint

55:29     paper you buy it like Michaels of the

55:31     craft store it's like cold pressed so

55:33     it's different it's different than the

55:36     paint paper you're going to buy from

55:37     cyma curious or that's a design for wet

55:39     anyway when wet paper is designed to be

55:42     soaked and and so it's not it's not

55:45     doesn't have that same quality to it so

55:48     they're they're very different so if

55:50     you've got stuff from the craft store

55:51     that's great just don't soak it instead

55:53     take a clean brush and wet it before you

55:57     paint it will get me just about the same

56:00     result and then third grade I would say

56:03     about the same you're gonna want some

56:05     colored pencils in there you can get

56:07     away with most of first grade without

56:08     colored pencils and sort of buy them at

56:10     the end of first grade or at the

56:11     beginning of second grade by the end of

56:15     first grade they're going to want to not

56:17     be using stick crayons right with

56:18     anymore they're going to be wanting to

56:19     use pencils a lot of kids want to use

56:21     pencils from the get-go

56:22     I also use colored pencils often in main

56:26     lesson work and here's the deal

56:28     like mistakes happen yes but we turn

56:30     every mistake like I want you to pretend

56:33     that Bob Ross into a happy little tree

56:35     or happy little accident you don't turn

56:38     you don't freak out there's no freaking

56:40     out that happens and listen I'm a

56:41     choleric who likes to control things so

56:43     when I make it mistakenly yeah but I

56:45     turn it into a flower turn it into

56:47     something else so you know I'm a first

56:50     graders or second graders paper you

56:52     might see six or eight flowers because

56:54     they've made lots of mistakes that's

56:55     okay that's okay

56:57     we still prefer to use the colored

56:59     pencils rather than the graphite ones we

57:02     have the graphite ones and we'll use

57:03     them sometimes like in math

57:05     I think this important when you're doing

57:07     math for older kids to use a pencil they

57:09     can erase and I have a rule of no pens

57:11     no pens and math which you know I can

57:15     remember my teacher saying that to me

57:16     and being like I know better than you

57:18     but you know what

57:19     no hands in math so a question over here

57:24     is like any new items for fourth grade

57:26     fourth grade you're not going to use the

57:28     stick crayons as much you're not going

57:29     as a block crayons as much you

57:31     definitely want to get array of colored

57:33     pencils you're still going to be

57:34     painting probably not as much as you

57:36     were that's okay definitely modeling but

57:41     you want a good set of colored pencils

57:42     when you start to do geometry work for

57:46     fifth sixth seventh and Beyond because

57:49     you know you want some nice color

57:51     pencils for that that are nice and sharp

57:53     if you've got a child that's in sixth

57:57     and not maybe even fifth in that you

57:59     want a nice sort of a really nice

58:03     compass I don't buy the crap you answer

58:05     a dollar and Target

58:07     I would set yourself and buy a nicer one

58:10     he likes this a good brand of compass

58:12     they actually a lot of water suppliers

58:15     will sell a good helix compass you can

58:18     buy the helix compass at Blix

58:22     yeah they're good when you can get a

58:24     good one that'll last you a long time

58:25     and they're doing a lot of sort of exact

58:27     stuff later so you'll want that I

58:29     missing anything

58:31     no all right think think about your your

58:36     career your schooling career is like

58:37     like this is a place where we want to

58:39     spend extra dollars in having nice

58:43     supplies because when we spend the time

58:44     and effort and putting together nice

58:46     lessons we want the supplies to reflect

58:49     that we want the outcome to riff like

58:52     that so you know take the time and teach

58:55     your kids how to really take care of

58:57     their their supplies and their supplies

59:00     to take care of them so hope you guys

59:02     have a good week remember next week

59:03     we're going to do a guided meditation so

59:05     bring your kids and

59:08     I promise it will be engaging have a

59:11     good week


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1st - 4th Grade

Stockmar Stick Crayons

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Primary Colored Block Crayons

Main Lesson Books

Good Sketch or Mixed Media Paper

Lyra Colored Pencils

Paint Pallet

Melissa and Doug Spill-proof Painting Cups

Watercolor paintbrush (kindergarten size)

Beeswax for modeling


Older Grades

Fountain Pens

Correctable Pens

Ceramic Clay

Helix Compass

Stockmar Paint

Lyra Graphite Pencils


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