Ep. 142 - Creating the Perfect (School) Day


Join Melisa as she walks you and your family through a gentle guided meditation and shares what meditation means to her.

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*The guided meditation starts at the 9:10 mark.

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00:02     so good morning good morning thank you

00:06     for joining us today I'm gonna say

00:08     really quick and then I'll do our do our

00:12     announcements this morning if your kids

00:14     aren't with you go grab them because

00:16     we're doing a guided meditation today

00:18     and for those of you who are struggling

00:21     to meditate with your children or to get

00:24     them still and to get them to listen

00:27     go get that maybe they'll listen to me

00:29     go get them and while I'm doing our

00:32     announcements so again I'm Melissa teal

00:36     so called our essentials just in case

00:37     you are just clicking over and you don't

00:39     know who we are this week we're doing a

00:42     guided meditation for moms and kids next

00:45     week I will be in Vancouver Washington

00:50     with my boy and the rest of my family my

00:54     buddy one of my big boys I had three

00:56     boys

00:57     he lives in Vancouver Washington now so

00:59     we'll be up there visiting him next

01:02     Monday

01:03     and so our I don't really have a topic

01:06     yet I just said it was called Melissa

01:08     unplugged so it could be about our trip

01:12     but could be it's just going to be a

01:14     surprise so you have to drink tune in

01:15     and see I don't think I can get Jacob to

01:18     be there with me at 6 a.m. but I might

01:20     try and then the week after on September

01:24     2nd we're going to talk placement and

01:27     reading I know that's still a hot topic

01:30     and there's a lot of families that are

01:31     still coming to Waldorf or trying to

01:34     figure out what they're doing for the

01:35     school year so we're going to talk about

01:36     that on September 2nd and on September

01:41     9th

01:42     our topic is time is your friend with a

01:46     lot of moms I keep telling me time is on

01:47     my friend I'm always running out of time

01:50     I know don't ever have enough time and

01:52     and I can't make time work for me how

01:54     are you making time work for you how are

01:55     you doing all the things you're doing

01:57     although right now this morning it looks

01:59     like I don't ever sleep but it from my

02:01     second - yeah we're so we're going to

02:04     talk about making time your friend so

02:06     that is on the 9th of September mmm so

02:09     that's the next few that are coming up

02:11     today our focus is meditation

02:15     now a lot of a lot of people haven't

02:19     meditated before and so if you're one of

02:21     them

02:22     just want to say really quick this is

02:24     this is the way I see meditation and

02:27     I've studied meditation for a lot of

02:30     years almost 20 I've been meditating for

02:36     almost 20 years and my meditation

02:40     practice has evolved as I have you know

02:45     as I have gone deeper and gained more

02:48     insight and gotten clear on myself and

02:53     how I want to show up it's I've been

02:55     meditating for a lot of years and it's a

02:58     it's an you don't ever get there it's

03:01     not like a journey with an end it's not

03:03     a there's a destination and you go oh

03:05     yes I've meditated enough

03:07     every time I meditate I find that I want

03:11     to meditate more and so when you put

03:14     meditation into your daily practice then

03:16     you can in you're serious about like

03:20     wanting to make change then you're going

03:23     to crave wanting to do more of it we I

03:27     was not daily meditation until gosh

03:33     probably this last year when I was daily

03:37     we meditated maybe I meditated probably

03:40     a couple of times a week before that

03:43     that I daily prayer and pondering for

03:47     sure but like sitting down and deep

03:49     meditation it's just been this last year

03:51     and deep deep meditation just been the

03:55     last probably three months that I've

03:58     gone even deeper and the last month that

04:01     I've been even deeper than deeper still

04:03     so if you are a if you're listening in

04:08     you're maybe from a more conservative

04:11     Christian background this might scare

04:13     you but I want to tell you there's

04:15     nothing scary about meditation you don't

04:18     have to of course when I say meditation

04:24     it kind of conjures

04:26     you know people sitting Lotus tile and

04:28     Yogi's and and yes they meditate but

04:31     they're only one segment of the

04:34     population that meditates many people

04:37     meditate you can sit crisscross

04:39     applesauce which is what I'm gonna tell

04:41     your kids to do today or you can sit up

04:44     in the chair I don't like to meditate

04:46     laying down because it's a mom of five

04:49     children who's been you know probably

04:52     chronically sleep-deprived for twenty

04:54     years I always go to sleep so I don't

04:57     lay down a minute because meditation

04:58     isn't about going to sleep it's about

05:00     when you meditate I have a lot of people

05:03     that say I'm always I always does off

05:05     and there are times when I doze but

05:09     generally you want to come to meditation

05:11     in an awakened alert state because it's

05:14     your opportunity to be centered and be

05:17     still and receive information from the

05:20     divine it's sort of I see prayer as this

05:23     asking and thanking and meditation is a

05:27     listening so you're like an active

05:29     listening participant when you are in

05:31     meditation you are there just sort of

05:35     sometimes you're visualizing like today

05:37     we're going to talk we'll go through

05:38     visualizing because visualizing is very

05:41     important and very powerful the brain

05:43     and this is science this isn't just whoo

05:46     but the brain doesn't know that you

05:48     didn't actually do it so when you're

05:51     visualize something you want to make

05:53     sure that it's detailed you want to make

05:56     sure that it's positive you want to make

05:58     sure that it's something that you want

06:00     to create in your life because the brain

06:02     doesn't keep the brain keeps a record in

06:05     the same way that it would keep a record

06:06     as if you had actually done it so you

06:09     want to visualize things that are things

06:12     you want to bring into your life so that

06:14     that experience can draw closer to you

06:16     so when you're doing it like a guided

06:19     and visualization like we'll do today

06:21     you want to be very alert when you're

06:24     just sort of listening and pondering and

06:27     meditating on space and sort of being in

06:30     it's a very prayerful state then you're

06:33     you're not generally pulling things into

06:36     your medic

06:38     in space you might focus on one thing if

06:41     you're having a hard time sitting

06:42     focused if you if you're somebody with

06:45     ADHD and you're thinking there's no way

06:47     I could meditate the way melissa does

06:49     you can it's just it you just have to

06:52     practice it it's meditation it's like a

06:54     muscle you have to work it work it work

06:56     it continually in order to get it to

07:00     your meditations to fruit what you are

07:03     you know what you're showing up hoping

07:05     to receive

07:06     now when I say hoping to receive I don't

07:09     go into meditation and go okay just I

07:11     want to receive I go into meditation and

07:14     I ask the question what do I have to

07:16     receive today like what what what is it

07:19     that I am here to listen and learn about

07:23     today I don't generally go into

07:25     meditation with like a preconceived

07:28     notion of what it is that I'm looking

07:29     for because that can then the ego gets

07:33     in the way and I don't want the ego to

07:35     get in the way I only want it to be my

07:36     spirit speaking to the divine and being

07:39     in that very spiritual meditative space

07:40     now that's a space that again it might

07:45     be scary for some people I don't want

07:47     you to think it's scary because it's not

07:48     about it's not about religion it's more

07:51     about your connection with source it's

07:55     it's about the connection it's not about

07:57     any religious tied to it at all so I

08:00     hope that that answers questions I if

08:03     you have questions before we get started

08:04     now would be the time to ask them

08:06     because I'm going to go through the

08:08     meditation and I don't have any music

08:11     today because I wasn't sure and there's

08:14     something I have in mind but I kind I

08:17     wasn't sure about using it since I don't

08:19     have the rights to it so we're not going

08:21     to happen music today I'll just have my

08:22     voice I don't want to make sure there's

08:24     no questions before we get started

08:25     anything over there no okay so hopefully

08:38     no and that's a very very good because

08:41     that's like a powerful way to start your

08:43     meditation so you know just sort of

08:46     being in a space of I'm open to the

08:49     possibilities the field of possible

08:51     this amazing space we have so much area

08:55     to create and we often as humans we box

08:59     ourselves in and think I can only create

09:01     in this small space but truly meditation

09:05     is about going to the field of

09:07     possibilities and that's what we're

09:09     going to go today so if you are in a

09:13     spot where you can sit crisscross

09:14     applesauce that's like my favorite way

09:16     to sit you know legs legs folded but you

09:20     should you are fine if you're sitting in

09:22     a chair just get comfortable don't lay

09:27     down get comfortable and close your eyes

09:33     so if you are a child and you're

09:34     listening to my voice and mom has been

09:37     trying to get you to meditate and it's

09:39     been a hard struggle just want you to

09:42     listen to my voice

09:44     this isn't about giggling poking the

09:47     child sitting next to you or anything

09:49     like that this is just about listening

09:52     to my voice we're going to do something

09:54     today that maybe you've done before but

09:57     maybe you haven't and but might get my

10:01     guess is now I'm thinking you all

10:03     probably imagined fun things so we're

10:07     going to do a lot of imagining of fun

10:09     things meditation is a lot about

10:10     imagining fun things so get comfortable

10:14     and close your eyes so we're going to

10:19     start with breathing

10:21     whenever you get distracted in your

10:26     meditation and you start to think about

10:28     mom you start to think about all the

10:30     things you have to do today

10:31     just come back to your breathing so

10:34     notice your breathing I want you to

10:39     breathe in and out for four counts so in

10:42     one two three four hold out one

10:52     in 1 2 3 4 hold out 1 2 3 in 1 2 3 4

11:08     hold out 1 2 one more time in 1 2 3 4

11:20     hold out 1 2 3 4 so hopefully now

11:31     everything is more regulated you're

11:33     slowing down and I want you to imagine a

11:40     beautiful day and it's what you think a

11:44     beautiful day is so that means that the

11:46     sun is shining then I want you to

11:50     imagine that if you love rain

11:53     then you should imagine that if you love

11:56     snow you should imagine that this is

11:59     your beautiful day inside your head it's

12:03     just yours so I want you to imagine

12:06     yourself getting out of bed putting one

12:11     foot after the other on the floor

12:14     getting yourself dressed for the day in

12:18     your favorite clothes your absolute best

12:22     outfit something that makes you feel

12:25     really good so get that on imagine

12:29     yourself putting that on now smile you

12:33     look great this is your best outfit you

12:36     feel good in it you know great things

12:39     are going to happen today because you're

12:41     wearing that special outfit now watch to

12:45     imagine eating your favorite breakfast

12:49     and mom you didn't have to make it

12:52     somebody made it for you so I want you

12:55     to imagine eating your favorite

12:57     breakfast how good it tastes yummy it

13:01     feels going into your tummy

13:08     nothing is so good such a good breakfast

13:13     and maybe it's a a really healthy

13:16     breakfast or maybe it's a naughty

13:18     breakfast like sometimes maybe it's

13:22     oatmeal whatever it is it's yours and

13:26     it's yummy imagine how good it tastes

13:30     now what will you do today

13:34     mom I want you to walk through your

13:38     perfect school day how it would walk how

13:42     would feel the things that you would do

13:45     kids I want you to walk through your

13:50     perfect day what would you do

13:53     where what places would you go to what

13:57     experiences what you have to do

14:00     something fun with mom and dad to do

14:03     something fun with friends what would

14:06     you do you get to create it inside this

14:09     space so have fun with it

14:12     and mom I want you to really think about

14:17     all of those elements of your school day

14:19     and how they go well and what things you

14:24     need to do to sort of drive those in a

14:27     in a place that feels peaceful and good

14:31     for you and your family kids I want you

14:37     to think about who's with you I want you

14:40     to think about laughing and smiling and

14:43     it's okay to laugh and smile right now

14:44     it's not too loud I have to have a big

14:49     smile on my face when I'm meditating

14:53     smiling is smiling is a way of showing

14:57     God in the universe that you are

15:00     thankful for what you've created you are

15:03     happy with what you've created so big

15:07     smile

15:11     think about all those things that you're

15:13     going to do about what you're wearing

15:16     you're in that favorite outfit remember

15:19     things will you do today

15:36     okay now want you to come back fill your

15:43     toes put your hands on your knees take a

15:48     deep breath in and open your eyes so you

15:59     can do that sort of meditation any time

16:02     any time we do these meditations a lot

16:05     with our children there are fun

16:07     meditations there are space to get still

16:09     and silent and when we're working with

16:12     young children that's the best way to

16:15     start is to really just get very still

16:18     and silent to be able to really take in

16:22     and use your imagination to create the

16:24     world that you want so mom hopefully is

16:29     the time to create the school space that

16:31     you want if not do this later

16:34     the same go through the same things what

16:37     are you wearing what did you eat for

16:39     breakfast create that school day in your

16:42     head and and see all the pieces coming

16:45     together see all of the see all of the

16:49     lovely parts working parts come together

16:53     that you that you need to have so that

16:56     you can you can really get in a good

16:59     mindset I like to do this sort of

17:01     meditation several times through the

17:03     school year just so that I'm making sure

17:05     that I am bringing the right essence to

17:08     our lessons kids you can do this anytime

17:12     you can do this if you're at nighttime

17:15     and you're scared or you wake up in the

17:16     night and you're trying to get yourself

17:18     back to sleep you're trying to you know

17:22     be still if mom says oh my goodness I

17:24     need to just be still for a minute cuz I

17:26     say that sometimes because I have a

17:28     child that doesn't know how to be still

17:30     so I will often have her close her eyes

17:33     and imagine her perfect day

17:36     right now we're we're imagining our

17:39     perfect house and so she's having a lot

17:41     of fun with that so think about ways

17:44     that you can go into that meditative

17:46     space the great thing about

17:48     being in that space is when you're

17:49     really focused everything else that's

17:52     going on around you does not matter so

17:54     you can go into this meditative space

17:56     when you're in a crowd of people if

17:59     you're struggling in your you're

18:01     thinking oh no it's getting too loud

18:03     it's a great time to just close your

18:05     eyes and go within so find a safe spot

18:07     to sit down and close your eyes and just

18:10     really go into that space that you have

18:12     inside your head because when you're in

18:14     there there doesn't have to be anybody

18:16     else there with you you can just be

18:17     there by yourself so that's a great way

18:19     if you get strong if you start to

18:21     struggle to really be able to go to that

18:24     space do you have it something over

18:25     there um Anna Catherine says love this

18:28     Melissa do you do the same with Sam and

18:30     older kids yes Sam us Sam loves these

18:34     kind of meditations what's really funny

18:37     is we do about 15 to 20 minutes you

18:43     mostly 15 is about the the core of what

18:47     we generally do but what's funny is

18:49     often we're done and they're like wait a

18:51     minute we're not done creating we want

18:53     to sit here for another minute so you

18:56     could if you could start with something

18:58     very small like this and let it grow you

19:02     know especially if you're having a hard

19:04     time getting them to sit still it's it's

19:07     because of how your your you're judging

19:10     the space so if you can instead say

19:12     we're going to close our eyes and

19:14     imagine you might have to sit across

19:16     from them and hold their hands for a fewv

19:18     moments and in order to really you know

19:22     get them settled but once you've got

19:25     them settled and they understand that

19:27     they can go within by themselves then

19:30     it's something you can easily suggest on

19:32     a regular basis so anytime my kids are

19:35     having a hard time going to sleep we you

19:38     know we do this meditation one other way

19:41     that we meditate and then kids if you're

19:43     still listening find a place that you

19:46     really like my kids really like to go to

19:48     Disneyland and so sometimes I will have

19:52     them meditate I do a walking meditation

19:54     in their mind of being there with nobody

19:58     else they're like walking through the

20:00     front gate

20:00     and then where we go from there so think

20:03     about a place that you really like going

20:05     maybe there's a hiking place that you

20:07     really like or a place that you like to

20:10     swim and think about like being there

20:13     without a bunch of crazy things going on

20:15     there it's just you what would it feel

20:18     like to be just you what things would

20:20     you notice that you don't notice when

20:22     there's a lot of people around so we

20:24     walk through each space and and look at

20:28     the details in each space so it helps us

20:30     to pay attention more than when we are

20:32     in those places so hopefully that's

20:35     helpful I hope you guys enjoyed that you

20:38     can always go back and listen to it

20:39     again and yeah I think that if you have

20:44     questions about meditation please let me

20:47     know

20:48     hit me up I'm happy to answer them if

20:49     this was something you lights we could

20:50     do guided meditations again in the

20:52     future

20:53     longer ones I just wanted one where you

20:56     were it was comfortable for you to bring

20:58     kids because often you know we can't we

21:02     think we can't get them to meditate but

21:04     if we can get them quiet enough to

21:06     imagine in their space kissed a dream

21:08     all the time they love this stuff so I

21:10     hope you guys have a wonderful week next

21:12     week I'll be in Vancouver and I'll make

21:15     after that I will be in Salt Lake City

21:17     so I will see you all later I hope you

21:20     have a great week and thanks

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