Ep. 172 - Time To Start Planning!!

homeschool p4p rhythm May 06, 2021

Join Melisa as she discusses the importance of creating a solid homeschool plan for the coming year and explains precisely how to do it. In the video below, she explains the value of starting your planning early and how to plan for a successful school year. The content below was recorded last year but is still very relevant for this year's planning. As you may or may not know, Melisa has been hard at work revising Planning for Peace. As you scroll down, you'll find links to the revised Planning for Peace and the actual rhythm chart mentioned in the video below. It's time to start planning! 


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00:00     hi there I'm Melisa Nielsen and guess

00:04     what time it is it's time to start

00:06     planning for school for next year now

00:08     you might be thinking especially if

00:09     you're NATO s well so what are you

00:11     talking about it's April

00:13     it is April but you know every year at

00:16     least for the last few years we've run

00:18     planning for peace and I realize it's

00:20     backwards for you but planning for peace

00:22     is a five month program that we run for

00:25     the northern hemisphere and for the

00:26     southern hemisphere we run it for the

00:28     northern hemisphere from April to

00:30     September and for the southern

00:32     hemisphere from September to December so

00:35     it's a program where we go through and

00:36     we take you through all the steps of

00:38     planning and you know why does it take

00:41     so long well here's the deal there even

00:44     though like we have probably the most

00:46     open and go Walter curriculum there is

00:48     there still planning involved why is

00:50     there playing involved well because you

00:52     know this is a method where you need it

00:57     to live in you and if it doesn't live in

00:58     you then it's not it kind of comes off

01:02     as dead when you pass it then to your

01:04     children so in order for it to live in

01:06     you you have to go through some proper

01:07     planning so with that we go through this

01:10     program every year we've been doing it I

01:12     think this is your four I always did a

01:15     planning program before that but what I

01:17     did about four years ago was I took all

01:20     of the forms ahead sort of created for

01:22     myself

01:22     over the past gosh almost 20 years of

01:26     planning and walder home schooling and I

01:29     put them all together in one space so it

01:32     doesn't matter what curriculum you use

01:33     for this you could use somebody else's

01:35     curriculum I won't get angry at you know

01:37     just come and plan nobody else has what

01:40     we have with regards to planning for

01:42     peace we sort of take you through all

01:43     the steps starting with you know

01:47     understanding where you are with your

01:50     with your knowledge with Waldorf and if

01:52     you're brand spanking new you're really

01:54     going to want to dive into these things

01:55     so I mean do we take you through where

01:58     you are what skills you probably need to

02:00     try to accumulate before the fall or

02:03     before school starts we take you through

02:06     all the planning process from planning

02:09     out the big chunks of the the blocks

02:12     down to planning the

02:13     weeks within the blocks and then each

02:15     school week as well so we do that over

02:18     this period of time and we lay it out in

02:20     such a way that it allows you to not

02:23     feel like you're cramming at the end so

02:24     you know in Walther if we really want to

02:26     have especially for especially ZUP for

02:29     those first three grades we really want

02:32     to have those main lesson drawings done

02:34     or at least practice by the time school

02:37     starts and I like to have that at least

02:40     the first six to eight weeks really and

02:43     truly the first semester done if at all

02:45     possible and so this gives you the time

02:48     and the opportunity to do that so we

02:50     walk through we walk through this

02:52     planner together and we have a digital

02:55     copy of it on our website also if you

02:58     purchase curriculum from us this year

03:01     you'll get a you'll get a digital copy

03:03     of planning for peace with your

03:05     curriculum so if you're planning to use

03:06     our curriculum you'll probably want to

03:08     hop over and purchase that now and

03:11     you'll have a copy of planning for peace

03:12     that's in your it's in your files and

03:15     then you'll get also access to the plan

03:18     for peace group so the planning for

03:21     peace group is where we'll be running

03:22     the program and the program is two to

03:25     Saturdays a month from now until

03:28     September now it's okay if you miss one

03:31     or you know maybe you're going on

03:32     vacation which we all hope we're going

03:35     on vacation at some point when this is

03:36     all over right

03:38     but right now nobody's going anywhere

03:41     so we're doing we do two weekends a

03:44     month and what we'll do is we'll go

03:46     through each one because it's broken up

03:49     into months so I'll show you and you

03:51     know if you're catching us on on YouTube

03:55     we have other other videos on planning

03:57     for peace so you can catch some more

03:59     in-depth ones but we start that first

04:01     month with sort of ranking where you

04:03     think you are with regards to things

04:06     like holding the space and rhythm and

04:08     and in your planning like how do you

04:11     think you did last year

04:12     and if yours a brand-spanking-new I want

04:14     you to ask yourself okay what do I think

04:17     it's going to take because it's going to

04:19     take more than you think it is so you

04:21     should hop on and ask us questions if

04:23     you have them but we go through sort of

04:26     sending yourself understanding

04:28     temperament a little bit more in that

04:30     first month and then we break it down we

04:32     go through and do a I'm helping you

04:34     understand your where your time goes

04:37     do you understand menu getting all that

04:39     done we do all that in that first month

04:41     so that you really have the opportunity

04:43     to really practice through the next few

04:45     months and it's a great time right now

04:47     because you're at home um but even if

04:51     you weren't you know if a lot of people

04:52     have said to me unless I just can't

04:55     think about the future right now and I'm

04:56     just going to just ask you to take a

04:59     deep breath because there's really

05:01     nothing else to think about right now

05:02     staying well and the future and and when

05:07     we stop hoping and we stop believing we

05:08     stop having faith in the future then

05:11     that's what things start to end for us

05:12     and we don't want to crawl into that

05:14     hole of depression and sadness what we

05:16     want to do is look forward to the future

05:19     so I'm just going to tell you if you're

05:21     in that spot you know hop over and catch

05:24     some of our more meditative videos or

05:26     videos about being an agent and sort of

05:29     just picking yourself up

05:31     I'm tagged me on the ask Melissa

05:32     inherent group if you've got questions

05:34     or you really just need somebody to give

05:36     you a little kick in the bum or even a

05:38     hug I can do both so you know you really

05:41     want to start thinking about planning

05:42     the very first planning for peace call

05:45     will be Saturday the 11th of April so

05:50     you should be watching this on the 7th

05:53     of April so just sort of giving you head

05:57     that if you're watching it later totally

05:59     fine just letting you know that's when

06:00     we start

06:01     you can absolutely join later you'll

06:04     have catch-up to do if you join later

06:06     the way we've portioned it out is when

06:08     you when you sort of join and go the

06:10     route that we're taking you will you'll

06:14     have all of your planning done by the

06:16     beginning of the school year so ways

06:18     that you can do planning for peace like

06:19     I said you can buy curricula and thrust

06:22     and even if you buy a hard copy of the

06:24     curriculum or you going by a hard copy

06:26     of the planner and you just shoot us

06:28     your receipt then we'll give you access

06:30     to the digital portions of it so there's

06:33     one way you can buy planning for peace

06:36     through you get it when you buy think

06:40     willing the monthly program so that's

06:43     $26 so you'd have access to the planning

06:45     for peace Journal there you can just

06:47     print it out and pop it in a binder

06:48     which is what a lot of people do and

06:49     truly it's a really good thing to do it

06:52     that way because then you have it year

06:53     after year and you just print out what

06:55     you need and put it in a binder and you

06:57     can add tabs to it for your kids what I

07:00     usually do with this one is I color code

07:03     it for my kids so I've got two kids at

07:05     home these days and I'll use washi tape

07:07     on the pages that are Sam's and a

07:10     different color on the pages that are

07:11     Soraya's so that will help me sort of

07:14     keep track of it I use this all the time

07:16     you know I my notes don't end up going

07:20     as deep as other people's notes because

07:22     I've been at this for so long but I

07:24     utilize every ounce of this planner

07:26     every ounce of it also if you buy it

07:29     from the publisher which will go ahead

07:31     and link in the in the comments if you

07:33     buy it from the publisher you can also

07:35     you can choose which size you want so

07:37     you get there's this size it's um it's

07:40     about half the size of eight half by

07:43     eleven paper so we have a couple of

07:46     different a couple of different ones

07:48     there's one that's just for grades only

07:50     kids there's one for if you've got a

07:52     child in kindergarten and child in the

07:55     grades there's also one that's only for

07:57     kindergarten families and there's also

07:59     one that Justin doesn't have this front

08:01     end of all the interwork stuff and it's

08:04     just sort of an extra if you've got

08:06     extra kids so so I just wanted to just

08:10     really take the time to talk about why

08:13     planning for peace is important even if

08:14     you don't use our planning system it is

08:16     very important to start planning right

08:18     now for the new school year you it will

08:21     be here before you know it and you'll

08:23     think oh I'm just gonna get through this

08:24     pandemic stuff and then I can think

08:26     about it guess what that the pandemic

08:28     stuff is gonna end and then we're all

08:31     gonna try to get back to some sort of

08:33     normalcy and in that you're going to

08:35     lose this precious time that you have

08:36     right now to plan so I highly recommend

08:39     you taking the time to get started on

08:43     this planning now like I said planning

08:45     for peace starts Saturday April 11th and

08:49     we actually have

08:51     you know a couple of different ways that

08:53     we do it so we usually spend the first

08:55     hour of me giving instruction on what to

08:57     focus on for the month and then for the

08:59     next two months we'll also be doing

09:03     breaking up to do like so the first week

09:05     will also do an emphasis on grades 10 11

09:10     and 12 for the second hour so I spend a

09:13     lot of time with our planning four-piece

09:14     families save a real vested interest I

09:17     am super committed to you getting the

09:20     planning time that you need so we go

09:22     through high school we go through middle

09:24     school and we go through the things that

09:27     are different for the younger grades as

09:29     well and we spend a lot of time on

09:30     kindergarten I spent a lot of time with

09:32     that because they truly truly want you

09:35     to feel like you are confident with the

09:37     school year so important to me and like

09:39     I said whether you use our curriculum or

09:41     some other higher priced curriculum that

09:46     doesn't have any training or support

09:48     with it but even doesn't matter whose

09:52     you use we this this process is an

09:56     incredible process so highly encourage

09:58     you to start thinking about your

10:00     planning and come and join us for

10:03     planning for peace we'll have links in

10:04     the description here so that you can you

10:08     know grab everything that you need but

10:09     again if you're thinking feeling willing

10:10     monthly your life to remember you

10:12     already have it it's in mom lesson six

10:14     so if you're a lifetime member you can

10:16     order hardcopy and you can do that

10:19     through you know through the site and if

10:22     you want a hard copy and you're not a

10:24     member of that program you can go to our

10:27     publisher site and you can order it and

10:29     then just send us your receipt and we'll

10:30     get you access to it so you know people

10:33     have said is it different from 2019 to

10:35     2020 I know some of our branding still

10:37     says 2019 it's not any different we'll

10:39     have some revisions to the planner

10:41     probably for next year but right now

10:44     we're using exactly the same one we did

10:46     last year so if you have a planning for

10:48     piece digital copy from last year you

10:50     can just print it out and pop it in a

10:52     binder and be ready to go with us next

10:54     week so if you have any questions drop

10:57     us a note we're happy to help and how do

10:59     we hope to see you in planning for peace

11:00     I know it will be it's a lot of fun when

11:03     we plan

11:03     together we do group coaching calls over

11:05     at zoom and you know sometimes there's

11:08     20 people there sometimes there's 80

11:10     people there but we always stay until

11:12     all the questions are answered so what

11:15     we recommend that you do is join and and

11:18     you know I usually spend the first hour

11:20     talking a little bit about what you

11:22     should focus on for the month and then

11:23     if you feel like you've got questions

11:25     that you want to mean to make sure that

11:27     I answer you can always email this to me

11:29     and I'll answer them you don't have to

11:30     be there live all planning for peace

11:32     sessions are recorded and then they're

11:34     put in the planning for peace section of

11:37     either thinking feeling willing or

11:39     they're planning for peace group so let

11:42     us know if we can help you hope you have

11:43     a wonderful wonderful week and truly if

11:47     you're struggling and I know so many are

11:49     we have had some circles this week and

11:51     and really for every mom that's got a

11:55     child that's got special needs my heart

11:57     is so with you we have struggled so much

11:59     with psoriasis this last few weeks and

12:02     and it's not her fault and and it's

12:05     really hard sometimes to be her mom and

12:07     I just want to hug her and just hug her

12:10     so tight that I can make that the things

12:12     that are hard to go away and I can't and

12:15     so you know if you're in that spot get

12:19     four out for a walk if you can I know

12:20     like right now for us we're in

12:23     California they're all the trails are

12:25     closed all the beaches are closed

12:26     there's no you know obviously there's no

12:29     playground open the parks are closed so

12:31     we can walk on the sidewalk and that's

12:33     about it

12:34     which is really hard for a child that is

12:38     the sensory seeking and really bouncy so

12:41     we're doing more walks than we usually

12:43     do you know we have been doing about

12:44     three miles a day but some of those were

12:46     trail walks and we would go other places

12:48     and and we're finding we need more

12:51     walking to wear her out right now so if

12:55     you know if you're struggling and you're

12:56     going through something like this my

12:58     heart like I said my heart just goes out

13:00     to you even the parents that don't have

13:02     kids on the spectrum and don't have

13:04     those kinds of circles I know you're

13:05     struggling because you're like oh my

13:06     gosh if you just stop touching things so

13:11     make sure you're getting the time that

13:13     you need for yourself you know I

13:16     mentioned

13:17     our video that we did are we do a recap

13:19     for our office hours every week and

13:21     that's over on our IG TV you can grab

13:23     that there but we I mentioned over there

13:25     that you know truly the best thing you

13:29     could do is sit down with your partner

13:30     and say okay I know you need this time

13:32     whether it be because they're you know

13:34     home working from home or maybe they've

13:38     been furloughed sadly I know there's so

13:40     many that that's the reality of but

13:42     we're we're I'm just saying just sit

13:45     down together and say I need help i need

13:48     help i need i need help i need a break

13:50     in the day can you please give me a

13:52     three minute to an hour break twice in

13:55     the day so that i can breathe and i can

13:56     be a better mom and I can be a better

13:58     wife and I can be a better partner and I

14:00     can show up the way I want to show up so

14:02     just communicate it's so so important so

14:05     that's my little service announcement

14:08     tacked on to planning for peace but

14:10     please do go ahead and get started with

14:12     planning for peace I

14:14     you will not regret it it is an amazing

14:16     planning system we have oodles of people

14:18     who have done it I've never had one

14:20     person go through planning for peace do

14:22     all the work and say man I wish I hadn't

14:24     done that never everybody who does the

14:28     work comes out on the other side changed

14:31     they come out on the other side with a

14:32     better grasp of their rhythm and a

14:35     better grasp of what they're feeding

14:37     their family a better grasp of

14:39     understanding that the festival is a

14:41     better grasp of the curriculum itself a

14:43     better grasp of what it takes to create

14:45     a beautiful lesson plan so you know it's

14:49     my prayer that you'll come and you'll

14:50     join us and we'll have a good time so I

14:53     hope you have a good week I'll see you

14:55     soon bye


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