Meal Stacking

Meal planning and prepping can seem like a daunting task at times, especially when you consider how much kids like to snack! In the video below, Melisa shares some of her tricks to creating a successful meal plan. One way she focuses on is menu stacking. Menu stacking acts as a sort of domino effect where meals/foods you make earlier in the week are utilized again for other meals later in the week. What are some of your favorite meal planning tricks? 


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Menu stacking discussion begins at 11:24 / 52:18

*Note: this video was recorded in 2018. Announcement made by Melisa reflect the recording date.  


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00:00     as I just think automatically took

00:01     something when you're moving it room oh

00:03     that's fun okay your life I'm not here

00:19     good morning everybody

00:21     Melissa Nelson all their essentials and

00:24     has somebody special joining me today

00:25     here he's coming there he is

00:31     hello okay so we wanted to talk to you

00:34     about a few different different things

00:35     this morning we have some announced

00:37     minutes we couldn't make announcements a

00:39     lot lately we have a lot of exciting

00:41     things going on so we've grabbed a

00:45     couple announcements this morning and we

00:46     are in two places again and hoping as

00:49     things pick up speed with us being live

00:51     on YouTube as well that man over there

00:55     he makes you absolutely I'm looking that

00:57     way there we go so so we are um we're

01:01     gonna talk about two things first we're

01:03     gonna talk about our announcement so we

01:05     have something very cool that we are

01:06     working on well that we finished we're

01:09     launching today I finished it last night

01:10     and the wee hours of the morning as you

01:14     can tell any bags under my eyes I need

01:16     to get more sleep using birthdays

01:20     anyways so we decided that we were going

01:23     to really work with as we've been

01:27     working with homeschooling families for

01:28     more than 10 years and we are really in

01:31     the place so we are expanding and

01:33     working with lots of other people and

01:35     we've heard you know a lot of clients

01:39     and customers have been like you know I

01:40     really want to hand this to my friend

01:42     Jenny over here but Jenny is at home

01:43     school and and she but she really could

01:45     utilize like the stuff that you guys

01:47     teach you think you feeling well and so

01:49     when you make a you know a program for

01:51     my friend over here or when are you

01:52     gonna so we have done that

01:54     we have two programs that we're

01:57     launching this week and a webinar that

01:58     we're launching this week so should we

02:00     talk about first programs are what gonna

02:02     let's talk about the programs

02:05     okay so the first program is called

02:07     rhythm reboot and actually um you can

02:11     join this program even if you are you

02:14     know even if you're homeschooling

02:15     because obviously or and both of them

02:17     actually are we just wanted to also make

02:20     sure that everybody understood that it

02:22     was not just for homeschooling families

02:23     so the rhythm reboot is for anybody

02:25     whose rhythm is just a complete mess and

02:28     and it is one month of one-on-one

02:31     coaching with me and we get your your

02:33     rhythm like fixed and going and so the

02:36     the website for that alright the website

02:41     for that is and Kelly's going to drop it

02:43     in the comments here on Facebook life

02:45     and we'll make sure it's in the comments

02:47     on YouTube as well the the program is

02:51     really cool because it will be like I

02:52     said one one month of one-on-one with me

02:56     and we'll go through four weeks of you

02:59     really pushing and getting this week

03:01     only join it's kind like ready to do it

03:03     this one-on-one it's really intensive

03:05     and if you're ready for me to kick your

03:07     bum then then you know by all means that

03:11     I think it's great I think you'll have a

03:12     lot of fun I think you'll also learn a

03:14     lot about yourself it is a very limited

03:16     program so each one of the programs

03:18     we're going to talk about we are only

03:20     taking a few people huh because we don't

03:22     want to be overrun and because we want

03:25     to make sure we can give you the service

03:27     that you need by doing one unless so we

03:29     can not take a hundred people we can

03:31     really only take like ten people a month

03:34     and and so if there's a program that you

03:37     want to be you know really looking into

03:39     you I would take care of that in the

03:41     next day or so because it's it's going

03:43     to fill up very quickly for our first

03:45     like maiden voyage month and so the

03:47     program includes like I said one-on-one

03:49     with me it's a workbook for you to go

03:51     through that's got some graphics in it

03:53     and got some help helps in it and so it

03:56     will include oh he's right anyway it

03:59     will include some phone calls with me

04:02     and we'll be doing a lot of like

04:04     intensive work together so if that's

04:08     something that you're interested in

04:09     please by all means check out Melissa

04:11     Nelson calm for a slash reboot and

04:14     that's like a me in another Hmong

04:16     situation you know the two of us working

04:18     together

04:19     the next thing we're going to talk about

04:20     is the program called families in sync

04:22     and I'm really excited about that mrs.

04:24     inky Eric actually came up with anyone

04:26     where I end up with the name he went for

04:28     the name and it just made the most sense

04:30     yes and so families in sync is a mom and

04:35     dad and it's a whole family program you

04:37     know it's a little it's different from

04:39     our thrive program in that it's not

04:42     focusing so much on your marriage it's

04:44     focusing on your home and so the

04:49     families and think program is about it's

04:52     about the two-month program it's really

04:54     it's four weeks of intense intense

04:56     because right it four weeks of intense

05:02     discussions with us like one-on-one with

05:05     families examining what went wrong

05:08     exactly in your baseline and then making

05:10     a plan to fix things right giving people

05:13     the tools to make those things exactly

05:15     we're going to give you the same tools

05:16     that we work with every you know every

05:17     day and and we really wanted to be

05:20     extremely tangible things that you can

05:23     do right away and so so again it'll be

05:27     it'll be this is four weeks where we're

05:30     gonna work really intensively together

05:31     and then we're gonna give you a month to

05:33     work on on your own and then come back

05:35     and report and we're gonna have you know

05:37     we're going to talk about like oK we've

05:39     worked for four weeks really close

05:40     together like then now you've had a

05:42     month to sort of do it on your own what

05:44     things went well what things to do we

05:46     still need to work on and because we

05:48     really want to like help you guys have

05:51     peace in your lives there's there's some

05:53     so much struggle and there should not be

05:55     struggling your home and you know Eric

05:58     and I kind of have some unique unique

06:00     talents that we can lend to this you

06:02     know we have we know blended families we

06:04     understand special needs we understand

06:06     those things that are going on it we

06:07     have five children and we're a blended

06:10     family awesome yes and so we know what

06:13     it's like to be in the weeds and we know

06:17     what it's like to get out of it and to

06:18     really feel good about your family in

06:20     the way that the direction that you're

06:21     going in so um so again that one is well

06:25     as you know some comforts I seek so

06:27     Kellis put the the two links in the

06:29     the comments here unless I'm on our

06:31     webinar and so we're going to talk about

06:33     both of these both of these programs

06:35     really fold into the this webinar that

06:38     we're doing this week but there's going

06:40     to be people that are already part of

06:42     our other programs that are you don't

06:43     want to come to this webinar this week I

06:44     think so the webinar is called straight

06:46     talk on bad behavior and straight talk

06:51     on bad behavior is just what it sounds

06:54     like it is going to be an hour of Eric

06:57     and I like just talking about like why

07:00     your kids are misbehaving so come if

07:03     you're ready to hear it everybody has to

07:08     do it we can totally deal with it and

07:11     we're going to talk about some of our

07:12     own mess ups we're going to talk about

07:13     you know how we recovered things and

07:16     we're going to give you some tangible

07:18     some tangible things right away so if

07:21     you're interested we're gonna do two

07:23     live sessions this week and one will be

07:26     on Wednesday night at 5:00 p.m. Pacific

07:30     time and one will be on Saturday morning

07:32     at 10 a.m. Pacific time and so they'll

07:35     both be different you want I mean

07:37     they're they're the same topic but you

07:39     know that we different because they're

07:40     going to be live and what we'll be doing

07:44     is just going through we're going to be

07:46     taking questions it's going to be in the

07:48     zoom format it's not going to be here on

07:50     Facebook and the space for that is very

07:52     limited so you want to go to Melissa

07:54     Nelson comp or slash straight and you

07:57     want to sign up to date because it is

07:59     going to fill up fast very limited space

08:02     and so and then you're going to want to

08:03     be there on time

08:06     and if you know for some reason you

08:07     can't you signed up and you can't catch

08:09     the alive

08:11     you really should try to catch live just

08:13     because if you've got questions and you

08:15     really want to work through some of your

08:16     struggles then you know then there then

08:20     you know we'll be able to work through

08:22     them with you life but there will be

08:23     there will definitely be a replay and

08:25     but you have to sign up I will not be

08:28     sending the replay out for people that

08:29     don't sign out so you absolutely have it

08:31     anyhow to go through the confirmation

08:33     process because the the confirmation

08:36     process I've had some really like

08:38     frustrated messages from people I just

08:40     have to tell you it's not our fault

08:42     their world is changing and the world is

08:46     making it so that there's new laws that

08:50     are there going into effect in the next

08:51     month or so and so the companies aren't

08:54     really starting to like email marketing

08:57     companies are really starting to crack

08:58     down now we have to have double opt-in

09:01     on everything that means you sign up and

09:03     then you have to confirm your email and

09:05     you don't confirm your email then you

09:07     won't get the things from us and so we

09:10     really need people to just really trust

09:12     trying to train people you can be super

09:13     diligent about it because it's what it's

09:15     what's coming and it's coming because we

09:19     have had you know not strut strong

09:23     enough spam laws and now there's family

09:26     so they really want to make sure that

09:27     you really want that stuff in your inbox

09:29     so I'm Julie ass is a separate from

09:31     thinking feeling really our thinking

09:33     feeling willing members already have

09:35     access to the workbooks that are there

09:37     in the curriculum and more section of

09:40     thinking feeling willing those will be

09:42     work on your own if you and so that that

09:46     part is included in the program if you

09:48     want the one-on-one coaching with us for

09:50     the month than it is you know because

09:52     it's not a it's not a wallet essentials

09:55     product it's a Melissa Nelson home

09:57     product and so you will have to if you

10:00     want the one-on-one coaching then you

10:01     will definitely have to go through it

10:03     that way but you have access to all of

10:04     the materials and really inch really are

10:07     thinking feeling willing members should

10:09     not need families in sync or the rhythm

10:12     reboot because you have all of the tools

10:15     at your fingertips all of the tools are

10:17     within the program so if you work the

10:19     program you really wouldn't need these

10:20     these are really for families that

10:22     aren't working in the program that

10:24     aren't part of it so you know that

10:27     that's really what I have to say about

10:29     that I think that it's we have such a

10:31     great product and thinking feeling

10:32     willing and you work it it will work for

10:35     you but if you need that extra hump and

10:38     you need that one-on-one hand-holding

10:40     you are absolutely welcome to join one

10:42     of these programs but yes you will have

10:44     to pay for that separately because it is

10:46     if we're going to be working really

10:47     tight one-on-one together for a month

10:49     that it just is not included in the

10:52     program so

10:54     I think that's all with regards to the

10:56     announcements that we had realizing that

10:58     I wouldn't be able to manage the chat on

11:02     the YouTube unless I go over there

11:04     Oh are there I go check the questions to

11:07     see how we're gonna talk about menu

11:08     stacking yeah so I can go I should

11:10     probably go over MIT and I manage that I

11:12     just tuned in like to clone ourselves we

11:15     need Kelly to be right here every

11:16     morning so I'm here is what happening

11:19     I'm here but I'm over there okay he's

11:22     gonna step aside so menu sacking maybe

11:26     snacking is something that I started

11:28     doing Oh probably about two years ago so

11:32     what is menu sake menu stacking is this

11:35     ability to make your menu like really

11:39     work for you and they really you know I

11:42     want to say after my stroke before my

11:44     stroke I didn't mind being in the

11:45     kitchen after my stroke like seriously

11:47     the kitchen is just something that came

11:49     with my house really don't want to be

11:52     there but I am you know I love home

11:57     making in that respect and it's not that

12:00     I hate cooking it's just that like the

12:03     choleric and my head goes oh I have to

12:06     make more meals well really I just want

12:09     to play and especially since my stroke

12:12     and so I came up with some ways to make

12:15     it easier for me because it is my

12:17     kryptonite it's definitely my home and

12:20     do I have to pick again and and I know a

12:23     lot of you struggle with that so when I

12:24     came up with many stacking it was really

12:27     and truly I'm a lazy lady's face of me

12:31     like yeah I don't want to cook another

12:33     meal so menu stacking is this concept

12:37     where you start with a meal that then

12:40     takes you all week long and it can be a

12:44     couple of different basis and and I'm

12:47     going to say is no I don't have

12:49     vegetarian options that are in my menu

12:51     right away but I have to tell you if you

12:53     are I can't imagine that would be really

12:55     hard you would just you would change

12:56     which you're what you're cooking so for

12:59     instance our menu usually consists of on

13:03     Sunday or Monday I'll make a whole

13:05     chicken

13:06     and we have an instant pond I have to

13:08     tell you I'm waiting for the dating

13:10     people at Amazon to approve my affiliate

13:12     because I know I could sell something in

13:14     some pots for them I told my answer pot

13:16     all the time my children are sick of me

13:18     talking about the instant but Ellen are

13:20     you sick of me talking about the answer

13:21     pot just my kids Harry likes a handsome

13:27     pot if you're following Harry I need you

13:29     to use the Aries on Facebook you see

13:31     here he's been hit was on on what he's

13:34     doing his instant pot so we bought the

13:37     instant pot a couple of years ago and I

13:40     bought it when I was the reason why I

13:42     was sold on it was because at the time

13:44     we lived in a place that had a bigger

13:45     kitchen but I knew we were downsizing as

13:47     we were moving closer to the beach so I

13:49     needed something that replaced the rice

13:52     cooker and the crock pot and the so I

13:55     was on the lookout for something that

13:56     was going to replace a lot of those

13:58     things and the instant pot does that so

14:00     the instant pot is a rice cooker it is

14:04     you know it is a crock pot it is a

14:07     pressure cooker it you know you can make

14:10     soups and it's basically a pressure

14:12     cooker and then it's also as a hot plate

14:14     so you know I could see somebody that

14:18     lived in a camper like when I first

14:19     started started with the instant pot

14:20     there were people that that I followed

14:23     that were like they were on road

14:25     truckers it was a couple and so she was

14:27     she was doing all these videos in the

14:29     back camera on their truck and she had

14:31     this smaller she the six are the 6 quart

14:34     I had the 8 quart because children leave

14:37     home and they don't really leave they

14:39     just keep coming back and that's great I

14:41     love them but I'm constantly making a

14:43     lot of food and so I have the bigger one

14:45     and now they have a baby one that's like

14:46     a 4 quart which I need to acquire

14:48     because it would be perfect size for

14:50     rice but when I first acquired it it was

14:53     really because I wanted to be able to

14:55     get rid of all those other appliances I

14:57     really didn't want I didn't know what

14:59     size kitchen I was coming to and I

15:01     really wanted to change the footprint of

15:02     what we had you know storing and what we

15:05     were bringing with us so I bought it

15:06     with that intent in mind and oh man I

15:09     had no idea what I was walking into you

15:13     because it is I use it all the time like

15:14     almost every single day to the point

15:17     where I have

15:18     get insert because you know I'm

15:21     constantly cooking something in it so

15:24     again on Mondays like if you're gonna

15:26     stack your menu I just wanted to give

15:28     you a little instant pop background on

15:30     Mondays you're going to stack your menu

15:32     you want to come up with a meal that you

15:34     can utilize in different ways all week

15:36     long so the two that come to mind the

15:39     most for me are a pot roast and and a

15:42     whole chicken so you've got your whole

15:46     chicken one of the reasons why I love

15:48     the whole chicken is because we're going

15:50     to be you know making bone broth from it

15:53     so we do we we use that broth then all

15:56     week long so we start with a whole

15:58     chicken on Monday and on Monday we make

16:01     the whole chicken and usually I'll make

16:03     a you know a rice or pasta side dish or

16:05     vegetables or whatever it is and we are

16:08     gluten-free so I use a lot of Barilla

16:11     gluten-free pasta that's that's our

16:13     pasta means day and that's actually like

16:16     the best one that I've ever found so

16:17     it's a little bit more expensive

16:19     sometimes but really like to use that

16:22     one you know in but adding the

16:24     vegetables in and everything so we've

16:26     got this chicken and then our sides

16:28     that's Monday we buy a bigger chicken we

16:32     have like a subway the acorn instant pot

16:34     so I buy a bigger chicken and usually

16:38     the chicken I can find a good organic or

16:41     at least a hormone free chicken you know

16:44     for like less than twelve dollars twelve

16:47     thirteen dollars and so that's like

16:49     feeds us the whole week so I get the

16:51     chicken on Monday we cook it my name

16:53     Eric t-bones it on Monday and usually

16:57     there is way more than what we're going

16:59     to eat in that meal so he t-bones it and

17:02     then I take that carcass and it goes

17:03     back against a pot with about mmm four

17:07     to five cups of filtered water and some

17:10     seasonings and then it goes in the

17:12     instant pot I put it on about 180

17:15     minutes and I make bone broth and I put

17:17     a little apple cider vinegar in there

17:18     helps sort of leech more out of the

17:20     bones

17:21     and it goes and and it's making my bone

17:24     broth and so that bone broth then is

17:28     going to be used in another meal I'll

17:30     take the chicken you're going to eat it

17:32     on Monday night and there's going to be

17:34     leftovers from it there's generally

17:36     enough leftover because we buy the

17:37     bigger Birds it's generally enough

17:38     leftovers then to have tacos or fajitas

17:42     or some other chicken dish on another

17:46     night during the week so when I'm making

17:48     my menu I'm keeping this stacking idea

17:50     in mind I'm keeping in mind that we are

17:53     going to be using it the rest of the

17:55     week so again Monday we may have the

17:58     whole chicken and some pasta

17:59     Tuesday we might have fajitas from that

18:01     and and I just I really like la Frontera

18:07     as a brand la Frontera fajita mix

18:11     because they tend to be you know better

18:15     sourced and you can get them at the

18:18     national food store but if you have your

18:20     own way to make fajitas and great then

18:21     you do that and if you do please your SP

18:23     with me yes I cannot find one that I

18:26     really like so I will make that I will

18:28     take that chicken that's left over after

18:30     that meal

18:31     and if that if it's only enough for

18:33     fajitas I will actually put it in a

18:36     container with the mix and stick it back

18:39     in the fridge and it's got even more

18:40     time because once once meat is cooked it

18:43     doesn't marinate as well obviously

18:44     because it's already been cooked but if

18:46     you let it sit in there overnight it

18:47     does get a lot it you know it's sort of

18:49     soaks in so then we will we will you

18:54     know have that in there and Lennon asked

18:56     the question here she said I'd love to

18:57     hear from any of yours that are doing

18:59     vegetarians the one thing that came to

19:01     mind linen for me was if you had a

19:05     vessel in stock and you were making

19:06     beans maybe and then having that stretch

19:08     all week long or because we do a lot of

19:11     vegetarian things with our instant pot I

19:13     just was really thinking about how we do

19:16     because we do a lot of paleo stuff too

19:18     as far as like meats and that's really

19:21     what got me going on it was how we were

19:23     going to be able to bring enough protein

19:24     to to our family in that way so I would

19:28     love to hear if you send me some of your

19:31     favorite menu

19:32     ideas that you are already working on I

19:35     will help you stack them because I think

19:37     the stacking is so so so helpful

19:40     so again chicken on monday tuesday may

19:44     we're having fajitas or some other

19:45     something else that we're doing with

19:47     that chicken it's usually fajitas is

19:48     easy and fast and then on Wednesday I'm

19:53     either making tomato soup from the the

19:57     chicken stock or a chicken noodle soup

20:00     or I might make some black beans and use

20:03     that soup base so I'm using that again

20:06     on a third night if I'm making tomato

20:09     soup or chicken noodle soup I generally

20:11     make enough so that then we can eat it

20:14     for at least one more dinner and

20:16     generally one more or lunch so by Friday

20:19     that chicken that we started with on

20:21     Monday

20:21     has fed us almost every day that week

20:24     and and we we didn't even when you know

20:28     when we had Harry here and he was eating

20:30     a whole lot more it was we just bought

20:33     bigger birds you can also do it with I

20:36     was thinking about this the other day

20:38     you could do it with some bone-in beef

20:42     if that you then use and I was thinking

20:46     about it with a like a pot roast you

20:49     could use it as a pot roast and then you

20:51     could take the leftover pot roast and

20:53     shred it and do shredded beef the other

20:56     things that we've done in our instant

20:58     pot and this isn't stacking so much as

21:00     it is just cooking big that lasts all

21:03     week long especially if you're in the

21:04     mode of like figuring out how you can do

21:06     lunches for the whole week I love to

21:09     make barbecue chicken in a pot so for

21:12     that I don't use the whole chicken I

21:14     just used thighs and you can usually

21:16     find organic thighs at Costco for about

21:19     $24 for the package of three there's

21:23     like three in that package right URI and

21:25     and and I for this I usually use about I

21:28     usually use at least two of those

21:29     packages for this but you could use all

21:32     three if you've got a bigger family and

21:34     you want it to make it go longer so I

21:36     will cook them in the inset pot with

21:39     some really good barbecue sauce that's

21:41     not no corn syrup you know gluten free

21:44     barbecue sauce and

21:46     or make your own you know cook them and

21:48     you just want to make sure that there's

21:49     at least one cup of liquid so that your

21:53     ass and hot doesn't blow up it needs to

21:55     have enough liquid in it to create this

21:57     to you so you know I'll make that on on

22:02     one day and it will usually last us the

22:04     whole week so

22:05     but we've eaten that on several

22:06     different things I have kids that eat

22:08     that on rice we've eaten that with wrote

22:11     the Hawaiian King rolls are like really

22:14     the best but they're not gluten free so

22:16     while the gentlemen in our house can

22:18     enjoy those these days sorry and I can't

22:20     so you know finding some good

22:22     gluten-free breads or some other ways to

22:24     enjoy those those things system is

22:27     really like the topic of what we're

22:29     doing a lot of now that we're doing more

22:31     gluten free stuff so um and how many

22:34     questions I know we have a lot of

22:35     viewers does anybody want to share with

22:37     their favorite meal stacking us if

22:39     you're already stacking your menus like

22:42     this already or questions about meal

22:45     stacking I'm happy I'm all yours and

22:48     happy to help you troubleshoot some

22:50     things I have to say that we have you

22:53     know we sort of perfected this over the

22:55     last at least the last year year two and

22:58     and it really really reduces my time in

23:01     the kitchen it reduces my mail making

23:03     time not just because the instant pot is

23:05     an amazing piece of equipment but just

23:08     because we do the stacking piece the

23:10     stacking piece that generally tends to

23:12     really pull us out of the kitchen and

23:14     and we can make things like like when we

23:17     make fajitas we can make that last a lot

23:19     longer like definitely it's usually a

23:21     meal and then a lunch especially if I

23:24     turn around and I make rice and the

23:26     instant pot and I make some Spanish rice

23:27     then that can go with it as well and so

23:30     it makes it stretch a lot farther and I

23:33     because I'm just all about about not

23:35     wanting to be in the kitchen right now

23:37     yeah I saw this um I saw this this towel

23:41     at the there's a little shot down here

23:43     that some that is I like a little

23:47     touristy shop everything like my kitchen

23:50     is just a room that came with my house

23:51     and that's kind of how I feel

23:54     yeah anyways Angie says I follow paleo

23:58     as well great video

23:59     I just think thank you I I think that in

24:01     any way that we can especially because

24:04     paleo ends up being so like meat

24:06     intensive and and it can get to be

24:10     overwhelming for you know you as far as

24:13     like making it coming up with meals and

24:15     then it for your budget

24:16     it can be overwhelming to source good

24:19     meats that and poultry that is not you

24:24     know that that's not GMO that's not full

24:27     of full of stuff that we don't want it's

24:29     hard and so I really looked for ways to

24:32     make it like go farther Brianna says

24:35     Lennon we often do giant pot of chicken

24:38     and do chickpea euros ooh that sounds

24:40     good then the next day do hummus that

24:43     it's right up my alley I live on us or

24:46     pasta con CeCe with chickpeas another

24:51     week I'm gonna go back another week

24:56     another week we'll use a different bean

24:59     kidney beans to do chili I think see

25:02     that that's that's a great way that's a

25:04     great way to to do stocking for

25:07     vegetarians that I didn't even think

25:09     about chili cuz we would make that too

25:11     and that that would be that's a great

25:14     let's see Nadia says is stacking still

25:17     doable without the instant pot it is I

25:19     just think you have to work farther or

25:21     work a little bit harder and the instant

25:24     pot isn't available where you live dang

25:25     it I'm sorry but I totally would buy Oh

25:29     anything where I think this is amazing

25:32     machine so yes it would be definitely

25:36     doable the way you would do it you would

25:38     have to use a crock pot or a slow cooker

25:39     and and and you know even though you

25:41     don't have an instant pot if you had

25:43     Nadia I don't know if you have access to

25:45     any kind of electric electric I my brain

25:51     just holy Oh pressure cooker that's the

25:54     word I was looking for any kind of

25:56     electric pressure cooker I think would

25:57     do but no I think that you could

26:01     definitely do the same things with say a

26:04     crock pot it would just take longer so

26:06     you would want to start it

26:07     you you would want to get up Monday

26:09     morning with dinner in mind obviously so

26:12     if you're going to do a whole chicken in

26:13     the crock-pot you would want to start at

26:15     Monday morning and then you would still

26:17     have the benefit of you know having it

26:20     ready for Monday evening and then you

26:23     know breaking down a carcass and then

26:24     you would want to in order to make bone

26:26     broth from that it takes longer in the

26:28     crock-pot so you would want to leave it

26:29     in a crock-pot you know until the next

26:31     day

26:32     I've done that before I did that before

26:34     we have the asset pot with with regards

26:36     like making bone broth so you know

26:38     definitely you would want to work on it

26:41     from it's just gonna take a little bit

26:43     longer

26:43     but you know it's definitely doable menu

26:45     stacking I think is just this idea of

26:47     really working at what we can do to

26:51     lengthen those meals and lengthen those

26:54     you know the the pieces that we have

26:57     like all of those working parts and and

27:00     working on a menu can be super

27:01     overwhelming and it's something that I

27:04     you know I talk about on a regular basis

27:06     as far as like it needs to be part of

27:07     your rhythm and especially if your

27:10     rhythm is a mess go back and look at

27:12     your menu because not having a menu in

27:13     place unless you're planning on eating

27:15     out every night even if you are so they

27:18     plan it and so like really having that

27:20     menu piece in place is super helpful so

27:24     when you are when you're coming up with

27:27     trying to get your rhythm sorted and in

27:31     a good place

27:32     I always tell families you need to have

27:33     two to three weeks of menus done like

27:36     done written and in the can so it's easy

27:39     for you to pull and then you have to be

27:41     ahead of the shopping for that so if you

27:44     have those menus already done you can

27:46     pull it and you can you know get the

27:48     shopping done and you got it and then

27:50     you don't have to worry about what

27:51     you're making for dinner you don't have

27:53     to worry about what people are eating

27:54     for lunch because you've got it all

27:55     planned out already so menu settings

27:58     totally helps with the lunch situation

28:00     too because you always you're always

28:01     sort of ahead a little bit because you

28:03     have some food from the night before and

28:05     yes you might be using it this night but

28:07     you can portion out what you need

28:09     usually when we do it with a like a big

28:11     chicken it feeds us for two or three

28:15     meals after the initial meal if you can

28:18     get a big enough bird and like I said

28:20     that's one of the

28:21     reasons why I like the eight core we fit

28:22     a whole thing turkey I guess but that

28:25     Christmas like Christmas or Thanksgiving

28:27     we could we put a whole tree it's like

28:29     somebody gave us this whole turkey and I

28:31     was like what in the heck I'd never

28:33     curtain never cooked a turkey at 45

28:35     years old never cooked turkey before

28:36     because somebody always picked it for me

28:38     and I thought how in the heck am i

28:40     kicking this thing and we had to cut off

28:42     one of the breasts because it was a

28:44     really big turkey but we cut off one of

28:46     the breasts and I threw that in the

28:48     freezer and then we cooked the rest of

28:49     the turkey I mean was a big bird in the

28:51     pot and it was perfect it was absolutely

28:55     perfect so that what it it it gave us

28:57     the same menu sake only we had bird for

29:00     a long time along like a week or more

29:04     there was a lot of turkey you can do the

29:07     same thing you make turkey broth you can

29:09     you know make turkey soup then from that

29:12     utilize the turkey breasts for lunch

29:14     meat you can do all of those all the

29:16     same things and it just goes farther so

29:19     really mini a second is just this idea

29:20     of really looking to make your menu go

29:23     farther and it helps you out so much in

29:25     the kitchen especially if you've got

29:27     allergies especially you you know are

29:30     looking at a special diet like paleo or

29:32     anything like that so you want to really

29:34     really plan it out and have it together

29:37     Angie says we do a lot of boiled eggs

29:39     fruits and vegetables for lunch

29:40     yep I think that's it's great and easy

29:43     and fast and it's super helpful let's

29:46     see and you can serve it with rice too

29:48     for heart your appetites yes rice can go

29:50     a long way and I have to tell you the

29:52     thing about rice in the instant pot is

29:53     it's done in like four minutes I mean it

29:55     you have that it has to come to pressure

29:56     but it still it's done in like four

29:59     minutes and so I love the answer pop for

30:02     that so I really liked once a little

30:04     four quart one because then I can just

30:06     have one for that Briana says my husband

30:09     hates the idea of boring repeated menus

30:12     I'm reinstituting them and I have

30:14     assured him he'll more says if dinner is

30:18     faster that's really good that's good

30:24     Breanna it is it dinner as faster yes I

30:28     think that's great and I think you don't

30:31     like why don't we menus check I don't

30:32     ever think about it being boring because

30:34     one make one

30:35     I think sorry it's so laughing why don't

30:37     we I will make chicken noodle soup or

30:39     chicken and rice soup or you know you

30:43     know the next week I will make tomato

30:44     soup and tomato soup is like goes so far

30:48     and we make tomato and rice one link and

30:50     I'll make tomato pasta one week I'll you

30:53     know I make a German noodle but I can't

30:55     make right now because I think an issue

30:57     but we make tomato soup it's been sold

31:00     on a regular basis to see what else does

31:03     she say

31:03     I'm tests as two to three weeks so do

31:07     you prep for that say uh sometimes I'm

31:11     basing my meat purchases off of sales my

31:13     mind can barely wrap around a week at a

31:15     time we sort of do stacking currently -

31:18     I didn't realize that wasn't that's what

31:22     I was doing

31:22     yes that's not great when you find ou


31:24     that you're doing something you didn't

31:25     realize so yes two to three weeks

31:28     especially if your rhythm is in the

31:30     toilet you want to have to - through

31:32     sand the way I recommend you do that is

31:33     you take I would I would do twelve and

31:36     make a list of twelve Brunel's twelve

31:38     dinners that are really easy for you to

31:41     do that your family likes and then go

31:44     through those twelve dinners and what

31:45     can you stack what can you stack you

31:47     know I mean for us it would be like

31:48     chicken fajitas you know pot roast one

31:52     thing we were like is ribs and that's

31:54     not stackable but you know I would go

31:56     through and make twelve a list of twelve

31:58     to fifteen meals that you all like and

32:01     and then I would do five to ten lunches

32:04     and like five breakfasts that's your

32:06     base just make your lists and then pull

32:10     two to three weeks of menus and I have

32:12     to keep them together that really if you

32:14     have the same menu it have like two to

32:16     three weeks of menus and you can rotate

32:17     it then it's not going to get boring and

32:20     you can change it up a little bit I used

32:21     to have like we used to have a soup

32:23     night and like an ethnic thing like like

32:25     Mexican or Italian and I was hanging so

32:28     it's kind of weird because I make

32:30     Italian out all the time so we kind of

32:32     walked away from that when we started to

32:33     meal stacking more just because it was

32:35     easier to do it this way but yes as far

32:38     as like having the prep I would have the

32:41     prep a week in advance so when you're in

32:44     you're watching those sales and it

32:45     really doesn't take a lot you know you

32:47     would

32:48     at least your meat prep you would have

32:50     extra in the freezer if you want to get

32:52     your vegetables fresh that week

32:54     definitely you know then you want to

32:56     stop by the store and grab those or you

32:59     know make a list for dad to grab on this

33:00     way home from work or whatever I think

33:02     it that part should be fresh obviously

33:04     it doesn't keep us long but if you can

33:07     stay ahead of the meat than that you

33:08     know that really helps and it definitely

33:10     it's just about if you could get one

33:13     week ahead then you can stay one week

33:14     ahead and so you know setting aside a

33:17     little extra budget so that you can get

33:19     one week ahead I think it's golden for

33:21     you go ahead yes here the Prairie

33:25     pioneer school houses the name it says

33:27     I'm in the meal planning part of the

33:29     planning for peace Journal and I feel

33:31     your pain Breanna no for Anna that's

33:36     really funny I just think it's hilarious

33:39     because I think that meal planning it

33:41     takes so much so usually what happens

33:44     here

33:44     it was just like evening rhythm what

33:46     happens here is what I miss will cook

33:49     and then we'll eat and then the other

33:51     one of us like will head head kids to

33:56     bed like shortly after when when mom's

33:58     tell me that their kids need a snack

34:00     before dinner I'm before bed I'm like

34:02     what the heck time are y'all waiting yes

34:04     we eat between 5:00 and 6:00 usually

34:06     they're in bed like we're heading to bed

34:09     at 7:00 like there's no time for a snack

34:11     in there it's just not if you are eating

34:16     it for and you weren't going to bed till

34:18     8:00 then I could see but you know

34:19     really working having that bed time

34:21     stacked early and this is like so Sam's

34:24     about to be 12 he's also getting ready

34:26     for rent at that time because he felt

34:28     that he really likes it been married and

34:30     so where our whole house is shut down by

34:34     eight like Tibet and usually to sleep by

34:38     that I mean there are definitely

34:40     exceptions but but generally yeah so

34:43     there's what we're eating and then you

34:46     know I'm pushing them to bed and we're

34:47     working on that and I'm reading to them

34:49     and Eric is then cleaning out the

34:51     kitchen so that when we're both done

34:52     with those chores off duty and we're

34:55     done for the night so yeah definitely

34:57     think about that if that's not what's

34:59     working for you

35:01     Becca says I stack my menus a bit

35:04     differently we use a lot of meat because

35:06     my husband is a caveman in a Polish

35:09     shirt he craves meat one chicken

35:12     wouldn't be enough for more than one

35:14     meal plus lunches can s get comments

35:17     today I'm just trying to get to this see

35:19     more plus lunch is the next day I ain't

35:28     wonder how big your chicken is Ranna

35:30     are not random and I get I would get

35:33     bigger ticket and bigger answer pot I

35:35     plan menus a month in advance according

35:38     to the season good you should usually do

35:41     that too then I repeat I see so many for

35:43     three months in a row each then each

35:46     meal is only eaten a few times a quarter

35:48     and we don't get bored that's a great

35:49     idea sometimes we go longer than three

35:51     months if we've had a crazy change in

35:54     seasons like we did this year when

35:56     winter was just dragging on and on

35:58     that's that's a great that's a great tip

35:59     I really like seasonal menus too we tend

36:02     to do a lot based on the farmers market

36:04     and I California we get things before

36:06     everybody else we've got strawberries

36:08     here right great then the last probably

36:10     the last month we've had strawberries

36:12     like strawberries and Brussels sprouts

36:16     the last few weeks and so I'm loving it

36:18     when I can get things really fresh

36:21     Jennifer says Tess you could have a week

36:26     plan each type of meat you typically get

36:29     that's a good idea that's a really good

36:30     idea you know so that you if you see

36:32     that pot roast are on sale you have a

36:34     week's plan with that you're stacking

36:36     with just the pot roast or a week's plan

36:38     that you're stacking with the whole

36:39     chickens

36:39     I tend to I was thinking about at Costco

36:44     and the chicken thing I was buying no

36:46     chickens at Costco and I think that's an

36:48     Okie thing to do like the whole organic

36:50     ones I'm finding that often Ralphs which

36:53     is a Kroger brand so Ralph's Fred Meijer

36:56     Smith's I think there's other Kroger

36:58     brands but they tend to be cheaper on a

37:01     whole chicken basis and you get a bigger

37:03     whole chicken sometimes than you do at

37:05     Costco I need to do earlier bedtimes yes

37:11     ma'am you do debris

37:14     anna says um yes yes yes she's thanking

37:19     Becca this is Brian okay I'm so glad so

37:22     anybody else have any extra anything

37:24     else they want to share I think it's a

37:26     really good topic and I mean I really

37:29     think we could do a workshop on just

37:32     menus but you know I have to tell you

37:34     that is really what helps the rhythm

37:37     when you know what you're eating it

37:39     takes so much of a load off for

37:43     breakfast for lunch for dinner and then

37:46     if you know what snacks you're having

37:48     and it's next don't have to be like it's

37:50     next here I'm like get yourself a dang

37:53     Apple yeah it doesn't have to be this

37:55     this big deal we just really have to

37:58     think about it and and you know then

38:02     there's the next level the next level of

38:04     course would be an incredibly conscious

38:05     menu of you're taking it from and most

38:08     of us are pretty conscious but you're

38:09     taking it from here's the menu idea to

38:12     then making sure that it it fits all of

38:14     your your desires with regards to health

38:17     and nutrition and and so that that

38:20     really is is it it's just the next step

38:23     and and so making it like really fit for

38:25     your family Julie says I've had success

38:28     with stacking as long as they plan out

38:30     hitting the grocery store twice a week

38:32     so the veggies make it to the end of the

38:34     plan for a short like I attend to

38:36     because our farmers market is on

38:38     Wednesdays I tend to like plan the menu

38:41     out and and save the things that I know

38:44     I'm going to need those fresh veggies

38:46     for at the end of the week and that's

38:49     super helpful here Jennifer says I chop

38:52     my veggies so you guys have create all

38:53     these comments this morning I chopped my

38:55     veggies for the week the ones that I

38:57     will keep in advance and it saves a lot

38:59     of time for cookie it does excuse me the

39:03     pre-prep really helps a lot Eric likes

39:06     to make homemade pizza and we do a lot

39:08     of pre prep when it comes to that

39:09     because otherwise he'd be in the kitchen

39:10     for three hours and Becca says yes a

39:14     workshop on menus would be awesome I

39:16     hate meal planning and grocery shopping

39:18     and need fresh motivation I don't keep

39:20     that in mind I hadn't thought about that

39:22     until this morning I just I think that

39:24     then meals and menus

39:27     it's something that you go you know like

39:30     I have to do this is something you have

39:32     to do yes you might as well enjoy it all

39:35     right

39:35     I still enjoy a little bit Angie says so

39:38     with the bone broth I freeze an ice cube

39:40     trays that's a great idea

39:42     then often for lunch or breakfast I cut

39:45     in

39:46     or zuto fresh vegetables and kind of

39:50     make instant ramen that's a great idea I

39:52     use a bone broth a lot a lot we use it

39:55     for just about everything if I'm going

39:57     to make any kind of ramen dish dish

40:01     even if I'm gonna use the ramen noodles

40:03     I'm gonna use my own bone broth I don't

40:06     use I don't use the stuff that's in the

40:07     packet I mean it's nasty for one but

40:09     even if you have a good one

40:10     it's still better to cook in in the bone

40:13     broth so I use the bone broth for rice

40:15     and they use the bone broth for you know

40:17     all kinds of bases for for other foods

40:20     as well so it goes a long way but my

40:23     favorite is I make a homemade tomato

40:25     soup with the bone broth from the week

40:27     from that week and I use about four cans

40:31     four to six cans of organic tomato sauce

40:34     and and in just make it all from scratch

40:38     and it is an amazing soup some butter a

40:41     little bit of spicy

40:45     Nina says I like to use frozen

40:48     vegetables yes you know that's another

40:50     great way when you when you need to for

40:52     sure that I am cooking and buy lots of

40:55     fresh greens however I plan on growing

41:01     my baby greens because I don't like them

41:03     going going to the story there yep good

41:06     point yeah there's another one grocery

41:08     shopping is a big deal for us once a

41:10     week the kids and I go altogether and

41:12     have lots of fun but I end up buying so

41:15     many snack foods I don't shop with my

41:16     kids I just she said she ends up buying

41:22     a lot of snack foods and I'm starting to

41:24     suspect my son has a gluten allergy and

41:26     I have to tell you the reason like we've

41:28     always been low gluten but the reason

41:31     why we're doing the sir I and I are

41:33     doing the gluten-free thing right now is

41:35     because she's got this lovely rash right

41:37     I think that's where came from we we go

41:40     to Disneyland a lot and so we end up

41:42     taking sandwiches that we can eat in

41:44     line or there and I generally don't

41:47     because we've been doing sourdough for

41:49     years

41:49     sourdough doesn't seem to bother her or

41:52     me or myself and we were already gluten

41:54     free on the pasta and but you know like

41:57     for Disneyland I'm like well candy bread

41:59     which is really you know not horrible

42:02     bread it tend to still buy better candy

42:04     bread but it was full wheat it was not

42:06     sourdough broken-down and after two

42:09     times of going and having extra candy

42:11     bread laying around that then everybody

42:13     wants to eat yeah now she's got this

42:15     rash so no gluten for her or me for a

42:18     while

42:19     let's see okay

42:22     good morning Erica breakfast drama ooh

42:24     What's in breakfast Roman sound like

42:26     something that sounds like something

42:27     Airy would make Harry we have a Sarai's

42:30     worth day party yesterday

42:31     she turns having yesterday which is

42:33     crazy for those of you who have known us

42:35     since she was born

42:36     holy cow can't believe she turn seven

42:38     yesterday he comes and I have made this

42:41     cake and having cake and ice cream we

42:43     have some friends here he disappears I'm

42:46     like we're eating here you go he had

42:48     come in a house as we were outside and

42:50     made himself a frozen we had these

42:52     frozen organic burritos that we buy at

42:54     Costco frozen burrito with two eggs on

42:56     it you know what it's a eggs on

42:57     everything it's really funny that's his

43:00     menu stacking it has got eggs so let's

43:03     see America says she's glad she actually

43:06     caught the video good morning good

43:08     morning don't have a baby today eric is

43:11     about to pop in a day ladies everybody

43:13     sits and prayers for her Gaia says using

43:16     an app Romania's that also make shopping

43:21     list that's a great idea

43:22     but do you can you share the name of the

43:25     app that you use because I think that's

43:28     a great idea then I can send my list

43:30     directly to the grocery store for them

43:31     to put it together that's a great idea

43:33     it's a great idea thanks for that tip I

43:36     am I would love to know what app you're

43:38     using for sure we Chen tend to use

43:40     Google Pete just to make the grocery

43:42     list as an it can go between air connect

43:45     or Evernote we use Evernote to we

43:47     haven't used that for grocery lists in a

43:49     while Brandon says I'm going to put some

43:51     photo

43:51     of materials I've made to help with

43:54     meals sure we'd love to see that I don't

43:57     use it all still but need to reinstitute

44:00     it I made a list of everything I buy at

44:04     the store in order that I encountered

44:08     them in the search that's a great idea

44:09     you know because every store a little

44:11     bit different I go to some grocery

44:13     stores I go what the heck how is this

44:15     laid out this way because it's totally

44:16     not totally not the way we like things

44:19     out at the other stores and so I think

44:21     that's a great idea if you're if your

44:22     list isn't in the order that you're

44:25     you're doing Rianna says I know y'all

44:30     make a lot what flour do you use when I

44:32     am baking with wheats high-acid than my

44:34     hi ladies I'm baking with wheat I use

44:37     organic weight flour for breads you

44:43     either organic or the King Arthur Flour

44:47     one of the two and now they think they

44:49     have an organic went to so it's just

44:51     depends on which one I get a store when

44:52     I am using when I'm doing gluten-free

44:54     then I tend to use the Bob's Red Mill

44:57     one to one which is good it's just

45:00     pricey but it's that's good that's what

45:01     we use that's what I use for this cake I

45:03     made yesterday I mean I think gluten

45:04     free cake for his birthday and I wasn't

45:07     convinced to the recipe and this is like

45:08     me being a recipe snob Eric was agreeing

45:11     with me cuz dress snob this is why

45:14     because I like look at this recipe on

45:16     Pinterest and the whole this woman has

45:20     this whole beautiful cake and then she

45:21     iced it was something for my tub she

45:24     didn't make a rub breasting I was like I

45:25     don't know well suspect in this cake but

45:27     it actually turned out good and I'll

45:30     post them I'll post the because it was

45:32     it was actually pretty good the kids

45:33     were like this tastes like brownie it

45:34     was really good guy says it's called

45:38     email is the app it wasn't free but it

45:41     is a lifesaver

45:41     you know sometimes spending a couple of

45:43     bucks on an app I have several apps like

45:45     that that that I I love because you know

45:49     even then you have to spend money on

45:51     them that they're lifesavers so

45:58     Becca wants to know Breana shops at all

46:00     these what's really funny his Eric

46:02     remembers all these when he was on his

46:04     mission in Ohio they had all these there

46:06     did you see their own all these here

46:08     Lisa yeah there are some here huh like

46:12     there's one in the National City there's

46:15     a few I've been that I took the kid

46:17     that's how I find a little nostalgia

46:21     she says Becca joy says she does the

46:24     same kind of grocery list and she

46:25     laminates it and then use the dry erase

46:27     marker that's a great idea too

46:28     Oh grand ideas ladies let's see Rachel

46:33     wants does anyone know of an app that

46:35     helps with gluten free soy free nut

46:37     house Oh dairy free that's not that's

46:39     hard one that's a really hard one I hate

46:44     shopping and trying to meal plan with

46:46     food allergies you know we were

46:48     dairy-free and gluten-free when Harry

46:50     was little it was definitely harder

46:53     those were they like in the stone Age's

46:54     when there was not a whole lot that was

46:56     around I made a ton of stuff from

46:58     scratch hi kids my big kids they're sort

47:01     of what to think that they didn't

47:03     actually eat like this but they ate I

47:04     did mung bean sprout add patties like

47:07     Lisa I would make think money mung beans

47:09     and sprout them and then I put that

47:13     would put them in the Bosch goes before

47:19     I had a Vitamix put him in the Bosch and

47:21     make like a paste and then I would add I

47:24     used we were able to use spelt flour so

47:26     we used some spelt flour and then I

47:28     fried them up and they actually they

47:30     like to pretend that they didn't eat

47:31     those because I can't believe you ate

47:33     made us eat that but they ate them and

47:35     they left them there create little

47:36     patties so I tried to do things like

47:38     that that could that they were quick and

47:41     easy and if you can find a good base

47:44     honey of quick and easy like things that

47:47     you guys like it'll make it a lot easier

47:49     but when you're when you're trying to go

47:51     through it the first view the first

47:52     little time what's hard like soup or

47:55     Soraya like she's like this is heavily -

47:57     this is heavily this is how sorry for it

48:01     but to know Harry's like I feel your

48:04     pain he remembers going through it

48:06     Lennon says I'm a huge iron corn fan you

48:09     know what I forgot about them they are

48:10     good too

48:12     they're not gluten-free but they I don't

48:13     have a problem with them I haven't tried

48:15     them since we've been doing the

48:17     gluten-free thing but they I really like

48:20     them I like their they have a wide egg

48:24     noodle that we've used I really like

48:28     that I've used that my chicken noodle

48:29     soups and you know of course when you

48:31     make an chicken noodle so if you have to

48:32     add the noodles at the end but

48:34     definitely really like like the ioan

48:36     corn stuff because I feel like I really

48:40     feel like there's not a reason and and I

48:42     know people are gonna argue with me but

48:44     our bodies are made to eat gluten

48:47     they're just not made to eat it in the

48:50     quantities that our culture like likes

48:53     to eat it and so I really struggle with

48:56     this idea that we have to be gluten free

48:58     forever although some people for sure

48:59     have to be gluten free forever but I do

49:02     think that there is this way that we can

49:04     do it in a better way and and so when I

49:07     I know that our situation was like the

49:09     tipping point was the candy bread we

49:12     were keeping it all under wraps I had to

49:13     taste something else

49:14     I had no joint pain since then since I

49:18     got rid of gluten about two weeks ago

49:20     yeah anyways going through here Moran

49:26     and says I grew up vegan and my dad

49:28     would send us to school with us alpha

49:30     sprout and tofu sandwiches it's like

49:32     that's like the old school way a while

49:35     back I was bragging to my friend how we

49:38     she grew up like me and would never

49:40     trade our food with other people she

49:42     said yeah

49:43     because no one would trade with us

49:46     that's great conversation you guys it's

49:52     anybody else have any other thoughts you

49:53     have any other comments over here all

49:56     right I think we're gonna wrap it up

49:57     please make sure that you sign up for

50:00     straight talk about bad behavior on on a

50:05     Wednesday or Saturday then let's see

50:11     Brianna says I thought I'd post to all

50:14     of essentials but oh because it's a file

50:16     you should post it there you could post

50:18     it in thinking feeling willing or an ask

50:20     Melissa asked unless that has people

50:22     that are not thinking feeling willing so

50:24     they might appreciate it if you posted

50:25     feel free to post it there and Kelly

50:27     will approve it so yeah go ahead and do

50:30     that again join us this week

50:33     if rhythm is a circle for you please

50:36     please please go check out the rhythm

50:38     reboot and I'm going to ask that you

50:41     know the best the best best way that we

50:45     can share our work with other people is

50:46     when you talk about it so I would love

50:49     it if if we have worked with programs

50:51     with us that that you have loved you

50:54     know whether it be our thinking feeling

50:55     willing program or so my brother

50:56     programs please share that is the best

50:59     when you can share word of mouth and

51:00     these two new programs I really and

51:03     truly believe are huge

51:05     helps for families that maybe aren't

51:07     homeschooling or maybe they are and

51:09     there's trying to get busy and they're

51:11     really really struggling with these

51:13     concepts that I cover in thinking

51:15     feeling willing but maybe they're not

51:17     ready to take that leap yet so if you

51:19     would share I would love it it would be

51:21     so awesome and such warming up my heart

51:23     if you would just share some of the

51:25     links that Kelly shared in the beginning

51:27     of the chat with with your friends with

51:31     friends that you know need it you know

51:33     with friends that might be struggling

51:34     with discipline in their homes or with

51:36     getting the rhythm together that's

51:38     really what this is about it's like

51:39     sharing then we're working together and

51:41     and we're really helping the people that

51:43     really need us so anyways I hope you

51:46     guys have a wonderful week and we will

51:48     see you later I can't remember what

51:49     we're talking about next week I think

51:51     I'm talking about appreciation versus

51:52     love I can't remember it's going to be

51:55     in the events so if it's not there

51:57     already it'll be there later it's of

51:58     English see y'all later

52:00     Oh

52:09     delicioso not calm /center

52:12     see you guys later bye



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