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Peaceful Bedtime

Are your bedtimes a nightmare?

What if we could solve that for you in ONE HOUR?

Our quick course will change the way you look at bedtime!

Bedtime is a huge challenge for so many families. It doesn’t have to be. Erik and I have been working with families for years to hone bedtime.
The nighttime rhythm should be a quiet transition, not a knock down battle. Sleep is a golden thread that binds us to our health. As parents and stewards, our task is to start them down a path of cultivating healthy sleep.
You may need our program if:
πŸŒ™ you are fighting at bedtime
πŸŒ™ you feel guilty about being so angry and yelling before bed
πŸŒ™ if your child is a boomerang πŸͺƒ and gets up 400 times before staying down
πŸŒ™ if it takes them two hours to fall asleep
πŸŒ™ if you feel like bedtime is about as peaceful as a hostage negotiation

This is not for you if:

  • you are trying to sleep train an infant. I don't use methods of crying it out. I teach connection.