Waldorf education is a beautiful, healing method to bring to your family, in our program we work to remove the obstacles and light the path.

Learn EVERYTHING you need to know about homeschooling with Waldorf.  Beginning to end and EVERYTHING in between. 

Thinking Feeling Willing is a 16 module online course (video, audio & PDF)  that walks you through the elements of Waldorf homeschooling.  

Learn how to get started TODAY building a homeschool path that your child will treasure.

Gain the CONFIDENCE to be the Mom AND the Teacher you want to be.

Be at PEACE knowing you have a blueprint for your child's education. 

  • 24/7 INSTANT and LIFETIME access (plus regular updates)
  • Guidance EVERY step of the way.
  • Membership in our free online community full of other families on the same path.
  • That's not all!  KEEP reading.  There is SO MUCH MORE!


The Mom Lessons are amazing on their own but there's more!

Waldorf Essentials Curriculum - all of it included  

Waldorf Essentials Early Childhood & Kindergarten

Waldorf Essentials Grade 1

Waldorf Essentials Grade 2

Waldorf Essentials Grade 3

Waldorf Essentials Grade 4

Waldorf Essentials Grade 5

Waldorf Essetnails Grade 6

Waldorf Essentials Middle School Guides, grades 7-9

Will include 10-12 once complete

Waldorf Essentials Geometry 

Waldorf Essentials Math Grades 1 to 5

Music Unfolds Waldorf Inspired Music Curriculum for K-3

Coloring with Block Crayons by Sieglinde de Francesca (streaming videos)

Monthly group coaching calls.

Want hard copies?  You can buy those at a deep discount.

Planning for Peace Journal

Hunting around for resources and courses and even freebies takes up valuable family and lesson time.  Learn how to leverage your time and take it back!  That's more time for play, more time for hikes, more time for YOURSELF, this program teaches you to be the Mom you want to be. Get out of Management Mode and back to loving your days.

So I know, you want to know the cost right? 

Of course you do, that part is important.  Let's think for a moment... a Waldorf school education can cost as much as $20,000 a year in some places - many families just simply can not afford that.  We have worked from the beginning to make this program affordable - doable for all families.  We have worked to continually add value through ongoing updates, added bonuses and much more.  Imagine having the tools to bring this to your children. It's hard to put a price tag on that.

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A guide for your Waldorf homeschooling journey.

Waldorf education at home is by far one of the best methods to educate but it can feel so overwhelming! There's so much to learn - not to mention the art, the inner work and the toys.  It feels like so much!  How will you ever gain the confidence you need? How will you ever be what your child needs? It can feel so heavy.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​  We can offer some help. 

Thinking Feeling Willing

"Waldorf Essentials is amazing.
Their curriculum is beautiful, engaging, and well laid out, while still leaving Mom (or Dad) space to alter it to their individual child/family.

With the Thinking Feeiling Willing program, you gain access to quite literally everything you could need to homeschool with Waldorf - lessons on the arts, on the elusive sounding rhythm, music, inner work, festivals...

I cannot recommend waldorf essentials enough"

​​​​​​​~ Erika Smith

"We're members of the Thinking Feeling Willing program, and have gained so much practical, hands-on advice from this fellow homeschooling mom. I especially appreciate how much content there is - everything you could ever want to know about how to do Waldorf homeschooling - in a well-organized, central place. Last year, I used a curriculum from a different provider, and while it was beautiful, I had to hunt around for the different components and was often left feeling confused. If you ever have any questions, Melisa is super responsive and happy to help. The value of this program far exceeds its cost, and I highly recommend it."

~Andrea Geise

"It is very difficult to sum up in a simple sentence just how much this curriculum has positively impacted my life, and by extension my ability to adequately homeschool my three children! However, by way of comparison, all I can say is it is like being guided, supported, and cared for by your best friend whom just happens to be a professional in Homeschooling Waldorf! The curriculum is bursting with goodies; the level of support is faultless; and the friends you make are lifelong. This will stay with me forever, even after my children have grown and long flown the nest​​​​​​​."

​​​​​​​~Maiden McLeod

What others are saying about this program!

there's still more!

This lesson is all about learning how to understand yourself and how you approach rhythm.  It is a huge part of Waldorf and a huge part of a healthy home life.  Stop beating yourself up and learn Melisa's tricks!

Steiner's work can feel overwhelming at first, this lesson takes you through all the grades bit by bit and helps you break down how to bring the pieces together as a whole to your child.

Inner work is a never ending task. It is so easy to overlook the deep need for it when the straight truth is we need it and our kids need us to do it. This lesson walks you through so many elements of inner work.  

Temperament study is the subtle art of understanding ourselves - it takes inner work a step further.  Learn how to understand your temperament and how magical it can be in your homeschooling and ALL your relationships. 

This lesson is all about form drawing and how to bring it to your child.  We include the what, why and how as well as some indications for taking things deeper.

This lesson is golden!  We take you through planning your school year properly - never be caught unprepared again.  Melisa takes you through her Planning for Peace process to prepare you for schooling.

Art is often what frightens new Waldorf moms!  This lesson takes you through each step of drawing and painting the Waldorf way for the early grades.  Wet on wet watercolor and coloring with block crayons. 

We often underestimate the need for movement in ourselves and our children. This lesson will help you understand just how much your child needs and also give you some clear ideas on accomplishing it.

This lesson is all about modeling.  Steiner believed working with the hands was a key component in a lively education.  You'll learn how to model and have indications on bringing it into your main lessons.

Even those that aren't crafty will find what they need in this lesson.  We will take you through all the steps from finger knitting to needle knitting, crochet and beyond.  30+ patterns!

Festivals are a big part of Waldorf home life.  This lesson will help you understand them and choose ones that are right for your family.

It is so easy to be intimidated by music!  If you are not musically inclined then you might really be afraid!  This lesson helps remove the fear element taking you through the process one step at a time.

Have you ever wanted to dive in and write a curriculum yourself? This lesson takes you through all the pieces you will want to consider, we take you through all the grades, what Steiner said about each subject and much more!

This lesson is completely dedicated to you and your partner.  Maybe you are struggling or maybe you just want to up your game together - this lesson is all about THRIVE-ing together.

Do you have a brood? So does Melisa!  She knows what it is like to try to juggle children and main lessons.  This lesson is all about THAT!

psst.... there is MORE! ​​​​​​​

And BRAND NEW... Mom Lesson 16, Circle Time Creation!​​​​​​​

Take things to a whole new level with our mastermind group​​​​​​​