Are you attracted to the Waldorf method, but the difference between its ideal and your reality seems vast. Waldorf is beautiful, but there is nothing more anxiety producing than not knowing how to put it all together. 



The annual tuition for a child at a Waldorf school can run more than $15,000.

Even if it is in your budget you aren't guaranteed a great fit.



Feeling inadequate?

Are you peering into the lives of families on social media and feeling inadequate? It can be so frustrating when we want something so badly and just don't know how we can measure up to those beautiful pictures! You might be wondering how you can ever create that space for your family.


Are you capable?

You might even ask yourself, "I am capable of this?!" It seems like such a daunting task. To change their diapers and give them life was one thing, but to educate them too? You might not be sure.


Not only are you capable, you are EXACTLY what your children need!

What is Thinking Feeling Willing?

The Curriculum.

While there is no shortage of Waldorf curriculum, ours is the only one produced by homeschoolers for homeschoolers, in fact we are using it right along with you with our own children. We bring families accessible lessons that allow you to create and make it your own. 

Our program also includes hard copies of your curriculum each year.*

*Annual members receive one hard copy per year of membership.

Navigation for the Journey.

You might think, you aren't cut out for this. It is so overwhelming. We know you can. We have empowered parents for years. They can do it and so can you. We provide the blueprints with 17 modules to help you cultivate head, heart & home. These modules, or Mom Lessons are: Rhythm, The Waldorf Curriculum, Inner Work, Temperament, Form Drawing, Planning, Drawing & Painting, Music, Movement, Modeling, Festivals, Handwork, Schooling Several Children, Writing Your Own Curriculum, T.H.R.I.V.E. for Parents, Circle Time Creation, Reading & Writing the Waldorf way.

Save Money and Time. 

Our program is hands down one of the best values you will find in the Waldorf world. For less than others charge for a single year we provide, support, training and curriculum that will follow you through years of schooling. 

We've learned that money can be replaced but time can't be. Hunting around for resources and courses and even freebies takes up valuable family and lesson time.  Learn how to leverage your time and take it back!  That's more time for play, more time for hikes, more time for YOURSELF.

A Clear Path

We have been at this for years and we've developed time tested strategies that makes what seems impossible a cinch. We've seen it. We've been there and we can show you how.

No other program or curriculum gives you what we do. We are invested in your success. 

Everything is Better with Friends.

When you join Thinking Feeling Willing, you not only get access to our training and content you become part of a community. A community of families traveling down the same road, sharing their struggles, wins, tips and stories that have gotten them through thick and thin. Feel free to share your concerns and questions with other members and you will feel at home with others who get it.

What's included in Thinking Feeling Willing?

Waldorf centered, Steiner inspired homeschool curriculum from kindergarten through grade 9 currently, with the remaining grades planned. PLUS...


Planning for Peace Course! If you haven't worked our Planning for Peace Course then you haven't really planned!  We take you through all the steps to masterfully plan an incredible school year! 

Valued at $60!


I'm not a music teacher, but my co-author for Music Unfolds IS! This curriculum will take the terror out of teaching music in the lower grades and give you a perfect set of lessons to make you feel competent and maybe even accomplished as a musician. 

Valued at $85.


Coloring with block crayons can seem so daunting! We have partnered with our dear friend Sieglinde to bring you top notch instruction.

Valued at $25


Live time with ME!  I am an expert coach and have been helping thousands of families on their homeschooling, parenting and partnering path for almost 20 years. Each week I host office hours so you can get the opportunity to bend my ear and get the help you need! Office hours are held via Zoom video each week.

Valued at $2600+!

Want Lifetime but need payment options?

**Please be aware, Charter schools need a different product link. See Commonly Asked Questions below for a link.**

Join with a single payment of $697

Pay once and have lifetime access to all the training, all the curriculum and all the mentoring plus hard copies. 

Saves $191 over paying monthly!

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Make Two Payments of $348.50

Two payments, paid over two months. Lifetime access to all the training, all the curriculum, all the mentoring plus hard copies.

Saves $191 over paying monthly!

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Six Payments of $145

Six payments, paid over six months, billed automatically. Lifetime access to all the training, all the curriculum, all the mentoring plus hard copies.*

*hard copies may be requested after your 2nd monthly payment.

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Twelve Payments of $74

12 monthly payments.  Billed each month until paid in full.  Billed automatically . Lifetime access to all the training, all the curriculum, all the mentoring plus hard copies.*

*hard copies may be requested after your 6th monthly payment.

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Hi! I'm Papa.  I'm the Waldorf Essentials digital assistant. Do you have questions about the program that we can help answer? Click the button below to send our team a message or drop us an email.


Prefer an annual option?

Annual Access


Per Year

Access for ONE Year

Digital & Hard Copy of ONE Curriculum.

Planning for Peace Hard Copy

All the Mom Lessons

Coloring With Block Crayons

Weekly Office Hours

Supportive Community

On Going Training While You are a Member


Let's Do ANNUAL!

Lifetime Access



Access to the program and all updates for LIFE.

Digital & Hard Copies of ALL Curriculum

All the Mom Lessons

Coloring With Block Crayons

Weekly Office Hours

Supportive Community

On Going Training


Music Unfolds


I want to be a LIFER!

Our program gets results!

Satabria Rayne says...

I am so grateful to have found Melisa and her beautiful programs. She is like the sister, friend, coach, mentor, teacher, sometimes tough mom. We invested in the TFW and Lifetime that includes the 1:1 and I want to say something about the power and benefit of receiving personal coaching as a teacher/mom/partner. Because of her steadfast authenticity and transparency Melisa became a trusted advisor long before I "met" her in person. So when I reached out for 1:1 coaching she was there for me during a very difficult transition in our family situation. Her empathy and compassion while remaining focused on the best for each member of the family is paramount. Sometimes we all need life lines and I'm proud and grateful to say Melisa is on of mine for certain. I want to also speak on Erik for a moment, Melisa's husband lends insight and perspective that I wouldn't have expected nor ever been open to prior to being a part of the WE family. I am truly grateful for the products and services, the beauty and inspiration and the continuous support that Melisa and her team provide. Thank you!

Jennifer Taylor says...

I left a very large and well known private Waldorf School, because it was managed too much like a business not a Waldorf School. Both my husband and myself independently found Waldorf Essentials and we both LOVE it. It had the heart and function of a true Waldorf education with the practicality of a homeschooling program!

Anna Katherine Curfman says...

Melisa is an extraordinary mentor. I chose to homeschool our three children (grades 3, 6, 7) this year after they had been in a Waldorf school. It felt like a herculean task, but Melisa's calmness, wisdom, and guidance has seen us through the year. Without her program and her help, I would have given up by Christmas. I knew from all of my exposure to Steiner that the inner place of the teacher is paramount and Melisa's Thinking Feeling Willing program delivers all of the steps that I needed to prepare myself to teach my children and to do the inner work I needed to hold the classroom space. Her curriculums are well laid out, I like the quick months at a glance in the front and I especially love that I can order printed copies that are bound. The private fb groups she holds for us are excellent and a really great place to connect and support other homeschooling families. My words cannot express my gratitude for Melisa and her program.

Then two years later she said this...

Two years later - Melisa is the best coach. This is an incredible program. Without her, I would have given up ten times...When I am feeling defeated, I ask for help, I connect in her groups - I get nourished and taught and coached. She has so many amazing videos as well as many handouts, curriculum etc. Cannot say enough good things about this program! The mom lessons are the key - so much good stuff!


Course Tour

Want to see what's under the hood? Take our tour. This is the course tour for our Lifetime option.


Common Questions Answered :)

Q.  Does this include all the curriculum I will need to teach the Waldorf method at home?

A. The Lifetime option DOES includes all the curriculum for kindergarten through the grades.  We currently have grades 1 through 5 complete with math.  Grade 6 is complete but you'll need a math resource (we can help you with that.) Grades 7 through 9 are guides.  The rest of high school is planned. We offer extensive planning help to everyone and when we have families with middle and high school kids we spend a lot of time helping them put together their school year. 

Our Annual option includes ONE year of curriculum and a Planning for Peace journal in both digital and hard copy. This option also includes all the Mom Lesson training as well as the mentoring and support group. 

Q. Is there a set time I need to complete this?

A. For the Lifetime option there is no set time. It is self paced.  You pay once and you have access for life to the content and all the content updates we include from here in. 

For the Annual option you will have access for ONE year. Your membership will renew every year unless you cancel it. Each year on your renewal you will receive a new curriculum and Planning for Peace journal.

Q. Do you offer phone coaching?

A. Phone coaching is available for those that need it at a reduction of my regular coaching fees.  

Q. How do I receive mentoring from you?

A. You can receive mentoring from me in several ways.  The best ways to get some personal help are to join me for weekly office hours on Fridays. There is a calendar in the group with the times. The office hours are over video chat and we can talk face to face about your challenges.  You can also ask questions in the TFW Support Community.  It is a non-Facebook community that you receive access to when you join.

Q. Is your curriculum secular? 

A. That is a tricky question! We encourage inner work for parents.  That is spiritual but NOT religious in content.  It will be different for everyone.  The curriculum itself teaches about CULTURES and understanding those cultures will expose you to how they believed.  For instance to understand how the Greeks lived, you have to understand their relationship to the Greek gods.  The same would be said for the Hebrew people.  To understand all of Hebrew life then you must understand Jewish beliefs.  Waldorf is secular in the manner that these are introduced.  Each culture is taught as a belief system of that culture rather than a belief system of the student.  Each family will have their own belief system and understanding the cultures that framed our history allows us to better understand ourselves.

Q. I work with a charter school. Can I ask my charter teacher to purchase this product?

No. Charter schools have regulations that they need to meet. We have created a product specifically for charters. If you have questions on the differences between this product and the charter program, please message me. They MUST purchase using THIS link. 

Q. I still have questions, can I talk to you about them on the phone?

A. Yes, sure! Send me an email and we can set up a time!


You will still be where you are now. You will still be longing for a Waldorf inspired education. You will still lack the confidence you do now. You won't be any closer to your goal. And...your kids won't have the benefit of this education in their lives.


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