Our entire THRIVE program comes from the concept of leading by counsel.  

What does that mean?  Lead by counsel is a way of governing the stewardship we have over our relationships and parenting.  When we lead together in a complete way then our children have a sense of love and safety.  They are grounded and peaceful in their home life.  We show you the strength that comes from leading by counsel.

Are you ready? We teach you how to become the partners you want to be in a rock solid marriage and how to be parents that lead by counsel and bring peace to your home.

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The THRIVE program includes:

  • 6 weeks of program materials for both partners. These materials include audios and PDFs.
  • a secret Facebook support group for couples.  You can share your joys and struggles and ask us anything you want!
  • a secret Facebook group that is for Dads only!  Erik moderates the group and gives dads a safe place to act up, talk about Star Wars and just be DAD.
  • On going monthly check in conference calls.
  • This is support for the long haul, you purchase once and you have access always.

What are you waiting for?

This is an amazing opportunity to have the marriage you have always wanted!  Grab your partner and join!

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