Peaceful Bedtime



Tired of Feeling Like You’re Not Getting Anywhere? 

If you feel like no matter how hard you try, you just can't seem to wrangle bedtime. It feels like a constant battle at a time in the day when you are spent and low on patience. You're not alone.

What if we could change it for you in just an hour? 

AND... no one will be crying at the end of the night!

REMEMBER, we are teaching them habits! Let's help them be good ones!



It’s Time To Get Some Help





It’s Time To Get Some Help




You may need our program if:

  • you are fighting at bedtime
  • kids are consistently going to bed late
  • you feel guilty about being so angry and yelling before bed
  • if your child is a boomerang  and gets up 400 times before staying down
  • if it takes them two hours to fall asleep
  • if you feel like bedtime is about as peaceful as a hostage negotiation

This is NOT for you if

  • you are interested in sleep training an infant. This is for children ages 3 and up
  • you aren't willing to try something new


Introduction. Who are we? How do we have any authority to talk about this?


The Secret Sauce. The steps that will have you sleeping better TONIGHT! 


Troubleshooting toolkit. Do you have a boomerang child? Nighttime waking? Special needs? The family bed? Teens? We've got you covered!

I'm ready to buy it! Only $39 for lifetime access!




Feel like you need something extra? Want some one on one help? We are happy to guide you personally, when you check out, there will be an option for more coaching. 



Most would describe us as a connected, quirky couple walking this parenting path with our kiddos. We've got enough experiences for two lifetimes and are happy to share them with you.

Our job is to lead you to become the parent you most want to be. We've been through 7,305 bedtimes and made all the mistakes. Let us teach you how to approach bedtime with a different mindset so you can get on with enjoying your parenting!

"We used to put our kids to bed at 9 p.m. so they could have time to play with the neighbors kids in the afternoon when they’d get home from their daycare and it was cooler. We became intentional about arranging play dates that end at 5 p.m. (before dinner). Now it’s lights out at 7 p.m.! I didn’t think our kids were the fighting type before, but now they get along so well and they are kind and compassionate to one another and can handle quiet time so much better. And we get time to just “be” before our bedtime. Mornings are so much easier and fruitful now! Thank you!!"  ~ Fabiola

“It’s never easy for anyone to hear that what they truly feel is right for them maybe isn’t actually working. My daughter was born while my husband worked nights and 12-hour shifts. She basically didn’t know him. I was struggling and had no rhythm and no bedtimes. Like up until morning hours and sleeping until afternoon. Every time I’d hear about bedtimes and routine I cringed. I believed kids slept when they needed sleep. Cringe.
I was in that world of gentle parenting that was set in my ways. Bedtime on my husband's nights off became hell. We wanted normalcy on his nights off and my lack of routine was to blame. When I reached out to Melisa the response I got blew me away. No judgment just facts. Transparency about where she had come from as far as parenting and how we change and evolve. How change and transformation is good. We started rhythms around an earlier bedtime. It wasn’t easy but it was magic. Bedtime is now calm and restful. My kids enjoy their spaces and routines. Giving them that structure has given them a gift. A peace. To this day the bedtime graphic for ages and times is a favorite and I’ll never forget it." ~ ManyOaks

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