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Hello, we're the Nielsens! 
Welcome to Waldorf Essentials!

We are dedicated to helping families walking the Waldorf path at home. This path can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. Let us be your guides as you embark on this beautiful way of learning with your family.

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What exactly is Waldorf?

Waldorf is a method of education birthed over 100 years ago in Europe by a man named Rudolf Steiner.  He pioneered the method based on the spiritual development of the human being. The approach balances the faculties of the brain, the yearnings of the heart and the resourcefulness of the hands - integrating them into a method that meets the WHOLE CHILD. A refreshing concept in a world that focuses more on the bottom line than in coming from the bottom of one's heart. 

Waldorf Essentials helps you couple the beauty of the Waldorf curriculum with the flexibility of homeschooling for an experience of true freedom. 

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