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Becoming a homeschooler can seem like a daunting task! We are there to help you, every step of the way.

Are you new to Waldorf learning? 

What exactly is Waldorf?  Waldorf education is a method pioneered more than 100 years ago in Europe. It is a method that seeks to educate the WHOLE child - it works to cultivate the intellect, build the spirit and engender service for others.  How do we do this? We seek to bring age appropriate cultural and academic content to children when they are ripe and ready. 

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 Are you new to homeschooling? 

Many families are choosing homeschooling this year! Some are coming home for stability in what seems to be a never ending list of restrictions. Some are coming home to protect their children's health. Some are just tired of letting someone else be in charge and want the opportunity to enjoy precious years. 

Still need to work? We can help!  Our entire team works and homeschools! When we started our company, we sought to have an environment where families could live the life that makes their heart sing AND homeschool! We'll teach you how to do the same.  We offer a time management perspective that will help you do just what you need to, but also what you WANT to! 

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You can do this!

Teaching a Waldorf inspired curriculum is much easier than you think! Yes, there is planning that you'll need to do, but we walk you through it all!

Hi, I'm Melisa. 

I've been a Waldorf inspired homeschooler for almost 20 years and the co-owner of Waldorf Essentials for nearly 15 years. I started writing Waldorf inspired curriculum when my children were young and there were very few options on the market.  What was available was written by teachers, teachers that had never homeschooled! They didn't know what it was like to juggle three kids at a time and main lessons. The needs of homeschoolers are much different than those in the classroom and while the curriculum was the same, it needed adaptation and cultivation that only someone who had walked the homeschooling path could give.  

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What sets us apart?

  • Written by homeschoolers for homeschoolers.
  • Mentoring - we are the only company that includes extensive weekly mentoring for you all year long!
  • Coaches to help you walk this path!
  • Training - pure and simple, we train you. If you follow my path you will succeed.  You will not only educate your children, you will grow relationships, get along better with your partner, have a loving home environment AND feel better about yourself!

Bottom line - Our team is invested in YOU and your family!

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How can Waldorf Essentials help?

We have a plan to support your needs!

  • Waldorf inspired homeschool curriculum, digital & hard copy options.

  • Waldorf homeschool teacher training to help you with everything from main lesson books to wet on wet watercolor.

  • Expert planning help.

  • Coaches to help you feel confident.

  • Live Group Coaching (via Zoom) to keep you focused.

  • Supportive community of coaches and other families walking the same path you are.

  • Support for families working from home or running a business.

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Common Questions Answered :)

Q.  Does this include the curriculum to teach my child?

A. YES! This program includes curriculum (lifetime access) as well as training and mentoring (access for one year.)

Q. Does it matter where I live? 

A. Our company has proudly served the world for nearly 15 years. 

Q. I am going to need my hand held, how do I receive mentoring?

A. You can receive mentoring from our team in a few ways.  The best ways to get some personal help are to join us for office hours. There is a calendar in the group with the times. The office hours are over video chat and we can talk face to face about your challenges.  You can also ask questions in the support community.  It is a non-Facebook community that you receive access to when you join.

Q. I work with a charter school. Can I ask my charter teacher to purchase this product?

A. Yes! We work with charter schools all the time. Drop us a note if you have any questions. 

Q. Is the Waldorf curriculum secular?

A. The Waldorf curriculum honors all faiths and many of them are covered in depth in cultural study as you pass through the years. If you want to know more about how that is done, please see THIS article. 

Q. It is really important to me that our curriculum is anti-racist, how does your company approach this topic?

A. The owners of Waldorf Essentials, Melisa and Erik Nielsen, continually strive to promote the understanding of culture as one avenue toward a better world. Anti-racism begins when we expose our children to the beliefs and practices of others. Waldorf education does this at it's core, but as a homeschooler you have the opportunity to steer that even more. Having open, honest and age appropriate conversations with our children will change the world. 

Our program gets results!

Don't just take our word for it!


Jennifer Taylor says...

I left a very large and well known private Waldorf School, because it was managed too much like a business not a Waldorf School. Both my husband and myself independently found Waldorf Essentials and we both LOVE it. It had the heart and function of a true Waldorf education with the practicality of a homeschooling program!


Are you ready to take charge of your child's education?

Self reliance is more than just storing food, it is also knowing how to educate your child. We want to help you thrive, in this season and beyond. Let's get started!

Have more questions?

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