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Mindset Resources

Resources from our Mindset series.


Actual Rhythm Chart

Want to know where your time goes and figure out how to really build a rhythm? Tracking your actual will help!

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Summary Writing

Summary writing can feel confusing.  How much is too much? How much is too little?  This is a guide that I made to use in my own teaching.

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Mid-Year Review

While we don't often give grades when we homeschool, it is very important that we evaluate progress.  I like to do this three times a year. This is my form for the mid-year review.

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3 Day or 4 Day School Week?

Which one would work better for your family and activities? Trying to figure it out?

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Temperament Chart

Trying to sort out temperament for yourself and your family? This might help.  

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How much practice should we be getting? 

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Waldorf Essentials Reading List

I've been at this a long are some of the books we enjoy as we are working through the curriculum. 

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