Sometimes you want a little more.

We get it! Maybe you didn't purchase support so you don't have our twice monthly office hours? Or maybe you have something more private that you want Melisa to tackle? Melisa's coaching is vast and while she works to provide all the answers within her programs, sometimes there is a need for something a little more personal. 

Melisa's coaching can encompass:

  • Understanding your temperament and supporting you through shadow work.
  • Conscious parenting, understanding rhythm
  • Raising teens
  • Working with special needs
  • Couples coaching
  • Relationship coaching
  • Divorce coaching
  • Co-Parent coaching
  • Waldorf curriculum coaching for homeschoolers and teachers
  • Meditation & getting clarity on your spiritual path
  • Creating a co-op, pod or learning group
  • BizSchooling (running a business while homeschooling!)

Please keep in mind, ALL of these things can be covered in Office Hours if you purchased curriculum with our Support program.

An Hour All to Yourself!

Sometimes you just want to go straight to the source! You might not want group coaching, maybe your topic is private or you don't want to wait for everyone else to have their turn - maybe sharing is hard for you! This option has you covered.  $200 an hour with a two hour minimum is required

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Monthly Zoom Party with Melisa 🥳

Join me once a month while I plan out my own school, work and personal life. This is an open conversation and a great way to get access to me without having a support or curriculum package. I'll answer parenting and homeschool questions and of course I'm open to spiritual questions too. These are NOT recorded so we can preserve the safe space. While this isn't a complete substitute for our Waldorf Essentials office hours, it can take the place of light support and also is great if you just want to pick my brain.

Join us on Patreon for $18/month

Party Gifts Included:

Personal Access + Group Coaching + P4P

  • VIDEO: What is Conscious Parenting?
  • Screensaver reminders for your phone.
  • VIDEO: Quick Check In - for those times when you feel like you are going to lose it.
  • VIDEO: Introduction to Meditation
  • VIDEO: Parent Meditation
  • VIDEO: Child Meditation
  • Our previous Auriel's Light Gathering recordings

  • Longer Waldorf Essentials podcasts 2x a month

  • Our Beacon files archive (40+ hours of inner work content)

  • BizSchooling videos for all our families trying to homeschool and run a business

  • All Waldorf Essentials former Master Class archive (see list to the right or below)

  • Ad-free content
  • Ad-free videos
  • Behind-the-scenes content
  • Live chat
  • Exclusive content
  • Livestreams

Past Master Class Archive

Our Master Classes are chocked full of content from masters in their field to help you on your parenting and homeschooling journey.

  • Storytelling with Sigi
  • A Chat with Roberto Trostli
  • From Trauma to Triumph with Kelly Sandberg
  • How to Begin Teaching Music with Jodie Mesler
  • Homeschooling a big Family with Pamela Neves
  • Math Missionary with Jamie York
  • Traversing Parenthood with Carrie Dentler
  • Sparkle Stories with David Sewell McCann
  • Handwork with Elizabeth Seward
  • Tina Madsen ADHD Coach
  • Working with Charter Schools with Nancy Major
  • American Sign Language with Rebecca Barrett
  • Eurythmy at Home with Tiffany Conary
  • A Waldorf Along the School Journey with Daniela Sales
  • Becoming Minimalist with Vanessa Hartman
  • How to Grow Food on a Small Scale with Dannielle
  • Bringing Foreign Language to Your Homeschool with Angela Chenus
  • Temperament with Melisa
  • Drawing Human Form with Sigi