Waldorf Essentials Early Childhood & Kindergarten

A full, two year Waldorf inspired kindergarten experience. 


For many families, this will be their first step on the Waldorf path. We have packed everything you will need to get started. This will prepare you for early childhood plus two full years of kindergarten.

Original content.

Meet Super Sam.  He's a gnome tat lives in the forest, helps his friends and loves his family.  We have two full years, 52 weeks each, of stories about Sam and his friends.  We occasionally tie in some other stories and also bring age appropriate fairy tales to the second year.


Handwork is a hallmark of Waldorf and we start you out right with plenty of patterns AND instruction! Each month will bring new (optional) project for Mom.  

Circle Time Creation.

Circle time creation can be stressful.  We take the stress out with our guidelines, song bank and all the tunes!

Everything is better with friends.

Community is wonderful.  Community outside of Facebook is even better.  We've found that so many moms are looking for an alternative to Facebook and now we are walking forward with being able to implement it.  Talk about handwork struggles, your 6 year change wins and get coaching help from me!

This is an amazing resource! Here's what's included:

  • Foundations, Beyond the Early Years – This section is all about rhythm and how to work on forming one in your home with a young child. We explore movement, the role of circle time in your home, discuss festivals, the nature table, and first-grade readiness.
  • Original Stories! With a few exceptions, all the stories are originals, written by me for children.
  • "Before the Journey"  is our early childhood primer for MOM.  We follow four women who are beginning their Waldorf journey. We go through festivals and include some recipes, all while showing natural home life for the early years.  
  • First Year Kindergarten, age 5 – During this year, we meet Super Sam through 52 weeks of stories, handwork for Mom, recipes, nature table ideas and festival celebrations. Super Sam is a huge star!  There are Facebook groups dedicated to making props for his stories.
  • Second Year Kindergarten, age 6 –  During this year, we continue down our path on Super Sam’s adventures with 52 more weeks of new stories as we help prepare your child for first grade. We celebrate more festivals, provide more recipes and dip your child’s toes into the beautiful well of fairy tales that will permeate his or her first-grade year. Super Sam begins to get a sense of who he might be – a lot like the six-year-old.  There are many ways that these stories will touch your child going through these changes.
  • Monthly Handwork for Mom – 20 handwork videos, 45 handwork projects with more being added regularly.
  • Circle Time Laid Out – We have a completely laid out circle for each month and a library of  audios for each song. It includes our ENTIRE Circle Time Creation course!
  • Recipes!  Recipes for each week, many can easily be adjusted to special dietary needs.
  • APP!  We have an app to make accessing our product quick and easy!
  • BONUS - Planning for Peace Early Childhood & Kindergarten edition.
  • This is accessible for the Southern Hemisphere! We have adjusted the story schedule just for our friends south of the Equator!  

Common questions answered :)

Q.  Does this include all the curriculum I will need to teach kindergarten at home?

A. YES!  We include story content for two full years of kindergarten at home as well as laid out circles with the melodies, recipes and more.

Q. Will this curriculum introduce the letters to my child?

A. No. In Waldorf that is grade 1 content.  Grade 1 is intended for the child that is 7 or nearly 7.  Kindergarten is for two years beginning at 5 or nearly 5. 

Q. Is coaching included?

A. I am happy to help in the support group.  Other coaching can be purchased or you can join our TFW program for more in depth work with me.   

Q. Is this curriculum secular? 

A. That is a tricky question! We encourage inner work for parents.  That is spiritual but NOT religious in content.  In the curriculum, Super Sam celebrates several different festivals from different faiths.  While he is a little gnome that you will see often pictured as a Caucasian boy, that is only because he was inspired by our son.  We encourage families to make the characters their own and bring whatever ethnicity to him that they wish.  Super Sam's adventures take him to different places all over the world and we hope that you will infuse him with your creativity as well.

Q. Is this digital or hard copy?

We offer both. Our hard copies are are available through our publisher ONLY.    You will HOWEVER need our digital content as well.  The course is comprised of PDFs, audios of the songs and videos.

Q. I still have questions, how can I answer them?

A. Send me an email I am happy to help. 


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