Waldorf Essentials Class/Grade 6

This child stands firmly on the ground. they have crossed over the spaces of childhood and are now likely eagerly anticipating becoming a teen and what lies ahead. This child needs more responsibilities. You will be stretched this year! Our curriculum will help.

“Receive the children in reverence, educate them in love, and send them forth in freedom.” — Rudolf Steiner

Here's what's included in this course:

 This is a full curriculum COURSE for grade six and the text includes  a day by day schedule. It covers standard topics for Waldorf grade 6, including Roman history, the Life of Christ and Mohammed, geology, physics, geometry and more, all in a very user-friendly manner.


The course includes:​​​​

  • Completely laid out main lessons.
  • Includes all the geometry lessons for the year.
  • Main lesson pictures.
  • Planning for Peace journal & planning access.
  • Audios & Videos for support.

You will need some main lesson story resources as well as a mathematics resource. We provide recommendations to consider.

​​​​We support the Southern Hemisphere, just ask us and we'll help you adjust to your schedule.

Need to see a sample? HERE you go. 

Everything is better with friends.

Community is wonderful.  Community outside of Facebook is even better.  We've found that so many families are looking for an alternative to Facebook which we now offer. Talk about handwork struggles, your wins and get coaching help from our team!

Training & Mentoring

We found that families who have training in Waldorf foundations really excel in their homeschooling. We provide you with a full year access to our Thinking Feeling Willing program as well as access to weekly coaching calls with Melisa or one of our coaches.

Hard Copies of the Curriculum

Despite my best attempts at downsizing my collection, at the end of the day I am a book in hand kinda gal. We provide you with a hard copy of the curriculum as well as a Planning for Peace journal.

An App!

We want you to be able to get everything you need quickly! Our app will allow you to have it all at your fingertips. Our support groups are also easily accessed on the app.

United States Families

Hard Copies

$420 Buy Now

International Families

Hard Copies

$500 Buy Now

Digital Access Only

$350 Buy Now

Common questions answered :)

Q.  Does this include all the curriculum I will need to teach class five at home?

A. We include the main lessons for Roman history, geology, the Middle Ages, and geometry as well as handwork. You will need to choose some texts for story content and we recommend some in the curriculum.

Q. Does this include supplies?

A. This program does NOT include supplies such as crayons, beeswax, etc. We have a favorite supplier, you can find her HERE.  There is a recommended supply list in the curriculum.

Q. Is coaching included?

A. Yes! You are invited to coaching calls four times a month.

Q. Is this curriculum secular? 

A. That is a tricky question! We encourage inner work for parents.  That is spiritual but NOT religious in content.  In this curriculum, like all true Waldorf curriculum, you will encounter spiritual content in the festivals and cultural content in the lessons. If you have concerns about religion, please see the article we wrote HERE

Q. Is this digital or hard copy?

A. We offer both. You can choose digital only access or to have hard copies sent to you.  

Q. This looks pretty Mom centered, are you sensitive to non-traditional families?

A. YES!  In our home, both my husband, Erik and I do the teaching AND the working.  We work with moms, dads, grandparents, foster/adoptive parents and more. We are here to help you be present and connected with your CHILD, that is our focus.

Q. I still have questions, how can I answer them?

A. Send us an email we are happy to help. 


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