Melisa Travels!


Do you have a parent's group that needs rhythm help? Do you manage a school with teachers that need some training? Maybe you have a co-op that would like some focused grades training?


From rhythm and inner work to form drawing and main lessons, Melisa brings your group expert, yet down to earth training and understanding about Waldorf, early childhood, crafting a happy home rhythm and much more.

What can Melisa bring my group?

Topics Melisa can share:

  • Form drawing through the grades
  • Temperament in Everyday Life & How to Leverage it in Teaching (home & classroom)
  • Full Main Lesson Planning & Execution
  • Understanding the specifics of different main lessons
  • 6 Keys to a Peaceful Home & Peaceful Inner Life
  • Meditation in Everyday Life
  • The Economy of Teaching
  • Planning Your School Year
  • And much more!

Melisa is an accomplished coach, Waldorf teacher, homeschooling/alternative schooling advocate, marriage and parenting coach. She is always excited to share her knowledge with others. 

What does it cost?

Let's get right to it! Melisa's fees are as follows:

  • $500 per day of teaching for up to 20 participants, and additional $250 per day for every ten participants over 20. She'll put in a full 8 hour day for you and is happy to include a parent's night at no additional charge.
  • Melisa will gladly provide hand outs, the venue will need to provide any other supplies.
  • All groups pay the actual travel expenses. Melisa prefers to fly Delta comfort or first class as she travels with a large service dog. 
  • Melisa requires a car or transportation.
  • Melisa requires a hotel, Hilton or equivalent is preferred. 
  • If you are interested in getting on Melisa's schedule, drop our team a note with your preferred timing and we'll see if it syncs up!
Waldorf Essentials has been an excellent platform for professional development for our school teachers. Melisa Nielsen has shared a lot of wisdom and skill building for in person trainings as well. She and her team have made themselves available for any questions and provided fantastic service. Our teachers have given excellent feedback about the program and how helpful it’s been.
Krystelle Rose
Executive Director