Get started on your journey! Only $26 a month! Annual Option (get a month free!) Need curriculum too?

Our Thinking Feeling Willing program is your road map to a successful Waldorf homeschool journey! Gain the confidence you need, be the teacher your child deserves and transform your homeschool experience.

Navigation for the Journey.

We have crafted 17 incredible modules to help you cultivate head, heart & home. These modules are: Rhythm, The Waldorf Curriculum, Inner Work, Temperament, Form Drawing, Planning, Drawing & Painting, Music, Movement, Modeling, Festivals, Handwork, Schooling Several Children, Writing Your Own Curriculum, T.H.R.I.V.E. for Parents, Circle Time Creation, Reading & Writing the Waldorf way.

Save Time. 

Hunting around for resources and courses and even freebies takes up valuable family and lesson time.  Learn how to leverage your time and take it back!  That's more time for play, more time for hikes, more time for YOURSELF, this program teaches you to be the Mom you want to be. Get out of Management Mode and back to loving your days.

A Hand to Hold.

This journey can be challenging so having an expert coaches at your side is not only comforting but Melisa and her team are also is pretty good at kicking your butt if you need it! 

Everything is Better with Friends.

Community is wonderful.  Community outside of Facebook is even better.  We've found that so many moms are looking for an alternative to Facebook and now we are walking forward with being able to implement it.  The community is one of the places to get coaching from me, it will also allow you to connect with the hundreds of other TFW moms, as well as share lesson plans, main lesson pictures and much more.

What's Included?

Thinking Feeling Willing puts all your homeschooling, parenting and partnering needs in one place!

  • 17 modules of Waldorf Inspired Homeschool Teacher Training*

  • On going training added throughout each year to keep everything fresh and help you stay sharp!

  • Planning for Peace Course

  • Weekly mentoring via office hours (Zoom video conferencing) aimed at all ages/all challenges (and victories!) surrounding homeschooling and parenting. 

 *In the past we have called these modules "Mom Lessons". We recognize and welcome all parents to this homeschooling table.

Our program gets results!

All of this AND it needs to be affordable! ​​​​​​​

This road can get expensive, we don't think learning the basics of teaching your children needs to break your wallet.

Common Questions Answered :)

Q.  Does this include all the curriculum?

A. No, this is a monthly program that gives you access to Waldorf homeschool training and weekly mentoring. 

We have curriculum available HERE.  

Q. Is there a set time I need to complete this?

A. This is MONTHLY access. You can cancel at anytime. As long as your membership is active, you will have access to the course.

Q. How do I receive mentoring from you?

A. You can receive mentoring from me in a few ways.  The best ways to get some personal help are to join me for weekly office hours on Fridays. There is a calendar in the group with the times. The office hours are over video chat and we can talk face to face about your challenges.  You can also ask questions in the TFW Support Community.  It is a non-Facebook community that you receive access to when you join.

Q. This program seems "mom" centered, how do you view others caring for children?

A. As more and more family members take on the task of homeschooling, we realize the need for more inclusive language.  We will always be dedicated to motherhood, we are just including others now as well.

Q. I work with a charter school. Can I ask my charter teacher to purchase this product?

No. Charter schools have regulations that they need to meet. We have created a product specifically for charters. Please message me for details.

Q. I still have questions, how can I connect with you?

A. Send me an email. In your message, please be specific on your questions.


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