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While Zoom classes and YouTube are not what Steiner had in mind for lively lessons, face masks and six foot distances aren't either. 

We want to help bring furloughed and displaced or under paid teachers to the families that can truly use their help. 


Waldorf Homeschool Teacher Network

Connecting Waldorf Teachers with Families through our school, Seasons of Seven Virtual School

Displaced Waldorf teachers and homeschool teachers.

We want to help teachers reach students. These might be Waldorf trained teachers or perhaps a homeschool teacher that is really good at presenting a topic.

If you are interested in teaching with our team,  drop us a note and we will send you our guidelines.

Email us for more information!

Are you a looking for a Waldorf experience at home but don't want to do it alone?

Being thrust into homeschooling can be daunting. Not everyone wants to take it on alone. Families may miss having a Waldorf teacher guide them.

Some other parents might be avid homeschoolers but want help with one or two blocks. If you are interested in what our school has to offer, click below. 

Seasons of Seven Virtual School


Suzy is a Waldorf teacher in Texas. Her school closed. She has a family to support and she really wants to keep bringing Waldorf to others.


Aiko is a Waldorf homeschooling mom of four and can present a truly engaging botany main lesson. She wants to share it with others.

John & Susan

John & Susan have two children formally in a Waldorf school. Homeschooling might be a good option but they still want the help of a teacher.


Kim is a Waldorf homeschooler through and through. Kim also just had a baby and could use some help with some elements of fifth grade.

How do we help?

Our school helps connect the teacher that needs work with the families that need their support and expertise.

We give teachers like Suzy and Aiko a platform to connect with families AND the families a way to find the right teachers for their children.

Seasons of Seven Virtual School

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