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As a team, we watched horrified as 2020 hurt many Waldorf schools and completely destroyed others. While we have been dedicated homeschoolers for years, we honor the powerful fellowship that can come from a Waldorf school community. We would like to help your school bridge that gap by becoming your Waldorf homeschool partner. 


Helping you understand homeschoolers.

Melisa and the Waldorf Essentials team bring over 50 years of homeschooling experience. Homeschoolers think differently. The clash between Waldorf at home and Waldorf in the school is often one of culture. Gone are the days where families are staying away from Waldorf schools solely for financial reasons. The number one reason families choose homeschooling is freedom. 


How does this help your school?

We can help you bring some of those families in allowing them to support your school while in turn supporting them. This bridges the gap, helping your school to have income from a segment of the community that is generally only seen during festivals and fundraisers. 


How do we help you accomplish this?

We bring our Waldorf inspired homeschool curriculum and training together with your teachers. Your school provides the specialists, bringing homeschoolers into your community. Each family then also receives our homeschool curriculum. With our curriculum we also provide training and parent education so your teachers can really just focus on bringing the special subjects.

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Q. How does our school benefit?

A. Your school taps into the homeschooling community in a richer, deeper way. There are always going to be families that either want the freedom of homeschooling or that you can't serve for one reason or another.  By partnering with Waldorf Essentials, you receive a discount on our curriculum, giving families the opportunity to utilize the Waldorf curriculum at home, complete with training and support options all provided by Waldorf Essentials. This coupled with your specialists brings a full new revenue stream for your school giving families a complete solution for schooling. These families become part of your community and have the potential to be a recurring source of income for years. 

Q. What is included from Waldorf Essentials?

A. You will receive digital curriculum for each student (hard copies option available) plus training in bringing the Waldorf curriculum home. Our support package offers coaching that assists the family in planning for the school year as well as learning Waldorf concepts. Your students will receive top-rated customer care with our company. 

Q. How much does this cost my school?

A. Our plans are based on how many students are in your program. Please email us with your school needs and we can create a plan.  

Q. Can Melisa come and speak in person to our families and help our staff?

A. Yes! Melisa often travels to speak to communities and she is happy to assist your team in setting things up either remotely via Zoom or in person. Her daily rate is $500 a day plus traveling if needed. More information HERE.

Waldorf Essentials Curriculum Provides

  • Steiner-centered homeschool curriculum complete with laid out main lessons. Delivered in digital with a hard copy option.
  • Curriculum created by a homeschooler with over 15 years experience with Steiner's work. 
  • Planning for Peace digital planner with support (hard copy option).
  • Homeschool training that includes: rhythm, inner work, Eurythmy, form drawing, festivals, drawing, painting, modeling, understanding the curriculum, reading, writing and spelling the Waldorf way and much more. 
  • Coaching calls options with our expert staff every month plus email support as needed.

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