We try to offer many free resources to get you started on your Waldorf Essentials journey. If you have any questions, please drop us a note.

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Charter Schools, Group Buys & Discounts

We serve charter schools all over the United States and also offer group buys for our curriculum. You can learn more about that HERE. 

Melisa offers private and group coaching HERE.

New to Waldorf

Understanding Waldorf

This is a wonderful place to get started!

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Is Waldorf Religious?

Let's talk about it!

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Waldorf Curriculum Chart

We've compiled a chart to help you understand what is taught each year.

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Living Waldorf

Believe in Love

This is all about tending your marriage while walking this path.

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Temperament Parenting

Trying to sort out your temperament and how it affects everything?

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Crafting a Healthy Home Rhythm

Struggling to craft something that works for you? Check out this series.

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Teaching Several Children

Do you have a enough kiddos for a team sport? That can be tricky to navigate while teaching. Let us help.

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Festival Planning

Need some help getting started with that festival planning?  

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Marriage & Waldorf Homeschooling

More thoughts on tending your relationship while homeschooling.

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Before the Journey

This is a book we wrote for early childhood families.

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What Should I Do with My 4 Year Old?

They are too young for lessons but they need something to do, here are some ideas.

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Grade Placement Blog Entries

Grade placement with Waldorf can feel tricky, these blog posts should help.

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Treasures From My Path

I have written a lot about inner work over the years. 

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108 Days: A path to Being a Beacon in Our Modern World

Struggling to bring spirituality and inner work to your family? This is a resource for parents and children. 

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108 Days Audio Book Link

An audio book of the book 108 Days. 

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Michaelmas Resources

So many things I love about this season. I share them here with you. 

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Festivals in the Southern Hemisphere

We have so many families in the Southern Hemisphere that we wanted to make a festival resource to help them translate the dates. 

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Our Free Videos on Temperament

Melisa runs her mouth about temperament a LOT... here's a collection of videos she's done over the years on the subject.

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TFW Affiliate Leader Sites

Do you have a TFW leader near you? Check out our leader sites.

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Waldorf Homeschool Groups Directory

We love to connect families.  This page is a list of known homeschool groups.

Homeschool Groups

Shops We Love

I try to keep a list of places I love giving my business to.

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Incorporating Waldorf

Mindset Resources

Resources from our Mindset series.


Actual Rhythm Chart

Want to know where your time goes and figure out how to really build a rhythm? Tracking your actual will help!

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Summary Writing

Summary writing can feel confusing.  How much is too much? How much is too little?  This is a guide that I made to use in my own teaching.

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Mid-Year Review

While we don't often give grades when we homeschool, it is very important that we evaluate progress.  I like to do this three times a year. This is my form for the mid-year review.

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3 Day or 4 Day School Week?

Which one would work better for your family and activities? Trying to figure it out?

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Temperament Chart

Trying to sort out temperament for yourself and your family? This might help.  

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How much practice should we be getting? 

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Waldorf Essentials Reading List

I've been at this a long are some of the books we enjoy as we are working through the curriculum. 

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