Celebrating Michaelmas

This is such an amazing festival. Over the years I have slayed many of my own dragons.

I hope these resources help you in your celebrations.


Video Resources

Understanding Michaelmas

Do you need ideas or understanding of this festival? This is the video for you. 

Watch video

Festivals with Big Kids

Got big kids? Me too!  I love festivals as they grow! Don't skip it just because they are beyond making swords or capes! 

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Traditional Waldorf Verse

Brave Saint Michael is my guide,
As free and fearless forth I ride.
With courage of Saint George of old,
I dare to fight fierce dragons bold.

Story Resources

There are oodles of stories... here are some favorites.

1. For those little ones, I have a sweet story, play and song from our kindergarten curriculum.



Young George & the Baby Dragon Story Young George and the Baby Dragon Play

Baby Dragon Song (this song was written and sung by my co-op co-leader :)


2. If you'd like a true Saint Michael story, the one in our grade two curriculum is really good.  We have gotten some awesome feedback and also some frowns. It is a religious story so I will warn you there. If you are interested in this story, you can read it HERE.  While I use this story in grade 2 during the saints lesson blocks, it is not appropriate for all 8 year-old children. Please read it first. I also use this story for many older kids. It would be very appropriate for a third grader studying the Old Testament. 

3. Our favorite Saint George retelling is by Margaret Hodges and can be found HERE (this is an affiliate link to our Amazon store.)

ENJOY YOURSELF!! Have fun diving into this festival!


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