Meet Lennon!

Waldorf Essentials Leader Affiliate supporting families in the Salem, Oregon area.

Hi, I'm Lennon.

Waldorf education is a passion of mine and I am thrilled to be serving Salem area homeschooling families, offering support and helping to grow our local Waldorf community. 

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What exactly is a Leader Affiliate?

Being a Waldorf Essentials Leader Affiliate allows me to bring the Waldorf Essentials curriculum and courses to families I work with locally.  Melisa can't be everywhere and sometimes it is really helpful to have someone near you that can give you the help you need on your Waldorf journey.  

I am here to help you along on your Waldorf homeschooling journey, whether it is curriculum that you need, resources and in-person help to feel more confident with your main lessons, handwork, or music, or simply connecting with local Waldorf community.

Who is Lennon?

I am the mother of four amazing children, ranging in age from teenager to toddler, and partner to my husband, going on 20 years.  We have lived in Salem for over a decade, and love it here. Our family has been homeschooling from the beginning, although it wasn't until 2014 that we found Waldorf education and discovered that is was a perfect fit for our family. Waldorf philosophy and education has been very healing for my children and myself.  It has truly been life changing! I have experience homeschooling with Waldorf curriculum from Kindergarten-Grade 10.  

My hobbies include reading all sorts of books, knitting, making dolls and toys for my children, gardening, bakingand blogging. We try and get outside as much as we can, and love exploring our beautiful Willamette Valley.

You can buy Waldorf Essentials curriculum through me!

As a leader affiliate, you can get support directly from me and still purchase from Waldorf Essentials. When you shop using the link below adding my name as your affiliate let's Melisa know we are working together. 

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I have been a coach with Melisa and Waldorf Essentials for a few years. 

Here are some ways I can help support you:

  • Reset your daily rhythm to create more peace in your life.
  • Bring Waldorf into your home.
  • Set up a family council.
  • Help with Waldorf Curriculum and planning for your school year.
  •  And much more!

    $50 an hour.  Set up your appointment today!
Email me to set up an appointment!

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