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When visiting our sites, (,,, your privacy is important to us.  We want to be completely transparent with how our sites collect and use data.

1. What do our websites do with your information?

When you purchase a course, coaching or an eBook from our store, as part of the buying process, certain data is collected.  The data we generally collect focuses on what is needed for the processing of your order and for your subsequent access to the course(s) you purchased.

When you purchase a course, i.e., Thinking Feeling Willing, Early Childhood & Kindergarten, Geometry, etc., as part of your course set up, you are required to set up an email account that is specific to your membership in said course. This allows you access to your course. We NEVER sell this information.  It is used for the expressed purpose of communicating with you regarding your course or membership.

Course members can also expect regular emails to help you stay engaged and keep you up to date regarding program updates and additions.  These email lists will also be used in the event of a site outage, site move or other communication that is necessary. You can of course opt out of these emails by logging in and accessing your profile. If you choose to opt out, please be aware that you will get no information from us regarding your membership.

Browsing on our site: When you browse our store and some sales pages of our website, we automatically receive your computer’s internet protocol (IP) address in order to provide us with information that helps us learn about your web browser and your computer, tablet or phone’s operating system.

What happens when you join our email list? When you join any of our general mailing lists (not associated with a specific product)  you are consenting to receive emails about our site(s), products, updates and sales.  When you sign up for our email list or to receive any of our free products, a confirmation email will be sent to you.  Once you confirm from this email, you are telling us that you want to receive information from our site.  You can unsubscribe at any time.

2. How can you be certain you are giving the right consent?

When you purchase through our site, and through our processors,, and others, your consent is implied for that purchase. If you do not give your consent, please do not purchase from our site, or arrange to pay with cash or a check drawn from a United States bank.

When you sign up for our email list, or sign up to receive a free product, choosing the free product or giving us your email, is implied consent.  You are welcome to unsubscribe at any time.

We will always be transparent in how we use this information.  When we ask for your information, we will always tell you why we need this information.

3. What if I don’t want to receive emails from you anymore? How do I stop giving consent?

After you have opted in from your email, if you change your mind you can withdraw your consent.  The bottom of all email marketing should contain an “unsubscribe” link.  You may also message us and ask to be removed. 

[email protected]

4. Do you ever disclose my personal information?

We will never sell, trade or give your information to any company or individual for sales purposes.  If we are having a joint promotion with another company, that promotion will be clearly labeled and we will ask for your consent to share your email with that company.

We will otherwise not give your information to anyone unless required by law to do so.

5. What’s your relationship with Paypal?  How do they collect data? is one of our payment gateways and processors.  When you click a purchase, add to cart, buy now, etc. button on our site, you will be directed to then takes you through the payment process using either your own account or by processing your credit card or echeck directly. stores your data on a secure server. collects data for us relevant to what country you live in, what product you purchased and the time of day you shop. We, in turn, might use that data to better understand what your needs are.  That data is never sold, given or traded.

How is my payment information used and how long do you keep it? As mentioned in the above paragraph, is our payment processor.  You should make yourself familiar with their privacy policies .​​​​​​​  When you purchase through our any of our companies, your consent of how collects and uses your data is implied.

 AfterPay, Kajabi Payments and Stripe operate similarly. Please see their websites if you want to know about how they use your  information.

6. Who else collects data on your site or your company?

We participate in several websites that collect data. These sites are considered a “third party”. Each of these websites, or services have their own terms of use and privacy policies.  You should become acquainted with their policies as they are not covered by our privacy policy. 

What websites or services do we use?




Google Analytics




Why do we use these sites? We advertise to our followers on services like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.  Google Analytics tells us about people that visit our site, how long they stay on our site and the pages that were the most engaging on our site, etc..  We use to process our payments.  We are affiliates for

Some links on our site will take you away from our site.  They will have different privacy policies. You are responsible for knowing the policies of those sites.


7. Tell me about your site security.

All of our sites participate in the SSL or secure socket layer technology encryption.  We make our best effort to give you a secure experience using appropriate industry standard practices to protect your information.


8. Do you use cookies and pixels?? 

Yes. We do use cookies.  What are cookies?  Cookies are little bits of data or information gathered when you visit our site.  It logs the date and time of your visit, the pages viewed and the websites you visited just before or after ours. The cookie is just a small bit of text that often uses an anonymous unique code or identifier.  What is a pixel?  A pixel is very similar but is generally used by social media companies to identify how our visitors go from a social media site to ours.

The companies or third-parties we mentioned above (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.) also use cookies or pixels.  We do not control how these companies use cookies and you should contact them if you are concerned with how they use your data.


8. Can my minor child use your site(s)?

Yes and No.  The majority of the courses and content of our sites are intended for adults to use. Where appropriate, we will clearly state that material is for children.  When in doubt, please ask us.

9. How do I know when you change your policies?

We may modify our privacy policies at any time without notice. You should come back and review this policy n a regular basis.  When we make changes they will be available here on our site and if you are a member of one of our email lists we will notify you via email as well.

9. Who do I talk to if I have questions or concerns about my data?

You can always contact us. 

[email protected]

Jacksonville, Florida

United States


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