Meet Marie and Bree!

Waldorf Essentials Leader Affiliates supporting families in the Conway, Horry County, South Carolina area.

Hi, We are Marie and Bree.

​​​​​​​We welcome you to this journey and want to offer support in your many adventures.​​​​​​​

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What exactly is a Leader Affiliate?

Being a Waldorf Essentials Leader affiliate allows us to bring the Waldorf Essentials curriculum and courses to families we work with locally.  Melisa can't be everywhere and sometimes it is really helpful to have someone near you that can give you the help you need on your Waldorf journey.  

We head up a Waldorf Homeschool coop in our area. We have been able to create a network of like-minded parents and children who enjoy working together and building friendships while studying using the Waldorf method. We support one another online and in person. Whether you are homeschooling using the Waldorf method or you need some support in this parenting journey, we are here for you.

Who is Marie?

I am a practical planner with a hint of perfection. I am constantly moving forward with my many tasks. I love helping people reach their potential and their goals. I am a wife, mother of six, grandmother of one, homeschool mom, 4-H leader, Cubmaster, and I run a Waldorf homeschool coop. I love gardening, soaking in the beaches sunshine, and I am recharged by being outside in nature.

I have homeschooled for 16 years and the most recent 5 have been using the Waldorf method. I love being with my children, I know how fast they grow up and move on. I want to be their hero, their queen and their wild fairy friend. I sometimes work too hard and forget to have fun. My temperament is a balanced choleric/sanguine. I love art in all forms. I didn’t love it before Waldorf came into my life. If there is a project that needs to be done, I will learn what it takes to accomplish it and trial and error are my best teachers. I have been able to grow in my Waldorf education by using Waldorf Essentials.

I believe when one begins the homeschooling journey they need a friend to help guide them to accomplish their goals. I can be that friend. Let’s get started on new adventures!

Who is Bree?

I am the co-leader for the local Waldorf homeschool coop. I help to make everything run smoothly by taking care of the support tasks. I love keeping things organized for the group so the teachers can focus on the children.

I am a wife, mother of three, homeschool mom, pharmacist, 4-H leader, and I help run the coop. I enjoy reading, baking, and spending time with my family. I have been a working mom the 3 years we have homeschooled. My husband has taken an active role in teaching the children and we use each other's strengths to get the job done. I could not imagine doing this amazing work without his support. Our oldest daughter is methodical and loves to do handwork. Our second child is extremely active and she enjoys keeping up with the big kids outside. Our third daughter is a newborn that just loves snuggling.

Watching our children reach their goals and grow into amazing young ladies has been the most fulfilling part of homeschooling.

I am so glad that we started with Waldorf Essentials from the beginning and that my children have been able to develop at the pace they need. I am a strong melancholic and I am actively working on my other temperaments to become more balanced. I love handwork and singing. I learn by reading about a skill and then following the instructions until I know the subject well enough to make it my own. 

I know it is difficult to accomplish homeschooling on your own. Each of us needs support to be able to reach her highest potential at home. I want to be that support for you.

You can buy Waldorf Essentials curriculum through me!

As a leader affiliate, you can get support directly from me and still purchase from Waldorf Essentials. When you shop using the link below adding our names as your affiliates let's Melisa know we are working together. 

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I have been a coach with Melisa and Waldorf Essentials for a few years. 

Here are some ways I can help support you:

  • Reset your daily rhythm to create more peace in your life.
  • Bring Waldorf into your home.
  • Set up a family council.
  • Help with Waldorf Curriculum and planning for your school year.
  •  And much more!

    $50 an hour.  
Email us to set up an appointment!

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