Meet Melanie!

Waldorf Essentials Leader Affiliate supporting families in the Neptune Beach, Florida area.

Hi, I'm Melanie.

Local Leader in beautiful Neptune Beach Florida.  I’m passionate about the power of a peaceful homeschooling home.

 Welcome,  I am thrilled you are here!  

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What exactly is a Leader Affiliate?

Being a Waldorf Essentials Leader Affiliate allows me to bring the Waldorf Essentials curriculum and courses to families I work with locally.  Melisa can't be everywhere and sometimes it is really helpful to have someone near you that can give you the help you need on your Waldorf journey.  


Being a local leader allows me to build a “Village” of like minded families.  My dream is to create a warm, safe place for families to share their trials & successes.  Together, we can build A space where we can all grow, in this journey we are blessed to call HOMESCHOOL.  

Who is Melanie?

I’m so happy you're here!  

I’m a single mom homeschooling my awesome son.  

I am truly amazed at the peace and fulfillment homeschooling has brought into our lives. 

Homeschooling with Waldorf education has gifted me with a deep, rich, satisfying relationship with my child.  

It is my wish, that you as well can experience this gift.

I have a degree in Education, and I have been homeschooling & mentoring homeschooling families for several years.

It is a dream come true to be able to share my love and Knowledge of homeschooling with YOU!


With Love and Light,


You can buy Waldorf Essentials curriculum through me!

As a leader affiliate, you can get support directly from me and still purchase from Waldorf Essentials. When you shop using the link below adding my name as your affiliate let's Melisa know we are working together. 

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Sometimes we just need a little One on One Coaching.

Everyone could use guidance and encouragement.

It is my pleasure to assist you in several areas:


-Developmentally appropriate Curriculum 

-Enrichment Opportunities

-Peaceful Parenting

-And More!


$50 - 1/hour


Email me to set up an appointment!

Contact Us

Email: [email protected]

Instagram: @educated_with_heart



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