In a time where it can be hard to trust people on the Internet, I wanted to share some friends that are near and dear to us. 

I LOVE Amazon Prime.  I really do.  We use it a lot.  Weekly.  It saves me from being at Target with my kids!  I love that I can order something and generally have it in a couple days or sooner. (This links to our Amazon affiliate page.)

Kimberly is my co-author in Music Unfolds.  I am super proud of the product we have put together and I am super happy to support her growing website of Waldorf inspired music. Hearth & Gnome

Amber used to be my partner in crime… once you are a member of the Nielsen gang though I don’t let you go lightly, so she will always be part of my tribe.  Amazing artist, lovely mother.  Fellow choleric. HearthMagic

Sigi has been a mentor to me for many years.  Her work with block crayons is amazing and her gnome books are some of our favorites.  I just love her.

My good friend Pamela at is a great resource for Waldorf books, main lesson books, crayons and all things Waldorf supply. I always go to her before I hit Amazon!  I love supporting a work at home mom!

I have a lot of good friends, Rebecca is one of them.  She owns  Books and supplies and handwork stuff and toys and much more!


Handwork Suppliers ~ I have used this site for years, they have some beautiful felt and great doll making supplies. ~ this is a great place for low priced beautiful yarns and needles. ~ I am a pretty big yarn snob, this place is great when I am too big for my britches.

I am in LOVE with Posie gets Cozy. is a fun resource for some handwork kits and patterns.  If you are gaga over embroidery like I am, then check out Sarah Jane Studios.  Her fabric is amazing too… be warned. The fun and whimsical work of Aimee Ray is always a favorite in our house. To help feed my fabric stash addiction, thank you Tayva! Stitch Stash Diva


Other Awesome Shops!
Amanda makes some awesome things!!

Amazing toys & service… for the pretty side of Waldorf…

Need a health coach?  Svetlana is amazing!

I have been buying cute little dolls from Becca for years. MamaWestWind

Ok, I LOVE this concept, these packages are so much fun to get in the mail! Happy Hedgehog Post

Ana and her husband make some great wooden toys! Check it out!

Lisa has a great store too!  Simple Gifts

Amazing music teacher!  Jodie Mesler at HomeMusicMaking.

Another friend that has been writing music stories & more, Crystal.


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