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Meet Melisa and Erik

Founders & Owners of Melisa Nielsen LLC, Waldorf Essentials and Seasons of Seven

Who are we? I’m Melisa! A mom of five children with only two left at home. I’ve been a wife, an ex-wife and a wife again. Two of my children have spectrum struggles. My oldest has ASD (autism spectrum disorder) and my youngest has SPD (sensory processing disorder). NEVER a dull moment in the Nielsen house. I am a stroke survivor and I love my life. I love to watercolor paint, knit and embroider and have a quiet afternoon with my family.

About 14 years ago I took my study of Steiner and put it to work with other families in our series of curriculum "A Journey through Waldorf Homeschooling" and our business has grown from there.

Erik here! I'm a husband, father, entrepreneur, videographer and content creator, editor and teacher. Melisa and I decided to take a leap of faith years ago when I quit my newspaper job to pursue building Waldorf Essentials. It’s a decision we've never regretted. We are constantly bolstered by the kind words of clients whom we have helped over the years.


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Waldorf Essentials. Social Media, Copywriting & Communications Focus.


               Waldorf Essentials.                 Content Coordinator. 


                Seasons of Seven.                    Director of School Operations. 


Seasons of Seven. Waldorf Essentials.

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