Advent with Melisa

Join us for our Advent celebration.

These are our traditions and I am excited to share them with you!

Our gifts to you :)

Mom's Self Care Advent Calendar

I made you a calendar to help you remember to stay centered and LOVE yourself! Take care of yourself this season and if you want to get my text updates each day then you can sign up for those HERE. 

Download Calendar PDF

Saint Nicholas Story

How does he get around the world? How is he still alive? Here is my story.

Download PDF

UNPLUGGED: Gnome making, simple to complex

Join Melisa and Sariah as they make gnomes.

Gnome making video

Gnome Patterns

These patterns go with the gnome video. Enjoy!

Download PDF

The Gnomes' Yuletide Advent Mystery

Want to know how the gnomes solve an advent mystery? Check it out!

Find out!

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