Are you pressed for time? Disorganized? Stressed? Exhausted? AND homeschooling! 

Wondering how it will all get done? 

You wanted freedom, but you feel trapped.

Your dream of being self employed was to have freedom, help others, do things on your terms and not answer to a boss. The reality is that your business is owning you. Your are buried under never ending emails, desperately watching your social media numbers and being disappointed by not reaching the expectations you have set for yourself. While those stressors are simmering, the numbers in your bank account give you a pit in your stomach. You ask yourself is this even sustainable?

Are you living with strangers?

Between clients, customers, potential clients, extended family, your children and your partner, everyone wants a piece of you. In the midst of this whirlwind you find yourself missing out on the simple moments and memories that you can't get back no matter how hard you try. Losing connection with your partner can breed loneliness and your child will be grown before you know it. Will they remember you as the stressed out parent glued to their phone or laptop?

Is homeschooling frustrating?

Maybe you wanted to homeschool so you could be responsible for your children's education? Or maybe you were thrust into homeschooling with new restrictions. Sorting through virtual school, planning lessons and your own work can feel overwhelming. 

Is Self Care a Pipe Dream?

When was the last time you went to dentist? Got a massage? Went on a date with your partner? Do you keep telling yourself it will get better as you hunt podcasts and blog posts for solutions all the while feeling guilty for not meeting everyone's needs? Putting yourself last has consequences for your health and well being. You might look tired all the time or find simple setbacks start a whirlwind of frantic energy.

What if it didn't have to be that way?

What if instead of feeling like an employee in your business, you owned the title BOSS? What if your relationships were actually BETTER because of your business? And what if your kids were THRIVING at home?

There is a solution! You can build a business AND homeschool AND not run off the deep end!

We will show you how!

$147 upfront and $24 a month. Cancel at any time.

Have you noticed how many business coaches don't have kids?!

Does it feel like they can't relate?

 BizSchooling will teach you how:

  • create a plan that is manageable and allows you to GROW!

  • get the rest you need so you can FOCUS.

  • to OWN your time and how to stop being owned by time, your business, your schedules and your limiting beliefs.

  • to make homeschooling and caring for your children work for you don't feel pulled apart and guilty each day.

  • to make real business goals that help you CRUSH it

  • to know when it is time to hire help.

  • to have CALM and PEACE in your home! <<That one is my favorite!


A foundation.

We have a framework that teaches you the foundations: managing a home, your family, homeschool AND yourself.

It seems like it should be so easy but you see, society tells us we can have it all but forgets KEY pieces of HOW TO HAVE IT ALL! We want to teach you!

BizSchooling will show you how to get priorities in ALIGNMENT and keep them there while building your business and homeschooling.

The bottom line is we help you to have smiles like this AND put food on the table!

Ongoing Training.


Periodic content guides keep you engaged without overwhelming you. As busy entrepreneurs , it is really easy to get out of sync. The content guides will prompt you to stay on top of your goals while helping you stay engaged with family and work. We'll cover topics like getting your family on a good sleep cycle so you can all focus, getting ready for the holidays so you don't get off track with work time or school time as well as some deep dives into true self care plus MUCH MORE!

In addition to our content guides, we have live master classes with topics from homeschooling to business, partnering and more!



Sometimes the best part is a supportive community to help you on the journey.  When you have changed the 14th poopy diaper and rescued your laptop from a lemonade spill, there is nothing like having a community at your side that understands.  #support

Having a supportive community is also golden when you want to shout from the roof tops that you had an amazing launch, that you broke through a mental barrier or even that you got through the day without yelling! #win

The community is also a great place to bounce ideas off of.  Want feedback on your sales page? Need help with a Facebook ad? Looking for homeschooling ideas. #ask


 Once a month we get together for a coaching call that really is more like a mastermind call.  This is a time to share together about where you are and get ideas from others that are where you are or maybe they are a few steps ahead and happy to share what is working in business for them. These monthly office hours are GOLDEN.

It's time to get the support you deserve!

Join us today! $147 upfront and $24 a month. Cancel at any time.


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