A complete Waldorf centered circle time resource for your homeschool, day care or classroom.


Circle time can feel like it is hit or miss.  Maybe you are trying to meet several ages or maybe you are struggling with getting in a traditional circle that feels authentic.  No matter what your struggles are, we are here to help.  From content to creation to engagement, we walk you through all the steps - your job is to come willing to have fun!

Circle Time Creation Walk Through


Circle Time Creation is your A to Z process to an engaged, enjoyable circle time.

  • Learn EVERYTHING you need to know about creating engaging circles.  We take you through different stages of development and the unique needs of each stage.  
  • We help you with organization.  Feeling organized is a HUGE key to being able to focus on your children and not on what song you should be singing!
  • More than 100 beautiful Waldorf centered songs and verses AND with audio files so you know the TUNE! No more worrying about music you can't play!
  • Beautiful watercolor painted card templates to start your circle collection.
  • Lifetime Access.

*This product is already a part of Thinking Feeling Willing and the curriculum courses for Early Childhood through Class 2. 

Beautifully Painted Circle Time Cards

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It's time to breathe out and make circle time fun for everyone!

Includes: 55 page PDF eBook, 136 recorded songs, PDF & JPG's of circle time cards.


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