Waldorf Essentials Middle School & High School Resources

While we do not have full curriculum for middle and high school, we DO have a lot of experience.  Melisa has graduated three children and has coached hundreds of families as they have walked this path. 

Finally a teenager! Now what? This is a new space of exploration and seeking to understand. The curriculum supports you and your child as you sail these new seas.

Learn more about our Grade 7 Guide

This year rounds out two full stages of childhood. In the schools they would graduate and leave the teacher they have been with since first grade. At home, they are stuck with us! It does not ever have to be drudgery! This time is a time of self discovery for your child. Their intellect has just been birthed and they are keen to try it out! Critical thinking in ways they may not have experienced before. 

Learn more about our Grade 8 Guide

Your child has learned so much about who the people of history were, what they believed and how they lived. Now they are ready to go deeper in a quest for what things are all about.

Learn more about our Grade 9 Guide

High School?

There is more to come as we revise and expand our curriculum in 2022. If you have a high school child and would like guidance, email us, Melisa can talk about your options for coaching.

Our math for grade 1 to 5 takes you through a journey that begins with gnomes and ends with concrete understanding.

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Finding beauty in geometry is the first task of these lessons as we transition into forms in a new way.

Learn more about our Geometry

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