Keeping ourselves and our family emotionally healthy and happy is no easy task in today's world. There are distractions everywhere. Being a partner + parent today can seem like an insurmountable task.​​​​​​​

Hi, I'm Melisa.

I teach families how to walk in peace, hold the space, own their rhythm and most of all, I teach families to


Working with Parents

My husband, Erik and I work with parents to help them find that sweet spot in parenting. This can be a tough road and it helps to get real world coaching from someone who has walked around the block several times. 

Parents in SYNC

Waldorf Homeschooling

Homeschooling with Waldorf has been at the heart of our days for more than twenty years. We teach families how to bring this beauty into their home everyday with our curriculum and training.

Waldorf Essentials

Working One on One

Sometimes we need a little hand holding. I don't do many of these sessions anymore, but if you have a true need, let me know and we will see if we can work you in. 

Message Me

Let us help you have a peaceful foundation :)

We send out 1-2 emails each week on parenting and partnering in the real world.


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