We love working with families. What we find time and again is that families struggle needlessly and it is tied to mindset. We spend a lot of time helping moms work through their blocks. These are some of the resources that have helped us. They are favorites and ones that have made the most impact.

We'll update these as we add to our personal list. 

Our Mindset Series

This is a YouTube playlist of our free mindset series.


Mindset Playlist

This is a YouTube playlist that has some of our favorite mindset videos and audios.


Meditation Playlist

This is a YouTube playlist that has some of our favorite meditations.


Teach Them.

We've always worked to help our children know how to go within. How do I do that? Or you might be thinking I'm nuts because you have a really busy child - I get it! I have several that are super busy.  With patience you can help them gain a life long skill of enjoying the quiet space in their head. Start with 1 minute, then grow it to 2, 4, and so on. You might only have one minute for a long time! Keep at it. It will grow.

Do It Together.

Make it part of your daily rhythm. Take the time. It's so worth it.

They Pay Attention.

Our children watch what we do. You know this. If you take care of your soul, they are more likely to take care of their own. Of course like anything, that means you have to make the time. It is rare that you will have a serene setting with oodles of alone time so take the 5 minutes you have in the shower or the bits of time you found before they got up. Get quiet. You will be a better mom and have a better day!

Books & Audios

This is our list of books and audios you might enjoy. *Link opens to our Amazon Affiliate page.

For Friends of Different Faiths

Every now and then, I get a message of concern from a mama that is worried meditation will take away from her prayer practice or that the mindset and law of attraction work is too New Age for her personal faith.  I thought I would weigh in a bit and give my thoughts.  Take these for what they are worth, I don't profess it is right for everyone.

I believe that God (my general name for Deity) wants his children to be happy. I believe we are placed here to learn and then return to our heavenly parents. We are here in a world of contrast and possibilities.  We tend to classify those as "good" or "bad". We are each on our own walk and while one person might feel called to connect with God one way, it will not feel right to another. Our personal walk with the Divine should be an intimate outpouring of our soul. In MY world that is a combination of consistent daily prayer, meditation and mindset work.  I pray several times a day alone, as well as with my family. Our family prayers are morning, meals and evening. I meditate on my own each day and then also meditate with my family. I'm in continual striving to have more and more meditation time.  We spend so much time in this world, being brainwashed by media and each other that we should consider spending more time quiet, going within and connecting to that space that is all knowing, all loving... that space where we can truly seek Divine guidance. 

While I know this journey will be different for us all, one thing that is the same, is our ability to make it much HARDER than it needs to be. So rather than fretting about doing it right and whether or not Deity would be pleased with how you are doing it, just do it. Close your eyes, get quiet and BE.

Blessings in abundance,



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