Meet Nicole!

Waldorf Essentials Leader Affiliate supporting families in the Colorado Springs, Colorado area.

Hi, I'm Nicole.

Welcome to Waldorf Village! Waldorf Village was created to bring families together to support one another along the path of their Waldorf journeys.

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What exactly is a Leader Affiliate?

Being a Waldorf Essentials Leader Affiliate allows me to bring the Waldorf Essentials curriculum and courses to families I work with locally.  Melisa can't be everywhere and sometimes it is really helpful to have someone near you that can give you the help you need on your Waldorf journey.  

Waldorf Village is here to help you bring Waldorf more into your life. Whether you homeschool or just want to be more Waldorf in your home, we are here for you!

Who is Nicole?

I am married and a mother of three beautiful children. My loving husband is very hard working and loves spending time with our family. Our kiddos keep us on our toes. Our oldest son is our warrior who bravely fights the battles life throws at him, from learning challenges to illnesses.  He has the most amazing imagination and smile. Our daughter is our “Spirited” middle child. She is very passionate and loves everything with all her heart.  Our youngest son wears his emotions on his sleeves. He has the most beautiful spirit about him that blesses our lives every day.

After several difficult years in the public-school system we learned about Waldorf Education. I fell in love with it right away and knew it was exactly what our family needed. It wasn’t just about the child centered education but also about how it would help us grow as a family.

Some of our favorite things to do are exploring the outdoors, camping, swimming and playing games. We are grateful to live in the beautiful state of Colorado.

You can buy Waldorf Essentials curriculum through me!

As a leader affiliate, you can get support directly from me and still purchase from Waldorf Essentials. When you shop using the link below adding my name as your affiliate let's Melisa know we are working together. 

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I have been a coach with Melisa and Waldorf Essentials for a several years. 

Here are some ways I can help support you:

  • Reset your daily rhythm to create more peace in your life.
  • Bring Waldorf into your home.
  • Set up a family council.
  • Help with Waldorf Curriculum and planning for your school year.
  •  And much more!

    $50 an hour.  
Email me to set up an appointment!

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