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A Pod leader is the teacher for a group of students. 
A co-op is a group of parents that choose to teach their children as a group with one or more parents leading. Each family receives access to curriculum and training. 
As a team, we know that school is changing. Some parents are excited to homeschool and others are very nervous. Our team wants to help you succeed. Our training, mentorship and curriculum is tailored to help you have an amazing year.
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Helping you build a strong community.

Melisa and the Waldorf Essentials team bring over 50 years of homeschooling experience. They know how to coach Pod/Co-op Leaders, build up thriving co-ops, work with differing temperaments and bring enriching experiences to the children in your stewardship. 


Having everyone on the same curriculum builds cohesion. 

When families work from the same curriculum, they are stronger. Opportunities for team teaching are intuitive and children benefit from learning different perspectives.


Training and mentoring.

Waldorf Essentials offers training and mentoring. Imagine having guidance as you grow and when you need answers, knowing that there is a team who has your back. Main Lessons, Art, Handwork, Eurythmy, Modeling, Form Drawing, Painting and more. 

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Q. Not sure if you are a pod or co-op?

A. A Pod Leader is one teacher teaching a group of children. A pod leader only needs to purchase the grade that they will be teaching and choose support option. With a co-op each parent purchases for their own child. Typically there are 1-2 co-op leaders that will lead the group. Co-ops work together as a whole. 

Q. What is included?

  • Waldorf Essentials curriculum digitally with a hard copy option. 
  • Planning for Peace digitally with a hard copy option. 
  • Lifetime access to Thinking Feeling Willing, Waldorf homeschool teacher training for the grade purchased.
  • Email support and live coaching call access 2 times a month when support is purchased. 

 Q. How do I purchase as a pod leader? 

A. If you are a pod leader, choose the grade(s) that you will be teaching either with support or without support from our store HERE. This is for personal use ONLY. If you are a school please see our School Site License HERE. 

Q. How much does this cost my co-op group?

A. Our co-op discount is 20% off our digital or hard copy curriculum. This price does not include our support. We suggest that the group add support to the co-op leader's purchase. Leaders who buy support will be able to ask questions for the group. Our co-op pricing starts at 5 children and up. 

Q. How do we pay?

A. All payments must be made together. One invoice will be sent to your group leader for the entire amount. Then we will process your order and get access to you within 24 hours.

Q. Can we get help as a leadership team?

A. Yes! Melisa and her team are happy to help you set up your group after becoming a member. When support is purchased (pod) co-op leaders are invited to our coaching calls held twice a month. 

Q. Can Melisa come and speak in person to our families?

A. Yes! Melisa often travels to speak to communities and she is happy to assist your team in setting things up either remotely via Zoom or in person. Her daily rate is $500 a day plus traveling if needed. More information HERE

Waldorf Essentials Curriculum Provides

  • Steiner-centered homeschool curriculum complete with laid out main lessons. Options for both hard copy and digital.
  • Curriculum created by a homeschooler with over 15 years experience with Steiner's work. 
  • Planning for Peace digital planner complete with planning guidance by our team (hard copy option available).
  • Homeschool training that includes: rhythm, inner work, form drawing, Eurythmy, festivals, drawing, painting, modeling, understanding the curriculum, reading, writing and spelling the Waldorf way and much more. 
  • Support option with live coaching calls with our expert staff two times a month plus email support as needed.

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Drop us a note and tell us how many are in your pod/co-op. How many children? What are their approximate dates of birth? Our team will help you get started!
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