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We work with schools to bring them Waldorf Essentials curriculum with trainingĀ through a site license.

For schools that would like to work with homeschoolers through their school, we offer our Homeschool Partnership.Ā We have been dedicated homeschoolers for years, we honor the powerful fellowshipĀ that can come from a Waldorf school community. We would like to help your school bridge that gap by becoming your Waldorf homeschool partner. Learn more HERE.

School Site License


Helping you create something wonderful.

Waldorf Essentials has helped other schools, just like yours, with our beautifully laid out curriculum and support options. We will customize to fit your specific needs. With over 15 years of studying Steiner's work, our curriculum has complete lessons that are easy to teach from. We offer our curriculum digitally with a hard copy option.


How does this help your school?

Many schools are working hard to provide their newly trained teachers and non-Waldorf trained teachers with resources they need to be successful. With our online teacher course, we work to build confidence in the Waldorf curriculum for your teachers so they can help your school grow.  



Training and mentoring.

Our training and mentoring goes beyond what we can do for your teachers and staff - we also offer to work with your parents. Melisa is a parenting coach with more than 25 years parenting experience, she can help your families create a reliable rhythm which in turn helps your enrollment and works to bridge the gap between parents and school staff. Melisa can provide in person or live online sessions for families.

Waldorf Essentials Curriculum Provides

  • Steiner-centered curriculum complete with laid out main lessons. Options for both hard copy and digital.
  • Curriculum created from over 15 years experience with Steiner's work. 
  • Waldorf training that includes: rhythm, inner work, form drawing, Eurythmy, festivals, drawing, painting, modeling, understanding the curriculum, reading, writing and spelling the Waldorf way and much more. 
  • Support option with live private group coaching calls with our expert staff plus 24/7 email support as needed.

More details.

Q. How do we obtain a school license?

A. Waldorf Essentials grants permission to your school for the use of our material and support among teachers and/or staff. This is done by issuing a school license, with a yearly contract, for the specific grades and support your school's needs.  

Q. How much does a school site license cost my school?

A. Early Childhood through Class 6- $2650. Includes instant digital access to all curriculum. Waldorf training course for each grade. One hard copy of each grade shipped.

Early Childhood through Class 6 (Digital Only)- $1874. Includes instant digital access to all curriculum. Waldorf training course for each grade.

Q. Can we add support? 

A. Yes! Live support can be added for one year for $1000. This includes live private group coaching calls and 24/7 email support. 

Q. May I customize our school license from Waldorf Essentials?

A. Yes! We are happy to customize a site license based on the specific grades that you are interested in. Please email us HERE

Q. Can Melisa come and speak in person to our families and help our staff?

A. Yes! Melisa often travels to speak to communities and she is happy to assist your team in setting things up either remotely via Zoom or in person. Her daily rate is $500 a day plus traveling if needed. More information HERE


"Waldorf Essentials has been an excellent platform for professional development for our school teachers. Melisa Nielsen has shared a lot of wisdom and skill building for in person trainings as well. She and her team have made themselves available for any questions and provided fantastic service. Our teachers have given excellent feedback about the program and how helpful it’s been."
- Krystelle Rose MBA, MA, Executive Director, Founder, Mountain Sunrise Academy

"Melisa gave a powerful PD [professional development] on understanding temperaments in the classroom.  This information about the 4 temperaments and how best to use the information in the class has helped to transform our learning environment. From student placement to group dynamics, the information presented and great examples, including form drawing with different temperaments, have made a world of difference. Thank you, Melisa!" 
-Maryann O'Brien, 2nd-grade teacher
"It was so great to have Melisa come to train us at Mountain Sunrise Academy. She is a very talented and passionate teacher. She was so helpful for us new-to-Waldorf teachers. I would recommend her training to anyone." 
-Chalice Maddox, 6th-grade teacher
"We are so grateful that Melisa took the time to travel to our school to provide such meaningful training to our faculty as well as our parent community. The wisdom that she brought, and the way she delivered that wisdom, have made a deep impact on our whole school community. Our teachers made such meaningful connections in their understanding of 'why' we do what we do in Waldorf through our days with her, which is so much more meaningful than just "what" we do.  Everything is so very intentional in Waldorf Education, and having more of that knowledge has transformed their classrooms. After her parent evening at our school, many of the parents left with tears of joy. So many thanked us repeatedly for inviting her and commented that they felt so much inner transformation in the little time they had with her. Melisa has such a way of lovingly telling the blunt truth in a way that really communicates with the core being, without triggering defense mechanisms in anyone. We all need more of that in our lives. We hope to have her come to our school many times in the future and highly recommend her guidance.  We feel so blessed to have had this opportunity." 
-Elizabeth Bourland, Curriculum Specialist

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