16. Waldorf Essentials Top 50 Rated Popular Homeschool Curriculum

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"There are so many homeschooling programs on the market today!

Every website recommends its favorite.
So, how do you know a top-rated popular homeschool curriculum when you see it? Sometimes a recommendation from a friend is helpful, but their experience with a curriculum might be narrow.

You can also look at websites that tell you what curricula they think are best.
But, I think a more accurate way to check out the top homeschooling curriculum programs today is to look at their search volume.

It’s not fool-proof, but it gives you an idea of what’s out there. I do this by listing the most googled curriculum terms and then recording the search volume in America per month.

Then, if relevant, I’ve added the second most relevant googled term related to home education programs in brackets."

Because America has the highest number of homeschoolers, we use American statistics. However, readers should be aware that different countries favor different homeschooling curricula in differing volumes.

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