21. You DON'T Want to Miss Planning for Peace Waldorf Essentials with Melisa Nielsen

Planning for Peace 2022

The last Waldorf homeschool planner you will ever need.

What makes The Waldorf Essentials curriculum special? The focus on PLANNING FOR PEACE No one else has the Planning for Peace Planner and offers our Planning for Peace Live Sessions Thing to know...

Our live zoom 2022 meetings for northern hemisphere Planning for Peace will be on April 25th, June 25th and August 6th. Planning for Peace is now interactive with Thinking Feeling Willing. Planning for Peace is the appetizer and Thinking Feeling Willing is the main dish. Joining the live sessions and visiting our Team in the support group is the sweet dessert.

You don't want to miss out on any of this three course meal!

If you have any questions please email us at [email protected]

Rhythm and menu planning pages.

Full year, block and daily planning pages.

Festival forms with Advent specific forms.

A whole section dedicated to planning out your entire year including calendar pages for a year!

So much more! https://www.waldorfessentials.com/pla...

What have others said about Planning for Peace?

"Our family has been homeschooling with Waldorf for many years and I have tried many different variations for planning. The Planning for Peace Journal has everything in one spot, with great spaces for writing and organizing my ideas. I love the sections for inner work and evaluations! I refer to my plans in the journal daily and look forward to using it again with two high school students and one middle school student!" ~ Lara Munro

"I've taken on more of our school days and the Planning for Peace journal helps keep me on track. The journal Melisa created gives me a clear picture of where we've been, where we are at and where we are going. I'd be lost without it." ~ Erik Nielsen​​​​

"I’m sure you hear this all the time, but your planner has literally changed my entire homeschool life. This past year we went through major home construction and although we had to sacrifice some parts of our typical Waldorf homeschool, our main lessons stayed intact and we have been caught up all year. Because of your planner I enjoy and LOOK FORWARD to planning with you every year. I already loved your curriculum, but I really think your homeschool planner needs to be in the hands of every single homeschool mom or dad." ~ Jenn M.

Teachers Plan.

That's the bold truth.

If you are a teacher, OWN IT.

Ask yourself...is my level of planning and prep what I'd like someone to have if they were teaching my child? Or would you expect more?

Would you like that teacher to have crammed a few weeks before school started or would you hope they took the time thinking about their students and planning out lessons?

Now...are you ready to truly OWN being a teacher? If you want people to take you seriously then you have to OWN the part.


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