30. Waldorf Rhythm with Virtual Life with Melisa Nielsen Waldorf Essentials

One vital aspect of creating a Waldorf home is to find your rhythm.

With so many activities moving virtual, it is easy to fall out of rhythm; but how do you get back?

Melisa shares the secrets to tracking your actual rhythm and how to use it to get back on track.

In this video we’ll cover:
- How to track your actual rhythm
- Balancing rhythm with virtual activities
- Using your actual rhythm chart to identify holes in your day

Other helpful videos from Melisa:

- Rhythm is Internal: https://youtu.be/QA9BwcB_Kto
- Family Rhythm: https://youtu.be/OsfGomPrw8I
- My Secret To Rhythm: https://youtu.be/2h4nYmbXG_4

- Actual Rhythm Tracker: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qm9o7aa1e41...

- Additional FREE Resources: https://www.waldorfessentials.com/res...

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