100. Three Practices for a Waldorf Home When You Aren't Homeschooling or Can't Afford the Curriculum

Melisa understands. She's been there when you don't have to nickels to rub together.

- Maybe you can't homeschool
- Maybe you can't afford the curriculum
- Maybe you don't have the fancy art supplies

Melisa has 3 tips every home can put into practice to create a Waldorf experience.

1. Turn off the media. Go to the library and borrow books. Read together, create a love for reading.

2. Do art. You don't need the expensive supplies. Do art with what you have.

3. Use the time you do have wisely. Even if it's a few moments. Spend time with the child. Working a full time job, two jobs, three jobs the time you have free connect with them through reading and art.

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