116. New Years Intentions with Melisa Nielsen

Season #1

While everyone is busy making resolutions and talking about how crazy the world has been, Melisa starts a new discussion: setting intentions.

What is the difference between setting intentions and setting goals?

Melisa dives into that question and more in this week’s video.

She provides an insight into how setting intentions have shaped her (and her family’s) life over the years; and shares how to start setting your intentions for this new year.
Remember, you can make things happen in your life!

Teach your children to be responsible for their destiny!

In this video you’ll learn:
-The difference between goal setting and setting intentions

-Why mediation and/or prayer is an important aspect of setting intentions

-How to set intentions as a family

-Why the law of attraction isn’t a new age concept but a helpful tool in setting your intentions

-How to listen and then DO!

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