195. Struggling with Smart Phone Addiction

Season #1

Melisa and Erik Nielsen at Waldorf Essentials invite you to have the conversation about smart phone usage. 


- What do you use your smart phone for?

- What does your partner use their smart phone for?

- What does your child use a smart phone for?


- How many hours is it being used for?

- How much money is being used on games?

- Will the child remember you were on the phone all the time instead of holding the space and engaging with them?

- Are you going on dates and being on the screen the majority of the time?

- Are you pulling out the phone during family time?


- How do you feel about your personal usage?

- How do you feeling about your partner's usage?

- How do you feel about the child's usage?


It's important to not completely avoid this tool we have of a smart phone, but to learn to use it intentionally. 


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Please share with your fellow parenting friends and homeschoolers. We are in this journey together. 


Have the homeschool and peaceful foundation of your dreams. 


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