201. Embracing Struggle, How Could it Go Different Next Time

Season #1

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Every child should have access to a whole education.


While we work hard to keep our virtual school tuition and curriculum prices affordable, there will always be families that desire this education but can not afford it. It is our deepest desire to help those families.




Auriel's Light is a non profit and all donations are tax deductible. 


Waldorf homeschooling can feel like a large feat to take on. Melisa has 15+ years of experience to help guide you along the way. 


Melisa inspires you with:

- Foundations for early childhood

- Waldorf curriculum by grade

- Middle school and high school resources

- Planning for peace planner and training meetings

- Form drawing courses

- Beeswax modeling

- Wet on wet painting 

- Inner work and temperaments

- Music 

- Handwork 

- Festivals 

- Eurythmy 

- Circle time creations 

- Creating a co op 

- Homeschooling multiple children 

- Conscious parenting with 25+ years experience 

- Special needs experience with her own children 

- Peaceful bedtimes 

- One on one mentoring parenting, partnering and mindset

- Master classes 


Have the homeschool and peaceful foundation of your dreams. 


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