151. { Auriel's Light } Navigating Divorce

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Join my support group here:

Steady and Strong is a support group for parents going through divorce. The group will focus on those that are trying to navigate this space. 

Please pay what you can. It is a one time payment. All funds go to support our parent ministry here at Auriel's Light.

This is a hard topic to go through. I have been there and I have helped 100’s of people through this. Divorce. 

Note this may bring healing to you if you were a child of divorce. 

Here are my tips for you if you are navigating this space:

- Make sure you know the finances and passwords. 

- Learn your homeschool laws for your state at 



- Find a lawyer sympathetic to homeschoolers. 

- Bite your tongue, it’s not worth saying things when you are angry. Stay grounded through meditation and or/prayer. 

- Consider therapy for your child. Consider therapy for your self. 

- If you are medically opposed find a lawyer with common ground. Do your homework to support each child. If they need to eat a certain way, low tech etc. Document it all and do all the research you can. 

- Evaluate your homeschooling. This is why planning for peace is key!

- Create a blog to document what you are doing in your homeschooling and only allow access to the other parent. 

- Stay on top of your parenting, keep it together. Inner work is key. 

If you are interested in connecting in a safe place email me at:

[email protected] 


Waldorf homeschooling can feel like a large feat to take on. Melisa has 15+ years of experience to help guide you along the way. 

Melisa inspires you with:

- Foundations for early childhood

- Waldorf curriculum by grade

- Middle school and high school resources

- Planning for peace planner and training meetings

- Form drawing courses

- Beeswax modeling

- Wet on wet painting 

- Inner work and temperaments

- Music 

- Handwork 

- Festivals 

- Eurythmy 

- Circle time creations 

- Creating a co op 

- Homeschooling multiple children 

- Conscious parenting with 25+ years experience 

- Special needs experience with her own children 

- Peaceful bedtimes 

- One on one mentoring parenting, partnering and mindset

- Master classes 



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