197. { Auriel's Light } Waldorf Education Grade 7

Season #1

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Class 7 Teacher ~ Ms. Andrea

Continuing her life-long interest in education, Andrea became involved in the Waldorf world when her

son was in preschool. Since then she has wholly embraced these nurturing ways: homeschooling her son,

teaching at a Waldorf homeschool co-op in San Diego, California, and now serving as a Class Teacher

with Seasons of Seven since its inception, where she first began with Class 4.


“I’m passionate about bringing the material to life, in an imaginative, heart-based way,” says Andrea,

“Engaging with the students and sparking their love of learning is deeply rewarding.”


Andrea earned a Bachelor of Arts from the University of California, San Diego and spent the bulk of her

professional career developing educational programs in the biomedical field.


A six-time marathon runner, she enjoys cooking, reading, and practicing the art of meditation. Andrea and

her son recently made an international move and now live in Southern Ecuador, in the foothills of the

Andes Mountains.


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