295. { Auriel's Light } Virtual Waldorf Homeschool Lessons

Season #1

Ms. Jaia shares:

Her experience of working virtually and in a brick n' mortar.

The benefits of a virtual classroom. 

How she reaches the students through the screen so that the screen disappears and what is left is the relationship.

What she loves as a virtual teacher.

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Jaia has been a class teacher since 2011, both in brick and mortar schools and at Seasons of Seven, and is a Waldorf Alumna herself! As a lifelong lover of learning, Jaia appreciates the fact that she can be immersed in the wonders of the Waldorf curriculum along with her students as they learn through the grades. She loves her students deeply, and enjoys seeing each of them develop their strengths as they grow into full human beings. Jaia grew up in the jungles of Hawaii, and began her own educational journey as a homeschooler before attending a Waldorf school for the upper grades. Jaia loves being able to revel in the green beauty of the Pacific Northwest’s woods, rivers, and coastline, and is excited to have more freedom to explore while still teaching students! She is thrilled to return to Seasons of Seven. 

Jaia received her Waldorf Teaching Certificate from Micha-el Institute, after completing a MEd in Elementary Education at Portland State and a BA in International Affairs with a minor in theater at Lewis and Clark College.


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