Math Grades 1-5 Walk Through


Looking for a Waldorf math curriculum that covers several grades? We've got you covered! Many families come to Waldorf Essentials at various ages and stages in their homeschooling journey.  Each student unfolds on their own time. This book is perfect for families who are new to Waldorf math as well as those who may need to go back to fill in gaps or strengthen specific skills.

This Waldorf centered mathematics curriculum includes the content recommended for each grade by Rudolf Steiner.

Class 1 includes: Roman numerals, number qualities, the four processes.

Class 2 includes: Introduction to time, months, seasons, days of the week, times table clocks and string art, extended four process skills, money.

Class 3 includes: extensive review of past concepts, greater/less than, dry measure, liquid measure, place value, carrying, borrowing, learning to check their own work, prime numbers, area, perimeter Biblical measure.

Class 4 includes: extensive review of all concepts, long multiplication, long division, averaging, factoring, fraction introduction, division with remainders and fraction remainders.

Class 5 includes: full review of all concepts, continued fractions, applying the four processes to fractions, introduction to decimals, converting measurement.

Plenty of practice problems for all content included. 


  • Available in digital and hard copy with all math blocks for Classes 1-5 under one cover.
  • Completely laid out lessons.
  • Patterns for math gnomes.
  • Full Color main lesson pictures.
  • Save 30% over purchasing these separately. 
  • PLEASE NOTE: This is the same mathematics content that is within our new revisions.


Buy $110 Hard copy Buy $80 Digital

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