Writing Your Own Curriculum

Have you ever wanted to write your own Waldorf inspired curriculum?

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When I started this journey years ago, the options for curriculum were not as plentiful as they are now. I was determined to write my own and in order to do that, I really had to study Steiner. 

I studied. And studied. And studied some more.

 Then I got busy.  I taught my own children and began to put that experience into the curriculum series we now sell "A Journey through Waldorf Homeschooling."   

Now I bring those years of experience to you in this course. It includes: 

*A detailed survey of all the subjects, what Steiner recommended, how it meets government standards, as well as my own experiences with those subjects.

*​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​An overview of all the grades K-12.

*PDF's of Steiner's work.

*Working with temperament in regards to school

*Our Planning for Peace journal with step by step instructions on how to plan for peace and success in your homeschooling.


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